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  1. Kasper wasn't able to do the first week of vacation due to the thesis he was doing, so, his vacation is probably just shifted. Also, I'm pretty sure they only take a day off if it's a state holiday. The only wiki thing that seems relevant is a christian feast day, but I don't know how relevant that is in Mexico.
  2. I'm mostly taking a break from KSP here, though I think I'm mainly waiting for the orbital decay thing to be fixed, but yeah, taking a break from KSP for a bit. As for the landing leg stuff, it's a known thing and there is a bug report on it.
  3. Would have been more awesome if you repicated his flight using a replica of his aircraft...
  4. I took a look a bit earlier and found that it was just a ghost image, it stayed in the same position on the screen no matter where I moved the camera.
  5. It's a new save and I reverted to launch or VAB after the explosions, so it isn't possible for there to be anything. I also noticed that I got an exception spam at the same time as well. I could try taking a further look though.
  6. I got to wondering if it has any similarities with anything else and since Claw mentioned the camera transition, I wonder if it's related in some way to http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/3326 .
  7. I saw that one as well with the revert to launch. Already posted up my info there.
  8. I simply slapped on the MK3 rocket fuselage short, a mammoth, and some BigS wings (to keep it stable). And using infinite fuel of course.
  9. I tested it again and that reduced part ship also reproduces the explosion. I'll put the details and files into the bugreport. Also, interestingly, I'm getting a 'radiator has collided with pad' reason for the explosion. Hey @Arugela Have you noticed a strange bar appearing after the explosion?
  10. It's not crashing for me, however, I am getting a stack overflow excepton when staging that and the error itself repeats this line "at Part.FindPartThroughNodes (.Part tgtPart, .Part src) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 " like 50 times or something. Could you also post one or more of the affected craft?
  11. Oops, why didn't I look at that, heh...
  12. Can you reproduce it reliably and without mods?
  13. It's the V4 v2 bug version craft. I've edited the bug report title to include a note about file corruption since that looks like the case here.
  14. EDIT: BOOM! It exploded when I was returning from map menu and I was just sort of flying around. Though it seems to be more like sudden RUD than kraken, not sure there. I'm 99% sure that one was actual RUD and not kraken, going to restart game to see if I can reproduce the bug again. Edit2: I was able to reproduce it again with the same craft after a KSP restart. Edit3: I tried to remove the lower half of the ship and ended up causing the kraken to attack. I think this is the corruption you mentioned.... edit4: Double checked and it's reproducible, theres something on the section below the MK3 fuselage longs.
  15. Try the v3 booster one maybe? I've also now ran into that random sudden unreproducibility as well.
  16. You're most likely right, I checked back at the first output log and the first thing to go is one of the large radiator panels, structural failure.
  17. Is the save or file corruption confined to just that ship or are other ship designs affected? Currently doing a slow coasting test (between 20 and 30m/s) with hacked gravity and other stuff on. Also testing with the radiators extended to see if that affects anything.
  18. Have you tried relaunching it after the bug and use unbreakable joints, no crash damage, and hacked gravity? You get kraken attacked horribly. Still doing some experiments with the v4 booster bugged one since that is reliable.
  19. I tried to launch the V4 one with bug thingking maybe it won't explode, but NOPE. Though I'm not sure if it exploded because of the bug you mentioned or because I dumped ore tanks. I'll upload the log from that run to the bug report....
  20. Dangit, the v3 boostered version exploded on phys load when I reverted to launch..... editwhiletyping, and a SECOND TIME, lol....
  21. Okay, I'll use version 4 then. Also, the v3 boostered version exploded for me at 6km, so, confirmed. Going to try doing that one slower to see if it has anything to do with trying to punch through the sound barrier.
  22. Okay. Got briefly confused on the v3 with boosters, but I've got it figured out.
  23. 3k? HA! I've flown 4k+ part crafts no problem. It's laggy, yes, but very possible. @Arugela Could you upload all the versions of that craft you're using to the bugreport? I've already replied to it though. Edit: I've downloaded them off of here, but probably should at least link the crafts in the bug report.
  24. Hey @nightingale, just letting you know that some of the links on the main page aren't working. Tried to use the GAAP link, which didn't work.
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