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  1. They haven't anhounced it officially or put up the forum sections yet, so, of course they aren't ready yet.
  2. Seriously guys, maybe they're just busy, lol. And no, I'm not 'in the know' or anything like that
  3. Lol, I guess they got distracted by the Ariane launch. We can forgive them for that. They have been pretty busy recently though.
  4. Did you use hyperedit to launch this into orbit? Because I was able to load the ship after some time and I don't see it being launch capable.
  5. Pretty sure autopilot stuff is out of scope, they've said no to autopilot stuff bfore.
  6. Or a twitch stream where you draft viewers. Though the 'Draft Twitch Viewers' mod would still have a use for those that don't want (or care) to fiddle with the details.
  7. Is there going to be some kind of visual that shows how (or rather, where) the fuel flow is, well, flowing? Would be good to have something that shows how you have it set up and view the system as a whole because large rockets will get complex.
  8. Well... I'm sure it won't be as major as the 1.1 update.... But, I'm sure SQUAD will try to take that into consideration, but theres always going to be some configurations that will have to be redesigned, some won't.
  9. Theres a thread in the modding section where someone is experimenting with the new metallic shader or something in Unity, you'll get a bit of an idea there.
  10. Why do you assume so? Also, DON'T assume so.
  11. Dangit, Ted left yesterday? Theres a bunch of turnover going on, but I guess it's inevitable and every company goes through this period anyway. What is de-LINQing? Anyway, not seeing much difference between the new tier 3 editor scenes (a before and after image would probably be good) compared to now, except maybe the lights are working again and the scaffolding is not so dark? The tier 1 and 2 editors definetly look better now though. Also, now that we have metallic stuff (the new shaders and effects in unity that are getting implemented/turned on), I wonder if we'll have shiny windows?
  12. Maybe you could list what bugs you think are moronic?....
  13. Sounds like Gilly would be a good place to test out whether it drifts or not.
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