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  1. @severedsolo Understood, and will attempt to replicate with that build. Thanks as always!
  2. I've been running into issues with this lately, specifically for STTOs/spaceplanes. I fly a complete SSTO mission from the runway, all the way to orbit, deploy the payload, land back at the runway... and get no generation increase. At first I thought it was KCT conflicting, with it's "recover to SPH" function, but specific testing by using only the stock recovery function gives the same behavior. I can't get it to reliably upgrade gens. Any chance you could define how/when the generation increase code is called @severedsolo? Would help with further troubleshooting. Additionally, we've run into the old issue where Oh Scrap is spamming fail tests as fast as it can for a craft that spawns on the runway. Even at overall reliability 9, a craft sitting on the runway for about 60s had almost every non-reliability-10 part fail. Only way to mitigate is to spawn to the runway and immediately light a stage, which flips the fail check spam down to a more reasonable level. Is there anything we can check there? Under what circumstances would the mod attempt to spam a check per second? It may be a conflict with World Stabilizer, which spawns the craft off the ground and "eases" it down... so perhaps the game is thinking a newly spawned craft starts at a state of flying and then becomes landed? Still not sure why a landed craft would spam a fail check per second, though... Currently on Oh Scrap 2.0.1
  3. Was just updating mods and saw this for the first time. You're awesome.
  4. Amen to this. Manual collection at first, which gradually moves to automation, is what I'm hoping for.
  5. We did ask about some sort of automation for delivery of resources, and they gave us an sneaky grin and said "the game is still under dev"... which I took for code saying "Yes, we have plans for that." I'd stand by for more info to be released in the future. I straight up told them that there needed to be some automation, because if it becomes Milkrun Simulator 3000 it'll be a snoozefest.
  6. So, I'm back from both PAX West AND the KSP2 Roundtable at the Star Theory Studios. As promised, I've got interviews, screenshots, gameplay footage, and a LOT of comments on the time I spent with the devs. I'll be streaming an AMA LIVE on Twitch this evening for a few hours, starting at 4 PM EDT (Basically Now). The VOD will also be available afterwards if you want to get caught up on your own schedule. Link to stream is here. If you come from the forums, say so! Stream is over, but I've permanently archived the video off to here: http://twitch.tv/dasvaldez
  7. The dev team might understand that... but do the Kerbals?
  8. Good point. You're always orbiting something haha.
  9. I straight up told them I was super concerned about the colonies becoming Milk Run Simulator 3000. Said there has to be some automation or something once you get it going, so my game doesnt become "now we must bring 100 loads of Hydrogen to the colony" before we can launch an interstellar ship. The devs about popped a blood vessel not responding because it's clearly something they've thought about, and have plans for, but weren't ready to let the cat out of the bag yet.
  10. Pssst. What if going to other star systems was NG+? Kerbol system is the same, and more advanced players travel to more advanced (massive scale/tilted/ringed/binary/whatever) star systems... They did show us massive, realtime changes to the stock planet system using scripts... literally, run a line of script and Kerbin gets bigger/inclined/axial tilt/etc. Hah, ok, I can sit here all night answering these questions, but I've got a flight home at 7 AM. See you nerds Monday.
  11. In terms of conversations and comfort levels... not from that interview, but from the roundtable at their office a few days before: When I said it would be nice if we could lock the rotation of auto sun-tracking solar panels... they said something to the effect of "Wait, that would be useful?" and literally grabbed a notepad to jot it down.
  12. I do have copies of pre-alpha gameplay footage and permission to release it... will be showing it and providing commentary when I get back to the studio Monday. Its legit... in terms of "gameplay" it reveals the most about new parts, mechanics, UI, and visuals... ODD is pretty good... one of my stream mods offered up the "Orbital Operations Facility" (the OOF) via Discord... but the winner so far?
  13. I'm impressed people can hear that interview haha... on my Monday stream I'll release the lav audio version that should have way better sound. What people are finding is just raw off the little Sony action cam I carry. Nate is awesome, BTW.
  14. Ahhh, it was a physical meetup at the booth. Don't worry, took lots of video and will recap everything when I return home (Monday), including our roundtable, the interview with the devs, and the gameplay footage.
  15. It's true! We'll be hanging out near the exit to the gameplay presentation doing "exit interviews" with community members to see what they think... and speculate about what they saw! If you're at PAX (and for some reason reading the forums at lunch ha) stop on by...
  16. You just need to increase the part generation by flying missions with the parts... and learn to preflight them (works best with KCT). You can have very reliable gen 2 parts as long as they're preflighted, and once you get to Gen 10 your failure rate drops like crazy... What I'm doing is launching low cost/uncrewed/non-critical missions first, which levels up the part generations... and then once the parts are higher generation, they are more reliable and can be used for critical/crewed missions. Gen 1 untested parts fail like crazy... which they should haha.
