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  1. Hello, and welcome to the forums! Moving to Gameplay Questions. Is it possible your ship ran out of electrical power? What sort of batteries and/or solar panels do you have? Are you running any mods that might conceivably affect controllability?
  2. Some rule-violating content has been removed, due to: trolling / flamebaiting personal remarks Folks, please try to stay civil. There's nothing wrong with expressing hearty disagreement, but it's possible to do so like an adult, without stooping to ridicule or name-calling. Such tactics help no one, do not advance your argument, and make the forum less fun for everyone. Also: if you see someone posting what you believe to be inappropriate content, please just report the post so that the moderators can have a look, and do not otherwise engage. Trying to hit back just results in a flame war that derails the thread, and everyone loses. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Hello, and welcome to the forums! Moving your question to Technical Support. Fortunately, KSP doesn't actually depend on Steam to run, once it's been installed locally. So you can just put a shortcut straight to KSP_x64.exe on your desktop, and start with that. It'll work just fine and won't involve Steam or logging in or anything. Assuming that you've installed it the default location that Steam likes to use, then on a Windows machine, it'll most likely be located in the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program (or whatever your system drive is, if it's not C:)
  4. Hello, and welcome to the forums! You'll be able to, just not yet. The forum software automatically puts all new users into a sort of "probationary" status for their first five posts, during which time they can't edit their profiles, and their posts require moderator approval before becoming public. After your first five posts, that restriction gets automatically lifted and you're free to edit your profile (such as setting an avatar picture, signature, etc.) We're sorry for the inconvenience, we realize it's kind of a pain. Unfortunately, it's a necessary measure in order to prevent spambots from flooding the forums with advertising-laden profiles. Again, welcome, and hope you have fun here!
  5. Hi folks, Some posts have been removed. Please remember the forum rules, specifically: Please do not make personal remarks about other posters (rule 2.2.d) Please post in English only, in this part of the forum (rule 2.3.c). There is another subforum where you can post in Chinese (中文), if you are so inclined. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. Some content has been removed. Please leave politics out of the forum, folks. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Moving to Add-on Discussions, since this sounds like a question about some existing mod, rather than being a mod release thread itself.
  8. Hello, and welcome to the forums! Moving to Add-on Discussions, since this is a question about a mod.
  9. Hello, sorry for the late response! So, about the countdown dots, like this: ...The current version of BetterBurnTime only shows those dots for the closest-approach tracker. It doesn't show them for maneuver nodes or the surface-impact tracker. Reason why it doesn't show them for maneuver nodes: Actually, it used to. However, KSP 1.5 added a much improved burn-indicator for maneuver nodes, so BetterBurnTime now defers to this, since BBT version 1.7. Reason why it doesn't show them for surface impact: It's never shown them for that, mainly because the code in the mod is not currently smart enough to be able to accurately calculate exactly when the burn would start. (Reason for that is that it requires split-second accuracy, and being accurate about that is a Great Big Fat Hairy Difficult Problem™, so I've never had the gumption to tackle it. It would be a very big job.) You should be getting the dots for the closest-approach tracker, though, so if you're not getting them for that, then that would be a bug I'd like to know about.
  10. Well, in general, the way BetterCrewAssignment works is: If you've previously manually assigned a specific kerbal (e.g. "Val") to a slot for that ship, try to put that kerbal in the slot, if they're available. And if they're not available, try to assign a kerbal of the same profession as the one you assigned. "Val's out on a mission, so you get Jeb, since he's a pilot too." Or, "The tourist you previously assigned isn't here, so you get this other tourist." If you've never manually assigned a specific kerbal to that slot in this ship, then it uses part-based rules (from the ModuleManager config) to decide who gets priority. I believe it would be possible, for example, to put ModuleManager config in place for a particular part (say, crew cabins) if you were so inclined, so that the game would try to fill that part with tourists when available. However... regarding this comment, ...that's kinda problematic. Because BetterCrewAssignment has no idea what your intended purpose for a given ship might be. Suppose you've got some tourists that you intend to send on one mission for contract A, and you have some other tourists that you intend to send on a different mission for contract B. And then you build a ship in the VAB, which has a part on it that (let's say) you've used ModuleManager config to prioritize tourists for. Well... BetterCrewAssignment has no way of inferring which contract you intend to satisfy with that ship. Are you planning to send that ship on a mission for contract A, or contract B? It doesn't know-- so it therefore has no way of knowing which of the tourist kerbals it should assign there. Now, that said: let's say that you intend it for contract A, so you specifically manually assign the contract-A tourists to it, and save the ship after doing that assignment, and then you launch. And let's say you accidentally mess up the launch and then revert to VAB and launch the same ship again. Well, in that case, your saved preferences should stick with the craft file, and it should remember that you wanted this tourist Dinkledorf in that Hitchhiker seat, so it should put Dinkledorf there again when you launch. Beyond that, though... I'm not really sure I see what more it could do?
  11. Interesting! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll consider it next time I update SimpleFuelSwitch. Thanks for the concrete code examples. Out of curiosity, though: why the specific concern about "craft being saved into a file"? i.e. what's the reason for thinking it's okay in a craft file, but not anywhere else? Also, even granting that concern, why is it needed to check that ShipConstruct.SaveShip() is in the stack trace? For example, if you're checking that HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsEditor, why is that not sufficient to cover that condition?
  12. That occurred to me, too. However, if you run the numbers based on Kerbin's radius and rotation speed, centripetal acceleration turns out to be only about 5 cm/s2 at the equator, or 0.5% of gravity. So that seems way too negligible to produce as dramatic a variation as OP was observing. (Plus, if that were the case, he'd notice a big difference at the equator depending on whether he's flying east or west, and he didn't mention anything about that.)
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