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  1. Snark

    mwa bday

    Tutorials such as that one can work, yes. However, I generally prefer to avoid going that route, because even if it's meant in a friendly-teasing sort of way, it's easy to come across as a sort of grumpy put-down if the recipient doesn't know the sender all that well. So I generally only use it with my friends and loved ones!
  2. Snark

    How do you post pictures?

    Nope. Fortunately it's generally not a problem, since is so convenient (just takes a couple of mouse clicks, requires no account creation).
  3. Snark

    Inclination help

    Yes, it is... or are you running some mod that makes it different?
  4. Snark

    mwa bday

  5. Snark

    Ore mining with MKS

    Moving to Add-on Discussions, since this is about a mod rather than about the stock game. Hopefully you'll get some answers here. However, it's worth noting that if you have a question about a particular mod, the best place to ask is usually in that mod's release thread (in Add-on Releases), since that's where the mod's experienced users (and author!) generally hang out.
  6. Snark

    mwa bday

    Well, happy birthday! (Also, moving to the Lounge since this isn't really about the game itself.)
  7. Snark

    Antenna Direction

    Careful, I believe you're incorrect here, at least as far as the OP's question is concerned. The game actually contains two antennas that have "HG" in their name: the HG-5 and the HG-55. The former is a relay antenna; the latter is not. The antenna shown below, the HG-5, is a relay antenna that's suitable for near-Kerbin communications, but its 5M power is nowhere near strong enough for interplanetary: Whereas this antenna shown below, the HG-55, is a direct antenna with literally 3000 times as much power as the HG-5: The OP gets the name wrong (he refers to the "HG-01", and there exists no such antenna). However, from the OP's original message (about antennas whose power gives low signal strength when they're in orbit a few thousand km above Kerbin), it's pretty clear that he's talking about the HG-5, not the HG-55. So, yes, it is a relay antenna, and that's not the problem here. Great, glad it's working out for you! (Incidentally: in case you're not aware, you can boost your comsat's signal strength by stacking a lot of those antennas on it. The more antennas, the more power. It's subject to diminishing returns, though, so it would be impractical to boost the strength up to what you'd need for an interplanetary mission-- for that, you'd need a better antenna.)
  8. Snark

    Duna and Back

    There are a lot of ways to "not be able to get back". For example, it could be a problem with ship design, or with piloting technique, or with interplanetary navigation, to name a few-- or it could be some combination of all of the above. It's hard for us to offer specific advice if we don't know which of the many possible problems you might be experiencing. So let's start by narrowing this down. The first and most important question: Does your ship even have enough dV to get home from the surface of Duna? If it doesn't have that, then you won't be able to get home no matter how you fly and navigate the ship. So... could you please post a screenshot of your ship sitting on the surface of Duna? With that, we can look at what sort of dV it has available. If it turns out that "yeah, that's way short of what you need", then that's your problem right there and we can move on to discussion of how to tweak your ship design to give it more dV to work with. On the other hand, if your ship looks like it ought to have plenty of dV, then we can ask some questions about how you're flying and/or navigating your way back.
  9. Snark

    Why aren't my mods showing up?

    Moving to Add-on Discussion. Gonna need more info than that-- this is basically the equivalent of walking into an auto garage and saying to a mechanic "My car doesn't work, what should I do". First thing he's going to want is to see the car-- not really any advice he could offer without that. ^ this would be a good start. One common reason why people's mods "don't work" is because they're not correctly installed, i.e. the person has misunderstood the installation instructions or something. A screenshot of your GameData folder could be helpful, so we can at least verify that you've got stuff in the correct location.
  10. Snark

    Delta-v emoticon

    I'd question how useful a feature like this owuld be. For one thing, not only is "dV" extremely easy to type, but also everyone is used to everyone doing it that way... which means that, among other things, "dV" is searchable. e.g. "Find posts that contain the phrase 'dv'", or "find places within this lengthy post where 'dV' is mentioned" that sort of thing. Typing "▲v" instead means that anyone who searches for "dV" won't find it. And even if someone wants to search for '▲v', most folks wouldn't know how to type it anyway. Plus, if you start using ▲v instead of dV yourself... then we'll end up in a situation where most people still say "dV" (let's face it, that ship has sailed, that's never going to change), and other people say ▲v, and there will be substantial numbers of newbies out there who won't realize that those two are the same thing, and will end up very confused. At least now things are fairly consistent, which has a value of its own. How would moving to a world where some people say '▲v' instead of 'dv' actually help anyone? Seems to me it would simply inject confusion and inconvenience to a situation that's not in crisis-- a "don't fix it if it ain't broke" scenario. Emoji like and have a lot of value because they're a graphical representation of icons that KSP users have in front of their eyeballs all the time, so they're super useful for illustrative purposes (not least because I suspect that most KSP players understand and a lot better than they'd recognize the words "normal" and "antinormal"). For dV, though, I see no corresponding benefit. So, just speaking personally... I'd just as soon not have a dedicated emoji for this.
  11. Snark

    Automatically changing :) to emoji

    Or you can play games by, for example, typing the ) and a space first, then hitting back-arrow a couple of times and typing the : second, then going back to the end. Like this: :) See? Yes, that's kind of inconvenient if you just wanted to type a : and a ) and get on with life. On the other hand... if you made it so that it didn't auto-emojify it, then that would become hugely inconvenient to the hordes of us who want to use the emoji icons. So it comes down to a question of: is it better to cater to the convenience of the emoji-users, or to the emoji-shunners? The emoji have been such a constant feature of the forums for so many years, with such ubiquitous usage by so many people, that I think if you tinkered with this you'd inconvenience a lot more people than you'd convenience.
  12. Snark

    Inclination help

    Wait, so, you're saying that the station is already in an equatorial orbit? Ah, okay. I misunderstood your initial question post, above-- it sounded like you were saying "Help, my Mun station is in an inclined orbit, so it's a pain that all of my rockets have to match inclination to it each time." How so? Could you provide a screenshot or something? I totally get that you've got a problem, but I'm having trouble picturing what it is. If the station is in an equatorial orbit... and the Mun itself is in an equatorial orbit... and you're launching your ships into equatorial orbit from KSC (right?)... where's the problem? Wouldn't they already just be naturally lined up for a rendezvous with the station? How are your ships getting into a 50-degree inclination in the first place?
  13. Moving to Gameplay Questions.
  14. Moving to Suggestions-- yes, @JoaquinJAR, that's the right place for this.