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  1. yah nah, i actually hate when the only place to get a mod is on nexus. such an annoying place
  2. Yea I have already had this mess with Mod.io support for Ready or Not and Deep Rock Galactic
  3. The KSP 2 Aerodynamic System seems to be a tad bugged atm. That could be the issue atm
  4. Eh not really a ckan person my self but cool for thoes who does
  5. I am excited for Multiplayer and the new KSC.
  6. Thanks for combining them into a mega pack, I install most of them anyway so this really helps when my mod list is a mile long
  7. I downloaded your log to find an excrements ton of mods. i recon you have half the fourm in there haha. modding ksp is an addition and i can say we are both addicts
  8. Thanks for all the work you have doing with TweakScale. I cant even begin to imagine how hard it is maintain all while everyone is quick to point the finger when its broken. Thanks for being super transparent (even if it goes over my head most of the time), and thanks again for keeping TweakScale working (knock on wood). You are Amazing Lisias I will be sure to let you know if i encounter any errors with the new build.
  9. I had this issue for many moons with no thought of a fix, just thinking it was yet another quaky side of Tweakscale. Any tips on finding the crappy patches to fix this in future?
  10. Did something break in 1.12.5? I do know a few people were gonna adopt it but im not sure how that project is going. What is the latest version anyways? need to download this my self and i dont even know which version/github to get this from
  11. Let me know if you ever hear back, I even asked a few years ago with no answer. MM Patches can only do so much it realistic needs a repack. Firespitter is out of date and broken and even some textures are broken. I would love for @Pak to return just to let someone take over or amend the license to allow for someone to adopt it. Broken textures for the payload parts? Pak adopted and absorbed Shuttle Payload Technologies into the mod but something messed up with the textures. you can grab the textures from SPT and fix them. I will look into making a MM Patch for that, No Promises but I should be able to give it the Waterfall SSME configs.
  12. i dont think MLP will be required for KSP2 since it comes with better launch pads out of the box but I for sure know people will want specialized launch pads for KSP2. I dont think alpha will return to fulfill that want this time around
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