[1.5.1]Automated Aerial Refueling System Continued[V0.5] [2018-11-3]

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Automated Aerial Refueling System

Original made by: Kerbal Battle Field & Icecovery Studio


Automated Aerial Refueling System (AARS) provides a set of military airforce equipment used for aerial refueling.

This mod has plugins that can allow users to automatically connect two aircraft in the atmosphere for refueling and you only need to click one button!!! (And it supports FAR)It also has parts so users can build aerial refueling aircraft themselves.

The mod is under development of two modding teams named Kerbal Battle Field and Icecovery Studio, members of which are all from China.

The current version has been complete, so it isn't in WIP mode now.




How to use?

  • Before use, you need to ensure your aircraft can fly properly, it is best to let it be BDA s AI drive properly.And They have a probe and a drogue are respectively installed(Or boom and fuel port).
  • First, Let the two aircraft approach and maintain a relatively low relative velocity(You can use BDA s Wing Command).
  • Second, expand drogue or drop the boom.If you are using fuel port ,open its cover.
  • Then, Set the aerial refueling aircraft as the target.
  • Next, click the Active button on probe or fuel port.If you are using BDA’s Wing Command, Now shut down AI pilots.
  • Next, your aircraft will automatically approach the drogue or boom(You may need to manually adjust the attitude of the aircraft to make it easier to docking).
  • When the docking, it will automatically start the transmission of Liquid Fuel.When your aircraft's fuel tank is full, it will automatically unlock.
  • NOTE: If you move too fast after docking, the probe or boom will unlock, but it will still try to docking.*

Our members: (Alphabetical by name)

Models: Icecovery

Unfold UV: Icecovery, Kernowden Kerbin

Textures: Icecovery

Import: flywlyx, Icecovery, Kernowden Kerbin

Plugins:flywlyx, Icecovery

Configs: flywlyx, Icecovery, Kernowden Kerbin

Technical Support: Acea, flywlyx, ladeng

Debug: All of us above and hyx5020


Recommends : 

BDAc, maybe you need it to make your plane in formation or go near the aerial refueling aircraft.


DOWNLOAD: Space Dock

INSTALLATION: Delete the existing AARS and KFC folder in your own GameData, then unzip GameData into the game directory.


Please tell me or my teammates if you have any questions or suggestions about this mod. We're glad to help.

Source: Github



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Ran out of likes catching up on almost a week's worth of forum posts. Thanks for picking this up!

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