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What did you do in KSP today?


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On 3/21/2022 at 8:21 AM, spacejet said:

volume ^^
we're doing 67 mph+
wonder how much air it can get 

I wasn't going to mention it when you were just doing shapes, but the mod Editor Extensions Redux lets you do arbitrary symmetry and removes offset limits in the editor. I'm mentioning it now because I find the unlimited offset indispensable for any reasonably large or complicated build, and what you have here is both large and complicated (and very cool). You can radically reduce your part count, increase structural stability, and offset parts from one side of your mechanisms to the other to brace them against each other and fight off KSP's wobbly robotics a  bit. Vessels that use it still count as stock on kerbalx and load perfectly in a stock client.

This is an awesome rover chassis and I don't know that I've seen anyone else on here build such complicated steering mechanism. I can't wait to see what you build on top of it.

4 hours ago, Kerb24 said:

I attempted to start KSP again after a long hiatus, and it seems my computer is incapable of running KSP now.

Yeah, over the years KSP has gone from having a <4gb memory footprint to pushing (and regularly exceeding) the limit on my old pc with 8gb of ram. I'm surprised more people haven't complained about the increase in system requirements. The game as it is now absolutely would not run on the machine I originally bought it on.

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4 minutes ago, spacejet said:

ore tanks exploding for some reason.

That's a neat idea. What did you use for the yellow hubs? I would try using structural parts with high impact resistance. The ore tank only has 7 m/s impact tolerance so it's not very durable. 

700+ parts will run pretty slow (you'll see a lot of yellow clock) so I'd try to keep it under 400 if you can. 

Looks like those are white liquid fuel tanks? You'll need LF+OX rocket fuel to run the fuel cells. You really don't need batteries if you have fuel cells - they have integrated batteries.

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Somehow managed to repeat my mistake of performing an FTL jump directly into the Sun... after checking not once, but twice, that I wouldn't do an FTL jump directly into the Sun. Either my game is broken, I've discovered a new type of Kraken, or I'm just that bad at this.

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16 hours ago, Zacspace said:

Yeah, over the years KSP has gone from having a <4gb memory footprint to pushing (and regularly exceeding) the limit on my old pc with 8gb of ram. I'm surprised more people haven't complained about the increase in system requirements. The game as it is now absolutely would not run on the machine I originally bought it on.

Here's the thing. My hiatus was just for a few weeks. After 1.12, KSP ran fine. Then it just didn't out of nowhere.

32 minutes ago, ColdJ said:

Progress so far on Crash Kerbal @Kerb24


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Not quite over 1 day but this week i well...


Installed waterfall (and mashed restock waterfall with stock waterfall fx mods together in such a way that every single engine has the new fx as restock's configs miss a few engines like the rapier, jets, ect), and derped around with quite a few things.  Made a minor redo to the hl2 gunship inspired chopper to make it look better.  Then after being utterly annoyed at how restock mk2 light is flipped 180 degrees spent like an hour messing with the config files to flip it right side around and i got a pleasing result that means all my old stock craft dont have backwards facing lights, and so that new craft i make with restock dont then get reverse facing lighst if i ever decide to disable restock for whatever reason.


Made a stealth variant of the Nebula frigate ive had for like ages, albeit i keep updating it with minor tweaks as its sorta my workhorse combat vessel (small enough to not be a lag issue like the larger cruisers, and big enough to more or less evicerate any single target with proper aim).


randomly blew something (i dont even remember what it was and the screenies i got were all impossible to tell from) up around minmus with a Dimension cruiser's starboard batteries (turreted fireworks really are amazing especially when you sit inside the observation deck and can aim the guns based on where the tracers are).


Made BCorp a new warship, the Victory class (mashed together the front of a bc304, the rear of a venator, and sorta made up something in the middle section).  Im quite happy with it as the 4th prototype is rather resilient to every weapon ive thusfar flung at it  as the only consistent method to split the ship apart is to get 2 heavy torps into the core, but the 1st one never seems to split it just shred all the sacrificial armor that protects said core.  If both hits arent spot on it likely will take more then just 2 torps (and even then they have to be my better torps and not any old ones).


The 2nd prototype did this every time i hit with a torpedo from directly from port/starboard, moved 2 girders by the length of a cubic strut and the exploding went away entirely on the 3rd prototype (armor in KSP is finicky like that, the smallest little offset, or1 strut added/removed/placed wrong can make a ship go from worthless to borderline immune to fire, and after all this time its still trial/error since there is no reliable method to tell what is causing the problems.


Made a kraken powered tug in an attempt to drag a comet to kerbin without using the alt-f12 menu.  Damn those waterfall light glows look amazing...


Didnt get any good screenie, but the instant i engaged the K-drive after attached to the comet, the entire ship vaporized itself.  The funny thing is, the K-drive worked flawlessly getting the tug to the comet, but something about being clawed onto the thing seems to turn the drive into a makeshift bomb...  Guess claws are just bugged (or maybee my attempt at the drive sucks, it is sorta the 1st time i messed around with actual stock K-drives (my previous experience with the things was mostly when something unintentionally created phanto forces and flung craft crazy distances, this week 1st actual legit k-drive that is built to be one, ill need some practice making them to not explode)...


