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  1. trying to get a space station and the cupola overheats in the fairing, same with lander cans in 0.2.1.
  2. guess I didn't read too deeply lol. unrelated, but has anyone made a telescope parts mod that uses this or a similar mod as a dependency?
  3. do locations for vessels like rovers show up when mapping?
  4. Symmetry for the DFSSP-M25 is odd. for instance, in 2x symmetry, one part will be facing outwards correctly while the other will be facing the same direction and will be inside the craft. at least in mirror symmetry.
  5. the shroud is off for all engines, they only go to a small/extra small end even when a larger or similar sized part is placed underneath.
  6. that rules out the Sentinel I guess. has anything been said about surface scanning?
  7. Any way to remove or resize parts? Most seem too big and a few I don’t really use or will ever use. also, could we see MPO/MPM cores? Preferably similar to the equivalent KSP1 parts in appearance.
  8. if space telescopes are coming, would it be more like the Sentinel, Spitzer, Euclid, Roman, Hubble, Webb, or Kepler? I know most of these are similar, but just want to get an idea of what to build if one comes.
  9. sorry if I keep editing and adding things here, just don't know what I want lol
  10. I was mostly thinking of aero surfaces that attach to wings, but the curvature can be changed. this part could be used to replicate things like spiroid winglets, blended winglets, and, possibly, split-tip winglets, depending on how this would be implemented, if at all. the split-tip would depend on two different adjustable sides. I know it would be pointless, but that's not stopping me. why not just use existing parts for winglets? spiroid, in particular, are, as you can see below on a Falcon 50, would be a bit of a pain. having a part with a changeable curve would fix this. blended winglets are somewhat easier, but the smoothness would be tricky for someone like me with mediocre skills in wing design. a split-tip is easiest, and I'd be fine without this, but it would be nice to have it as one part instead of two per wing. if no procedural winglet will be added, could we at least have the ability to disable decouplers? staging pylons accidentally is killing me
  11. ok, thanks! almost forgot that I could change the transparency/opacity of colors. shame it still looks somewhat odd with other Mk3 parts as they don't have the same TPS at the bottom or have the option to include the TPS, since the real Shuttle had an entirely black undercarriage and not just the cockpit.
  12. Utility Mk3 RCS Nosecone (RCS nozzles where cockpit RCS ports are visible) Airlock (radial, limited crew, ladder built-in) Telescope (mapping planets and gathering data for different biomes) Coupling Mk3 Inline Docking Port and Airlock (same size as other inline ports, limited crew capacity) Aerodynamics Endcaps (XS to XL sizes, short and not pointy, similar to heat shields) Fuel Mk1/Mk2/Mk3 Conformal Tank segments (provides flat bottom for wings) Service Module (methalox and monopropellant, 1.875m bottom diameter/2.5m top diameter, decoupler included) Mk2/Mk3 Hydrogen Tanks (normal tanks with hydrogen instead) Command Crew Dragon (Mk1-3 with LES/landing engines in place of RCS and Methalox in place of monopropellant) Fuji (flat Mk1-3 cockpit) Cargo (Mk3, Large, or XL cockpit with a nose door for cargo) Engine Radial OMS Pod/Engine (for instance a Mk55 Thud with RCS ports) Twin Boar (from KSP1, fuel included, two nozzles) Mammoth (from KSP1, four nozzles) Thermal Heat Shield/gear (medium heat shield with built-in landing legs) Structural Mk3 Engine Mount (extended bottom section) Payload Inline Mk3 Ramp/hatch (inline cargo part with a useable cargo ramp, hatch for crew access, preferably useable both in vertical/lander and horizontal/aircraft positions) Multi-Hinge Fairing (cargo nose split in 2 or more ways) Hollow Mk3-Medium Adapter and Cargo Nose (simple adapter with cargo nose for payload)
  13. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: i5-4690K | GPU: GTX 970 | RAM: 16.0 GB when I tried playing with the Mk3 Cockpit, I noticed that it would only have the agency colors when in the editor. there is black visible on the model in the part selector, but it won't show up when selected.
  14. update with ideas as I have found that the mod itself would (potentially) be part of the game or in a DLC in the future, considering that is how some of the BG features ended up. just things that keep it relevant is all. optional life support in the settings. just some type of food source, noting complex. I am looking for something that adds challenge to maintaining stations. the food source would be something that uses the inventory system needed for a KAS/KIS/BG mod, but also something that can replenish itself every so often. perhaps a greenhouse that funnels produce into containers? I was also thinking of a strut that a Kerbal can attach to a craft to keep themselves linked to it, but can also be cut and reattached, and can be stored in a container when not in use.
