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  1. Is anyone else having issues where the contracts aren't showing up as available despite all the requirements being met?
  2. God it's been a while. Let's start with what happened. I've been feeling really demotivated to do much of anything in general, and TBH I haven't done anything on this. If I could get started I think I could finish it, but that's where my problem lies: starting work on the mod. Considering KSP2's been out for a while, I'm considering waiting until Career released there along with CTT for KSP2, and making this mod for the sequel. I think it would be best for me in my current situation, so unfortunately the KSP1 version of the mod is probably not happening.
  3. Update: stuff in life keeps propping up, so for now I'll just say I'll start this once I'm ready.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I'll be starting this today btw, along with updating the post.
  5. I would have had the post updated today but I've been sick for a few days, not feeling well. Will provide an update once I'm better and have something to show.
  6. Welcome to the discussion/development thread for Kitsune Career System! I've been wanting to make a tech tree mod for a while now, and despite the rapidly approaching Early Access release date of KSP2, I've decided to finally bite the bullet and start making one. All I have are some notes at the moment (which is why there's a maybe in the title) but thankfully @hemeac's old Kiwi Tech Tree is under an MIT license which I think allows me to use some of the work as long as I put the original license in with the mod (Would appreciate some help from those who are more license-savvy). Actual work will start tomorrow along with a much better first post, but for now here's what to expect: Probes-before-crew layout (Like Skyhawk Science System, KTT, and other mods) Large amount of nodes to encourage travelling beyond the Mun and Minmus
  7. I'm curious as to how large Gilly will be. It looks somewhat similar to Vesta, and I think it could make a good analogue for it
  8. I, for one, am very excited for Early Access. KSP1 was in early access before it was even called early access, and no doubt the game was better off because of the feedback gained. I think we all just need to calm down about this.
  9. I would like to see Dres given a big white crater like Ceres. Also maybe make it look less like a discount Ike, maybe taking inspiration from the tan and brown Ceres looked like through Hubble. EDIT: Also for the OPM worlds, I would say that the one think I wouldn't change is Ovok since it's kinda supposed to be a featureless egg moon.
  10. I love the Ikea/Ukraine rockets, and as someone who's getting back into RP-1, this new P&LC update looks awesome.
  11. Very JNSQ-ish, I really like it! EDIT: Saw you were thinking of redoing the stock system, and honestly I think that's probably a good idea as JNSQ's development is frozen I believe. Would you consider making a version of the system at JNSQ scale?
  12. Kerbin looks absolutely beautiful! Are you gonna tackle Parallax scatter for OPM or are you just gonna do the clouds and such?
  13. I've had a strange issue with Parallax that has made my game not load the scene after I launch a craft from the VAB. I haven't had this issue before, and it's only happening with one install to my knowledge. Logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YkC2sjDxoqZ8cduAAGcboOgn2oFiaTyS/view?usp=sharing
  14. So I seem to have palm trees spawn in the middle of the runway when I start a new game. EDIT: NVM im stupid and forgot to remove my rescale mod
  15. Ooh! Been wanting to get back into the stock system and this plus Parallax's upcoming update look amazing!
  16. Seems like the automated patching system has trouble with adding Kerbalism storage space to certain probe cores. I've only tested the ones from Taerobee so far, but there may be others,
  17. If anyone's having the same issue with the current Kopernicus there's a config on the GitHub called ColorFix that should fix the issue.
  18. Let's say that, for example, I don't want the Eve foliage in my install when the next update rolls around, How easy will it be to get rid of Eve's scatter?
  19. Also there's an issue with the Amalthea pod from NF Spacecraft: The lander shroud has Hydrazine in it, but the engines meant to go with the pod use Hypergolic propellants and you can't switch the fuel type of the pod.
  20. Gotcha, Sol seems awesome, and I was wondering if you had any plans of adding Parallax support to Ad Astra.
  21. I noticed from the pictures you posted earlier that Eve looks very pale green, is that intentional?
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