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Artemis Discussion Thread

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50 minutes ago, sevenperforce said:

Okay, hear me out.

ROMBUS + New Glenn.

Take a Delta IV common booster core and put two RS-25s underneath it. Yes, you'll need a fairing. No big deal.

Build two Delta IV CBC hydrogen tanks without the corresponding LOX tank and put Delta IV Heavy nosecones on the top and bottom. Mount those on the sides.

Take two New Glenn first stages, add nose cones, and mount them on the sides (at 90 degrees to the hydrogen tanks) with their methane tanks partially empty.

Crossfeed the New Glenn LOX tanks into the Delta IV CBC LOX tanks, and crossfeed the side-mounted Delta IV hydrogen tanks into the Delta IV CBC hydrogen tank.

Centaur V on top with your TLI payload.

What does that send to TLI? Probably nearly as much as SLS Block 1B, with only two RS-25s, only two RL-10s, and recoverable boosters.


Wow, what a frankenrocket.

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1 hour ago, SOXBLOX said:

Were the Pyrios booster and F-1B scrapped, or are they still planning to do that, by, like, 2050?

Scrapped. They want to go with bigger, more dangerous, more aggressive solid boosters that weigh less and pack more propellant.

Maybe they can start test-firing those at around the same time that Amazon starts doing same-day lunar deliveries and SpaceX opens up tourist visits to breathe freshly-terraformed Martian air. 

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11 hours ago, sevenperforce said:

Well yes. But no more a frankenrocket than SLS, if you think about it.

You'd have to shrink the drop tanks to about 33% of their normal length. But it would send 34 tonnes to TLI with a GLOW of just 2,006 tonnes, significantly smaller than SLS Block 1.

The SLS frankenrocket cost billions to redesign to fit.  If you are going to build a frankenrocket, look to Orbital and their success with cobbling together surplus ICBMs and modified Pegasus final stages.

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