  15. I know (really, hope) that things like EVA construction, EVA science and EVA repairs are coming much later. but I would like a mod that adds those to KSP2 while waiting, and something (that I don't think will be in KSP2) that adds parts like winches, cables, hitches, etc. essentially, a mod that combines the KAS and KIS mods and the BG expansion, all from the original.
  16. unless there is some way of towing different portions separately and detaching portions, or having one vehicle turning as if there were trailers... please let me know.
  17. I mean, that is half of what I'm looking for. rephrasing, any tips/pointers for building compact rovers, no specific size restriction aside from the definition of compact?
  18. Actually now that I think of it, Does the Sample Grabber have collision with other parts when in use? If yes, how would I go about controlling rovers with asymmetric wheels to counter this? What in the settings would I change?
  19. I've been trying to build a rover that can fit into a short cargo bay of the medium size. are there any tips on how to do this, and what I could use it for?
  20. a little update with more ideas small hub with the number of nodes adjustable a single bell variant of the poodle a gold color variant for the rovemate another unrelated thing, but please give kerbals parachutes and (perhaps) the ability to deploy while seated on/off the ground (for powered paragliders) also, if 1.875m parts aren't going to be in the main game (from my memory, they might not be for a while) could they show up in an MH-style DLC, with some of the other MH parts that were in the original Making History for KSP1? I know it is still early access, just an idea for later down the line.
  21. I'm just going to put a lot of random ideas here from now on, and bugs I have encountered. will remove those added or not possible, let me know if it is the latter. I don't know if it has ever been brought up, but what about colonizing gas giants and water worlds? such bodies have little (if any) surface to colonize, so how would you do that? lots of engines, throttle control and constant refueling? lots of parts that can float? a buoyancy system for both? yes, I know gas giants have high gravity, but I've seen someone in the original set up a base on Jool using stock physics and mods like HL airships to provide buoyancy, so it is possible/should be possible in this game. while on the topic of water worlds and buoyancy, what about wheels that can float, like those on the Sherp and Fat Truck, and, to compliment them, a more boxy cab for rovers without an overhanging crew portion? At least a cab with a lot of buoyancy and wheels that work in liquid but slowly also, what about a cargo cockpit to maximize payload space in freighters, or if the rear is needed for more fuel and engines? could a camera part be added to enable players to view planets, the surface, and space from more of a first person perspective? not IVA view, more thinking of unmanned craft where IVA is not possible. paraglider for pods. (kind of like what was going to be on the Gemini spacecraft) enables long glides for suborbital flights and for appropriate planetary bodies also, don't know if no news is good news but nobody has replied to a post I made earlier about atmospheric science in the form of atmospheric telescopes, but I guess the devs did add other forms of atmospheric sciences I mentioned in that same post so I'm not really complaining as I have something non-rocketry to do (as I suck at flying anything but aircraft) lastly, I don't know why but in my install the mk3 to large adapter is invisible in both editor and launch, but not in the parts selection area. the nodes are visible however.
  22. that makes a lot more sense. just saw a 3.75m command pod model for an outdated mod for KSP1 that had four seats, built-in RCS, LES/landing rockets, shielded docking port, parachute, and a heat shield. looked like a crew dragon pod, minus landing legs, and I really wanted that sort of thing to come to KSP2. I don't know where I thought of the service module, though.
  23. actually, that makes more sense. I just saw an image with a diagram with an interplanetary spacecraft truss that was described as a "star truss" with external tanks (see below) but I guess that makes more sense. https://imgur.com/a/6SMAtZb
  24. I don't know if parts will ever have different variations, but I have some ideas. hydrogen tanks have a built-in truss, so what about a variant that take the truss away from the tanks. I feel like it would look better for radially attached tanks when there isn't any other parts attached to them. I also was thinking of truss variants that have at least two sides that match the curvature of other parts of the same size, whenever the truss is in the small, medium, large, or extra large category. so instead of keeping parts in, they keep parts out, if that makes any sense. unrelated, but what about a LES that fits the XS category and inline/stackable parachutes? what about truss structures for fairings and additional nodes?
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