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  1. OMG, completely forget that, it's been a while .... linked https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ItsN_dgiBqSTM30XaK42T3jnodu-Sje-/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hi all, Having used Alex's stuff, I was happy to see this taken on. I have a problem though, I hate having these as it feels so complicated. I updated my ASET packs to the new consolidated ones, and I believe all the dependancies, after I had removed the previous ones in the ASET directory. I currently have: ALCOR_Advanced IVA ALCOR Lander capsule ASET Avionics (from consolidated) ASET Props (from consolidated) ASET Stockrpl_IVA's (From consolidated) In the mk1-3 capsule though, I have no mechjeb installed message, though it is installed, I have the mechjeb tab, and can run it from there, I just cant bring it up on the MFD, nor the commander's upper panel (though switch covers work for the various modes... What am I missing here? Mechjeb2 was working, and it is enabled for the capsule in it's right click menu. I also tried the part on it but it never turned green. I'm having some fun here, want to just shift delete, but too much invested in this iteration, plus now trying to get my settings good for BR's volumetrics ...
  3. Hey Jonny, Can't be 100% sure, but I think it has to be 0.31.9 which is the last one I was using prior to the newest, lease s a bit of room there I now, but I'm 98% on that. (I keep the mods on a storage drive and the one I have is 31.9, so I must have missed the 10.x series and the first 11.0 ... You only had 4 releases after that and pon 31.11.0 you specified the move to the new ASET Props, which is why I decided not to just add those to my existing game, but to copy that whole 1.12.5 to a new folder then delete aset props there and JSI then replace with the new ones.
  4. Hi guys, been away, Yes it was zooming in docking, I'll check my current installation as soon as I can to confirm it works. Ok, 1.12.5 - RPM 0.31.9, props 1.5 (was listed in in verrsion file itself) Does zoom in the large MFD and smaller one as well. (Selected docking port as ref, aimed at Kerbin and zoomed in/out)
  5. Ahh, ok, I would have figured that might be the case, why I posted hehe. Yeah, I don't use MAS myself. I'll still get new build put together and try to get logs if able, It's tough when one has so many mods and you're transferring a game save with all the things, you know what I mean ... [thumbs up]
  6. Yes, the main larger screen in Docking mode, controlled from docking clampotron as ref, and targeting a station c-o-tron. I'm not sure a screenshot would help with the zoom issue, unfortunately I just figured it was me and I deleted that whole install. Im sorry, that stuff probably would have been valuable for you. If I get time this weekend I will do another KSP folder install and move my stuff over as I indicated prior making sure that I just have the new JSI and ASET props then eval again and get logs. I was moving to this due to the warnings that the newer module manager had moved some ASET props to the new props pack, and I wanted to make sure that I had the latest and greatest.
  7. I'm not sure, but I tried this with the new module manager and saves in a new copy of the game, when I transferred my game data I left out JSI and ASET/ASET Props and installed both new. As far as I can see everything was fine until I tried zooming in my docking view, no controls, any thoughts?
  8. I prefer to not even involve myself in the Politics of Publishing a title, and the dev team, etc. On the basis of other types of EA releases and issues experienced, I believe like a lot of you out there - this was not yet ready for an EA at this state. Especially after plunking $52 for the experience. That is my opinion, and I respect those who differ even if I don't agree with them. However, monetarily, my dissatisfaction was too great for the amount spent. I requested a refund and got it. I'll be over on K1, awaiting the overall consensus of this and further subsequent patch/version releases to decide if the cost of admission is worth the state of the game. In that vein I'm sure I'm not alone, just that I took the plunge while others more patient waited thru launch and are now waiting as well. I'm hopeful that community response to the 1st patch is worth it, or I and others will have to wait a bit longer.
  9. Blackrack is channeling Ami Stewart! https://g.co/kgs/dKTymU It's like thunder, lightning, the way he loves us is frightening! Jeb better knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, On wood! You know I'm going to ask for it, lightning strikes! Electrical system damage! Seriously though, sweet work!
