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  1. Vector, by a lot. How do you write a answer to this question?
  2. Ion engines are already torture to use, why make them weaker? I know it would be more realistic, but I don't fell like spending a few play sessions doing one burn.
  3. Simple rockets 2 is way better than KSP. Or "SFS is way better than KSP."
  4. Granted. But all the flax is on fire. I wish I could make a Eve lander.
  5. Just add water. 21472604762746343895307597892789279469 x 138757634957338023847684390283785673073284578350767304828295480485370548746404287232894560273825044243869896437694536294692476659 = ?
  6. I saw a short video of this game, didn't know what it was called, wanted to learn more. Now I know. Thank you.
  7. True TUBM Has over 200 hours in KSP.
  8. The Soviet N1. What doesn't describe how you do your landings?
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