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  1. I understand and know that with the SRBs, I was just saying that with NEAR, it doesn't even try to change the throttle when I have 'limit to terminal velocity' on.
  2. Okay. It's really only an issue with the boosters, B9s heavy lifter engines, and some of the more powerful engines. Mostly the boosters and those heavy lifter engines. Also, a possible issue I'm noticing, when I tried to use the landing guidance to land at either the VAB roof or the launchpad, each time (two or three times) it tried to do a landing, it was over 3km off target. I checked with a regular 'pick target on map' landing and it got it within a kilometer. It might be because my 'lander' looks like this: Which is just a pod with science stuff on it that I decided to slap an RCS tank and RCS nodes on so that I could get more precise biome landings. Not sure why MechJeb doesn't use RCS in atmosphere to fine tune the landing precision.
  3. Hi, I'm just letting you guys know that for some reason, with NEAR, MechJeb just completely ignores the terminal velocity when I use ascent guidance and my ships routinely break the sound barrier and get the reentry plasma effects. This especially happens with the S1 SRB since that one tends to just ram your ship through the atmosphere. I'm just wondering when this might get fixed. I'm using the latest dev build, B9 Aerospace, NEAR, and the hangar mod.
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