  10. I tried to launch a simple rocket yet again. I'm sure part of my issues is not knowing moving around the new VAB, however it then just collapsed on the pad, I had bot struts and launch clamps, the second time it rose, but It was the longest time moving upwards due to teh agonizing frame rate if any of Kerbin is in view. I gave it a chance. I really did ... But I cant launch anything with boosters, I mean C'mon ... I know maybe in the future it will be terrific, but right now, I'm sorry it is a hot mess and definitely not $50 EA worthy. Have deleted it from my computer and made the refund request thru Private Division customer support, and on my receipt it had a link to xsolla / babka (of all things I now have to create another account just to get a refund?) It didnt show my purchase there (why not? They were the vendor ugh) so I went onto their live chat and made the request. Teh chat rep said they would review it and someone would get in touch with me, could be 4 days. Was that the way to get the refund from a purchased direct download? Well If it isnt "favorable" for a result, I'll dispute the Capital One, which is why I like them, Now I'm finishing typing this while 1 opens to my Kerbin station II in orbit over Kerbin with parallax, eve and all it's glory. Perhaps I'll revisit 2 in the future.
  11. Me either, having serious buyers remorse, I suppose some of that is we cant be sure if the roadmap will happen. Now some could say we p[aid $50, you got our cash now fix it up, but that sounds too entitled. I'm hoping it will get patched up (why couldn't it be on something other than unity anyways?) and we'll see improvements. I can agree on day one comments, but it definitively is not at and EA state, I agree with those calling it an alpha. So I'll hang on to it, and play a little until they release their first patch or upgrade release. By largest gripe is screen res (I know about the json file) but the UI still IMO is too small to read some of it.
  12. I've played with 2 for a bit. I do think it was overpriced for the EA as well. Which I think is fueling some of the hate out there. I was around during the early days of KSP as well, I think I paid $39 on sale once, got add ons for free. But I can't see justifying $52 (w/tax) for an early access title. There are those who say 1.0 release will cost more, in that case everything in this version should be patched, fixed, etc. On the fence about a refund, because it ran decently on my potato, and optimizations can only improve that as time goes on, but will it go on? If they decide to pull it, well ... Tough times. It's early adopters buyers remorse. I'll likely end up keeping it, as least it runs. My only complaint is screen res (adjusted the .json file) but the tiny font's are almost unreadable ... MSFS newest would barely run on my potato and it ran $90, definitely refunded that and will have to await a new ring to play on that farm.
  13. Hey, you will: 1. Buy it and run it ok. 2. Buy it and run it at lower settings until you upgrade. 3. Skip it and play KSP (with mods due it likely will look better than 2 stock ... wink wink parallax and Eve volumetrics) 4. Skip it and play KSP until you upgrade and play both. 5. Skip it until you upgrade and then play both. It's been this way forever. No one will be totally happy with 2, it's also a fact that rarely a sequel game outdoes the original, and in this case look how long the original took to get where it has, modders included. Let's revisit my reply on this aspect in 12 years.
  14. That is sweet! I'm running a GTX 960 though, but have acceptable FR's with Scatterer and Parallax 2.0 out of the box, with the exception of turning off temporal AA in scatterer. So I should be good ...
  15. I'm sorry, I should have been more specific and included screenshots, will put it up when I can. It is the (I believe) ambient light onto the modules from the fixed lights I placed on my station, nothing wrong with Kerbin, city lights, etc. Light points referred to the actual lamp placed. I believe I have temporal turned off for parallax, as causing some other issues, don't remember if that's when this issue began though. simple enough to remove a mod at a time to narrow it down Update: Seems deleting the module manager cache files fixed whatever was happening ... Nice Idea Thanks!
  16. I'm not sure if it is EVE ... if not I'll move it to the appropriate thread, unless someone might identify the issue. I use parallax EVE and Scatterer, I seem to have lost my "Glow" in shadow of Kerbin for my station, I see the light points, but their illumination is gone until it comes out of shadow, No issues with my other stations or craft so far on mun, minmus, etc. Cant say for others as I've no craft there (Yet in this save) Any ideas? Full mod list can be provided, I know it must have been one I updated recently, Kopernicus perhaps? Not a deal breaker here, as I figure when next update hits that I install "fixes" it I'll know which one, or just remove one at a time, etc. to determine. Which mod of the three recently improved lights, giving a flare to them?
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