  17. When you say "recovered vessel" do you mean recovered into the VAB inventory via KCT "Recover Active Vessel", or the stock recover button at the top of screen? If you recovered it via KCT, go to edit the craft in the KCt window and you should see that the parts have a higher safety rating, now that they have been preflighted. If you just used the stock recover and built a new craft from scratch, that won't increment the generation and you won't see any change in reliability, unless you actually move the parts off the launch pad before recovering (they have to get going more than 2 m/s and get an MET). Using stock recovery, open the scrapyard interface in the VAB and try to click "quick apply" down below. Then right click the parts, and you may see that they have a higher reliability rating and "1 previous use"...
  18. That's about right... if you're not using scrapyard, you've got to build and fly parts about ~10 times before they get reliable enough to skip the "preflight" test. That doesn't mean launch and land the same exact engine 10 times, that means build 10 rockets and throw them all into the ocean, the 11th should be max reliable.
  19. For low generation parts, you do have to "preflight" them... basically run them out to the pad and recover them. You don't actually have to fire them, but you can pretend if you want. For a Gen 1 brand new part, that will move the reliability rating from 1 to like 5 or 6, so the second time you use THAT ACTUAL RECOVERED PART (not build a new copy of the same part) it will be less likely to have an issue. Once your parts get to a high enough generation (ie in the 8-10 range), they'll start off with a high reliability rating, and you no longer need to preflight them, just built them and go. When you start mixing part generations and start really reusing things (like pods), it gets a little confusing: there are some parts that need to be preflighted, and others that don't. In fact, if you preflight a rocket to increase the reliability rating of one part, that actually counts as an actual use for other parts on the rocket, which will DECREASE their reliability. My process is to buy disposal things like boosters in blocks, then preflight them all at once (without their capsule/payload). You "scrap" the block buy via KCT or just use stock recovery function on the pad, which puts those "tested" parts into your part inventory. Then you reuse the capsule/payload (already in part inventory) and add the tested booster parts to the craft, so the entire thing is either reused or properly preflighted... and you're go for launch. Once the entire vessel (I mean, all the part types on the vessel) are used enough times, their generation will be high enough that you can just built it all from scratch, skip the preflight, and just launch at max reliability. From my UHC, anecdotally, in 7 tourism missions using the Terrier we had 2 failures (an underthurst and a gimbal lock, neither critical). Missions were on-orbit for just over an hour, launch, 2 laps, reentry. We didn't get any other failures during that campaign. I didn't check the log to see any "saved" rolls, where it craft failed but parts all saved. We're sort of operating for now under the "terrier reliability is a known mod bug", UHC will review it if it fails and determine if we proceed or rollback the mission... even though we don't know if its just a display problem or not. As always, thanks for all the work on this @severedsolo !
  20. Dragging a craft including launch clamps off the side of the runway, so it's actually over by the VAB on the higher terrain. Doing the same for the field training mod for KSC facilities to give Kerbals basic training, but we digress from the thread topic. Happy to report first Kerbal in orbit today in UHC. Had a small issue on a previous mission with the gen 20 Terrier that rocked the safety rating of 1 after pad fit check, but no issued manifested during crewed launch. Whew.
  21. Test stand test roleplay is actually really fun, and as it is it's got a pretty cool balancing effect: I think it's going to come more into play as rockets get bigger and more expensive. Early in career, it's easy to just advance gens by launching missions, which tend to be small/rather inexpensive, not a huge penalty on (uncrewed) failure. As you move to larger, more expensive rockets, it becomes more prohibitive to just throw rockets away for generations, so I'm all about a static fire test stand. Already tested deploying a "stand"out of the SPH using launch clamps, but way off the runway so it doesn't get cleaned up. Stand is rooted to the ground, you can still deploy to runway, drive over, and integrate the part for testing. Hardwired to KSC electrical grid too haha
  22. Are you talking about deploying a part to the pad and recovering it to get "tested" status for parts? That's working right now without getting an MET/2ms... do it all the time in our UHC playthrough on my stream. If you mean increasing generation without an MET, that doesn't work. Feels fair the way it is right now... hopefully you don't want to increase generation just by deploy and recover without moving the craft at all? I am planning on a UHC static test stand that will require actually moving the part to it to perform the test. EG, launch a part with a docking port on it, use a truck to move it to the stand, and then actually test it on a stand. That would increase generation and feels like a fair time investment to increase generation without actually launching vehicles. Will roleplay it as we can only get to gen 5 or so that way, and anything higher requires actual use.
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