Also tested a slightly different low power k-drive on a SSTL (it doesnt need it as this thing has like 6K dV after attaining LKO), but i wanted something that could return home if the drive broke, and wanted to actually try the drive once at laythe just to fly around, used normal fuel to fly there as the craft is so heavy it cant actually land on laythe unless im below 50% fuel capacity (even then its a pain to land it as barely any lift or thrust, 1 rapier pushing close to 40t on the runway)...


Again, waterfall's minor little things like the glowy lights makes a huge difference in prettiness.


Finally, messed around a little bit with the sunflare, wanted to get away from the stock one that scatterer has after i updated since the stock one just doesnt look scifiy enuff for my taste (its not bad per say, but it just doesnt feel right to me for a videogame as its too realistic...

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I have managed to get undeniable proof that the LY-01 Fixed Landing Gear isn't made of dynamite and doesn't have logic that makes it explode at any time it's within 1 meter of the ground. I actually managed to do a huge loop of KSC 09 to Island 09 to KSC 27 to KSC 09 to Island 09 to KSC 27 with out a single explosion, although I wouldn't want to do it without having NavUtilities Continued installed. When Squad added more support for flight, they really should have included some sort of ILS / VOR

Do you think it's bad that I've only managed this after binge watching a YouTube channel that explained loads of historic aircraft disasters in great detail?   

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Decided to update my planet configs, particularly Rald, to go along with the 6.25x game I'm playing.

Increased Rald's surface G from 0.53g, to 0.637g. I accompanied this with an increasse in the atmosphere pressure at sea level from 0.2 atms to 0.25 atms. I also gave it a higher atmosphere height, so the pressure doesn't fade quite as fast.

So... planes fly a bit better now in the thicker air. Rovers handle a little better in the higher gravity, and its generally a little more kerbin like. As its tidally locked to Duna and vice Versa, the days are a little shorter now (they were rather long).

I found out that the orbital velocity is now about 4100 m/s (at 6.25x), and only about 100 m/s comes from the planet's rotation. I designed a non-nuclear SSTO crew shuttle with a science equipment bay. It made orbit, just barely, after a few attempts to get the ascent profile right. I may decide to  do a 2 stage solution.

I also think I want to resdesign it, to have the science bay located at the CoM, and make use of the ability of engineers to build on site to make the bay a bit more modular, perhaps carrying an extra fuel tank one time,  a cargo container for small parts another, or science equipment yet another.

A funny thing happened in testing the new configs though. I omitted a decimal point in the numbers of the atmosphere curve defining the slope at a certain altitude.

I found that the atmosphere abruptly went away and became a vacuum at a pretty low altitude. (this was after I reached maximum airbreathing speed though and had gone closed cycle), I had to pitch up and use engine thrust to maintain altitude, and accelerated to nearly orbital velocity before I started climbing again (and also ran out of fuel). As the plane coasted up to apoapsis from a very low altitude, the atmosphere abruptly came back,  and I hit pretty thick atmosphere pitched at like 30 degrees, at nearly 4,000 m/s. The plane disintegrated nearly instantly.

Its completely unrealistic, but it did give me an idea for a novelty challenge. A planet whose atmosphere goes from 1 atm, to vacuum, back to 1 atm, then finally to space...

Its quite an unusual launch challenge... but not what I wanted for Rald, so I fixed the problem.

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Flew my SSTO around a bit more on laythe to visit some of the different spots, and came across the exact same spot that Macey Dean landed his colony in what remains to this day the best original KSP combat series ever made on youtube...



Dont ask why the hell i took it for a swim, im not even entirely sure what i was thinking there...


At least it floats...


And somehow made it across that tiny bit of water to Macey island...


Got into kraken drives a bit more, they are buggy but the part count these things require is literally 1 of the smallest landing gear per direction you want thrust in.  That alone has made me refit a couple of my craft with them.


Flies like a dream despite being about the draggiest thing anyone would ever build (there is absolutely no consideration for aerodynamics in the Tri-Fighter-III, its purely armor and some asthetic pieces bolted on).  But the new K-Drives actually allow me to both VTOL it to a degree and best of all fly in atmo and not burn all its fuel instantly (none of my starfighters carry enuff fuel to do much more then deploy from a carrier and nail something with fireworks or ibeam+sepatrons before returning to refuel).



Added a VTOL drive to my Nebula frigate, although i think im gonna not bother as its just too friggin heavy for it at almost 100t fully fueled (it has over 3K dV without the K-Drive).  At least it is possible to land though, and im quite suprised that a meager 2 landing gears can lift such a huge craft even in Vall gravity.


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I've been designing a Laythe colony. I've never really done one before despite attempting one numerous times. This is a cargo plane (sorry for the blue filled jet engines and intakes, I still haven't been able to fix that issue) which will be used for transporting items and island hopping around Laythe itself. I'm most proud of its small cargo hold, which could carry a rover for exploring the larger islands, or more KIS cargo containers.

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