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  1. Thanks, glad you're liking it I have no idea what's going on here-- there are several possibilities. One question: This discrepancy you're observing (where the stock/unmodified numbers are displayed): Is this something that affects BetterBurnTime only, or does it affect the stock burn time as well? To be clear: The stock burn time is what's displayed for maneuver nodes. The BetterBurnTime display is there for target intercept, time to impact. There may or may not be something that Kerbal R&D would need to address... and there may or may not be something that BetterBurnTime needs to address. Hard to say for sure, yet. The above question should hopefully narrow that down a bit. The BetterBurnTime code that does these calculations is located here. It relies on ModuleEngines.ThrustLimit() and ModuleEngines.realIsp for calculating the numbers. If Kerbal R&D is doing something to the engine that changes the thrust and/or Isp, but is somehow not updating the above two quantities, then that would explain this discrepancy. Whether fixing the discrepancy would require an update on KR&D or BBT remains to be seen.
  2. Looks great! Thank you for the prompt attention. (And thanks for sharing this cool mod with the community!)
  3. Define "needed". Needed this to accomplish ... what, exactly? Also, note that the new stock indicator's percentage is based on dV and not time. If you leave it set to the default "50%", that means "50% of dV before the node, and 50% afterwards". If it's a 1000 m/s burn that will take 1 minute total, the stock indicator (set to 50%) will give you a burn start time that will burn 500 m/s (and not 30 seconds) before the node time. Which sounds to me like what you want?
  4. That's... not really a thing. What do you mean, "more accurate"? It's exactly accurate no matter when you start it: it starts exactly when you tell it to. The only thing that an aid can tell you is "how long the burn will take", and that can be more or less accurate. The old stock burn-time indicator was very inaccurate, which is why I wrote BetterBurnTime. Then they came out with a new stock indicator that is accurate, so I removed that feature of BBT. "Should I split the difference 50/50? When should I start?" That's your call, nobody else's. BetterBurnTime has never done that. The stock navball has never done that. The old stock indicator had a hard-coded assumption of a 50/50 split. BetterBurnTime was the same way. The new-and-improved stock indicator assumes a 50/50 split by default, but has a setting that allows you to change that to whatever other percentage split you want-- but it doesn't tell you what percentage to use, that's backwards. You tell it. So, the short answer to your question is: No, BetterBurnTime has never done this Nor has the stock indicator There's no math for deciding this because "more accurate" isn't really a defined thing, here Basically everyone just does a 50/50 split, because that's simplest and it doesn't actually matter much anyway , as long as the burn isn't really long If the burn is really long, that's going to be inaccurate no matter what you do-- better to split into multiple burns, e.g. periapsis kicking If you want to look at code for making automated decisions about burns, I'd suggest having a look at whatever MechJeb does, but since I've never used it myself, I'm in no position to vouch for how sophisticated it is (or isn't) about this sort of thing.
  5. Various content has been removed due to a lengthy off-topic derailment that had nothing to do with this company's rocket launches. Folks, please try to keep things on-topic. (Also, please bear in mind forum rule 2.2.b about politics, ideology, etc. and try to steer clear of the sort of topics that tend to generate strong feelings and thereby derail threads. There are plenty of perfectly legitimate discussions to be had about such things, but the KSP forum is not the place for them-- plenty of other places on the internet to discuss that sort of stuff, okay?) Thank you for your understanding.
  6. We're sorry, but sharing mods requires complying with the requisite licenses. The content included here is licensed All Rights Reserved by the original author, meaning that nobody else can distribute it. Therefore, this sort of sharing is not allowed. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Nope. And not only don't we get extra KSP 2 info, we really don't get any "extra info" at all, about anything the company does. For example, back when original KSP was under active development, we found out about new version releases, or new DLCs, at the same time as everyone else-- we don't get advanced notice. In general, we never get any info about the internal development of KSP (or KSP2) other than what the public forum gets. This is because we're not employees, so (among other things) it means we're not subject to the same NDAs that an employee would be. (We do have NDAs, but they're different ones, relating to moderating rather than development.) Companies need to play their cards close to the chest. The only "secret stuff" that we can see (that you can't) is stuff directly relating to the forum users (e.g. things like a user's history of warnings and the like)-- basically, just the stuff that we need to be able to do our job as moderators. Beyond that... we never know anything beyond what you do, and we generally find stuff out in the same way that you do.
  8. Some content has been removed. Please refrain from personal comments, folks. We understand that people care about the game, a lot, so it's very easy for tempers to flare when one sees someone suggesting a course of action for the game that one disagrees with. But let's please remember that we're all friends here (right?) and keep things civil. There has been a certain flaring of tempers in the thread, in general-- let's please take it down a notch, okay? And remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Which means that, 1. just because their opinion is different from yours, it's still just as valid as yours; and, 2. it's never worth getting angry or confrontational with someone about their opinion. If you can't keep your cool when posting, best to just stroll on by. (Or, at least, go do something else until you can post without temper flaring.) Thank you for your understanding.
  9. Some content has been redacted and/or removed. Please avoid posting politics to the KSP forum, folks. It's against the rules, and never ends well. Furthermore, if you see someone else posting politics... please just report it, and do not respond. Responding just adds more to the mess that needs cleaning up. Thank you for your understanding.
  10. Some content has been redacted and/or removed. Folks, let's please try to keep politics out of the forum. It's against the rules (2.2.b), and never ends well. Thank you for your understanding.
  11. It's also worth noting that if you did accidentally permaprune important stock parts and wanted to get them back, then there's a good chance that you can repair your installation, depending on how you purchased KSP. For example, if you bought it through Steam, you can go into the KSP page of your Steam library and there's an option to "validate local files"-- doing that will cause it to scan your local installation, compare that with the "fingerprint" of what a fresh install looks like, and then if it finds any files that are missing or modified, it'll download them from the Steam servers and fix it up. I'm only familiar with Steam, myself, but I have the impression that other game purchase platforms tend to have something like that, too.
  12. Some content has been redacted. Folks, a gentle reminder that profanity's not allowed in the forum... and that means no linking or embedding to content (such as tweets) that contain profanity. Thank you for your understanding.
  13. Hi @tilliepops, Just a side note to let you know that we've snipped the large log file contents from your post. We understand that you mean well, and it's good to share log files. Please try to avoid pasting really big ones into the forum itself, though, because it causes problems for people. Even if it's supposedly "hidden" in a spoiler, it forces the web browser to download the entire contents even if the person doesn't open the spoiler. This can cause problems for folks, especially on mobile devices. There's nothing wrong with pasting a page or two into a spoiler. However, if the content is thousands of lines long, best to post it to some third-party file sharing site instead, and then post a link to it here in the forum. That way, everyone wins. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding!
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