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SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here


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Post pictures of your space stations here!

Sirius Docking Test



Node 1 and Node 2 of Neutron Space Station docking

Node 1 launch veichle: SLS block 2 cargo  Node 2 launch veichle: Atlas-V Centaur 541



Sirius docking to NSS



Cupola Installation (Atlas Centaur)



Soyuz docking and Sirius relocation



Post your designs here and u can download the badge!

the badge:



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Is this a challenge? As in, do you have to make them as big as you can, small, crazy or cool?

Anyway, here is my Aquila Space Station:


And my Aurora Space Station:


Hope You like them :)

PS Yes the mystery goo on my aurora space station IS rotating

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This is PRECIOUSSS, the Perfectly Reasonable yet Extremely Complicated tOrUs-Shaped Space Station. I built it for this forum's Shuttle Challenge.


Here's a short video clip of me flying my Shuttle through the ring:


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mining platform ANTARES


Max Crew : 51
Dimensions: Height: 31.6 // Wide: 31.4 // Lenght: 55.0 // Mass: 661.841 t

Life Support Payload:
Food: 7,536.89 // Water: 9,896.84 // Waste: 5,257.12 // Oxigen: 1'900,705.19 // WasteWater: 7,891.60 // Electric charge: 140,668.54 // CarbonDioxide: 757,410.13

Payload ORE: 67,200

Other Features:(4) Mining detachable (drilling) probes WASP // (4) Ore Tanks detachable with built-in RCS // (2) Main Quarters with Artificial gravity + Thrusters gravity // (2) GreenHouses // (2) WaterPlants // (1) science Lab

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2 hours ago, Kerbal Productions said:

why get so much solar panels when you have Near Future Solar's Titan Solar Panel to give you 500 kW of electric charge per second? :cool:

Because this one looks cooler! And yes, I have that mod, too. 

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On 5/11/2021 at 12:25 PM, MacAphon said:

my first 'legitimately' assembled modular station (second image is newer, the Tantares module was deorbited)


Nice! I like the aesthetic. That off-center solar array is cool.

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Back to KSP after a long hiatus.

Constructed my usual space stations.

One around Kerbin:


One around Minmus:



But also created my first station at a captured asteroid.

Decided to go for something small for this one.


Strangely enough, I fell in love with this small station design and will probably build more of them.

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This is/was my first "station" in this save, which I put in a polar orbit of about 150km, if memory serves. The name, Odulas 1, come from something I read somewhere about kerbalese being backwards spanish, as well as the Soviet Salyut program. (Salyut -> Salute -> Saludo -> Odulas) As this was before I had bothered learning how to orbital rendezvous, it actually launched with the crew. (Does that technically not make it a "station?" Hmm...) They were in two little "mini-Sozuz" pods just aft of the Jr. docking ports, using the two-man Soyuz pods from the Making History DLC.

I sent the crew home after about ~100 days in orbit. I'm keeping the station around, though, because it has a resource scanner, narrowband scanner, and Kerbnet access, so it still provides useful geographic and geologic data (it's totally not for spying in my headcanon, what are you talking about).

Please let me know if I put the picture in wrong. I'm very new here.

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