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It seems you have stolen the textures from OPM.

here is a side by side comparison of "your" texture and the OPM Eeloo texture: P2ZKtjU.png

also may i ask if you have permission from him to use his Eeloo texture? you also dont have a licence for the mod or something.

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another mod that uses someone else’s textures? Granted, OPMs license allows it, common courtesy would be to ask first. 

I guess original, quality content is just getting harder and harder to come by in regards to planet packs.

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Hi @Alaygrounds,

We're sorry, but we've had to remove your download link due to failing to follow the add-on posting rules:


  • You have failed to specify the license in your OP, above.
  • You have failed to include a license file in your downloaded mod.
  • You have violated the license of other people's content (see below).

Please fix these problems before posting your mod.

Regarding the license violation mentioned above:

You have included content based on Outer Planets.  That mod is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA, meaning that you're free to use its stuff, as long as it's not for commercial purposes... however, you're require to provide attribution (i.e. clearly state where you got the material), and you have to have a compatible license.  However, you have neglected to do both of those things:

  • You don't mention in your OP above, or in the mod, that you've taken the content from Outer Planets.
  • You've chosen a license of CC-BY-SA for your mod, on the third-party site where you're hosting it.  That's not okay, because since you're including Outer Planets content, your license has to be compatible with that.  Since Outer Planets includes "NC", therefore you need to, as well.

Therefore, here's what you need to do to fix the problem, before you're allowed to restore your link:

  • Choose an appropriately compatible license for you rmod.  CC-BY-NC-SA would be fine, since that's the same license as the content you're including.
  • Clearly state that that's your license, both in your OP above and in a LICENSE file in the downloadable mod.
  • Clearly state, both in your OP above and in your downloadable mod, that you've included the Outer Planets content.

Thank you for your understanding.

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