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  1. By spinning reference frame, are you guys talking about the bug where if the window goes out of focus (alt+tab or windows key) and are in timewarp while in the map, the map spins around the focal point? It also happens when you mouse over the KSPedia and the windows of some mods such as MechJeb. I know you don't want to get mods involved, but it's just another way of triggering it. Might be related though, no idea.
  2. I'm also in San Diego. I can't drive though......
  3. I'm sure they'll do it at the leastmost convenient time as possible Anyway, cool to hear on the forum update.
  4. I don't suppose they could take a stab at it for 1.1.3 as far as the landing legs go? Or at least do a baindaid solution to make it not so explodey and find a real solution with the Unity patch. Though it's probably not an optimal solution.
  5. Hope you guys had a nice relaxing vacation! @Squelch How did you hurt your finger? Well, the wheel part is that there are some unity fixes in the next unity version (5.4 or something) which should fix the wheels, so I hear anyway. Still, I agree with @Alshain here that the more outstanding problems like the orbit decay, the exploding landing legs and some other stuff should be dealt with in the 1.1.3 patch.
  6. @p1t1o They can do what they want on their vacation really. And yeah, I thought they had said two weeks, but it's a vacation that they really needed.
  7. Looks like you actually entered the editor, but then something happened. Though theres a whole bunch of spam of stuff from TestFlightInterop and ullage thing, mostly over something called 'TinyTim'. But I have no idea if that's normal or not.
  8. Are there any exceptions happening before the crash? Maybe you could post up the output log anyway. But narrowing down the cause of that specific crash is a good idea.
  9. lol. Not trying to, no, just saying that he wouldn't be able to do a 'debug build'. Though some sort of mod that taps into the logs and provides more logs or something MIGHT be feaseable. After all, modders do their own logging for mods, so..... Probably going to have to wait until everybody gets back on Monday and they have a chance to discuss it.
  10. A 'debug build' would be an experimentials (or perhaps pre-release), besides, he'd need to get permission to do that in the first place. He can't just cook up a 'debug build' and say 'Here, use this.' There actually is a 'verbose debug log' setting in the settings config, but that doesn't actually give more information. I kind of thought it would allow other logging stuff to show up. Though yeah, this is the kind of situation where additional logging would be helpful.
  11. I don't suppose you could elaborate on the reason?
  12. Chill out @Majorjim, Sarbian is basically saying 'chill out' in his own snarky way.
  13. It's still an unacceptable drop as it's not supposed to happen.
  14. The question one might ask though, is, why did it get worse between the last pre-release build and 1.1.2? Kerbin seems more affected than Mun or Minmus, but then again, I only did low orbits for Mun and Minmus. Edit: It has now occured to me that it might have been better to test with the same part for all of the orbits, to at least remove other variables.
  15. @Jacke It's no big deal now though, but thanks. @NathanKell Save file (zipped it because it saved strangely the first time, sta.sh didn't do that before): http://sta.sh/0duvhcs0kv5 First vid in last pre-release build (1228 I believe): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sHJVYERojU Second vid, in 1.1.2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI_0eNwa7cw&feature=youtu.be
  16. You know, I'm gonna do the video thing as well.....
  17. I can't revert anywhere, Steam is refusing to, not even the 'previous stable release' works. However, what I DO have is a bugtestiing (just in general, meant for mods mostly, no mods in it right now) KSP branchoff that I had set aside which is in 1.1.1, build 1250. Would observations in there work? Short of finding a download of 1.0.5 somewhere, I can't roll back to it, or anywhere, via Steam. Wait, I just realized the pre-release is still available in steam, perhaps I can use that? *after no response several minutes later* Meh I'll go ahead with it since it's the best available option.
  18. It didn't actually go anywhere. Though I had deleted most of the stuff in there, which might have had something to do with it. I put it on opt out and then back on 'previous stable release' and I'll see if that does it. NOPE. Looks like I can't roll back to 1.0.5, at least not through steam.
  19. I'll give you a CLOUD of debris. *evilsmiley* Okay, maybe not a CLOUD, but my idea has lots of bits and pieces. I'm thinking of maybe doing a video, but might not actually be neccesary really..... yeah probably not neccesary... uhh @NathanKell, how do I revert to 1.0.5? I'm using steam..... I tried reverting to last stable version but that didn't go anywhere.
  20. Does this include single part debris and single part pods (like probe cores) split off from the main craft? I suppose I can do that. Also, would it work for you if I transferred the save from 1.0.5 over to 1.1.2? It'd be a copy though and that way they'd be EXACTLY identical.
  21. @Kiro and @Gaarst If possible, narrow down the mods to see if theres any that might be particularily prone to it? Though I suppose check and see if you can reproduce it in pure stock first. You know, I wonder if this is distantly related to http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/9352 in some way.... I have no evidence to set up any correlation anyway, just idle musing.
  22. Yeah, I was on TheReadPandas stream the other day when they had a VAB crash. It was pretty heavily modded though. I know it goes against the whole 'no mods' deal, but perhaps for this one they need to since mods are probably stressing something in a way that plain stock doesn't. It could be something simple as the number of parts.
  23. Yeah, as questionable as leaving for a vacation right after the bugfix was and I want them to finish the bugfixes as much as anybody, I'd rather have them take a break for a bit to unwind and de-stress after that tough update and come back fresh.
  24. Does the wobble happen with the SAS off? sounds like the oscillation issue that's been reported for the SAS....
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