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  1. Parallax don't change the scaled space texture (what you see in the tracking station). You need to get closer to see the change.
  2. You need KSP 1.9 or higher. This mod need Directx11 and it's only available on KSP 1.9 and onward.
  3. This would be very useful, while your on the subject, are stock solar panel resized with TweakScale well treated by Kerbalism planner ? I know they produce EC but I've never checked carefully the numbers
  4. Does an attempt already been made to turn the Kerbals to vegetable ? In the meaning of a life-support mod, where Kerbals would need sunlight for photosynthesis and water to live grow ? That could make a nice change to the usual paradigm of life support mod
  5. It uses the max refresh rate available. Source : I use a monitor with variable rate (freesync not gsync but same thing).
  6. @blowfish I found a bug between B9PartSwitch and KIS. Every part containing a B9PartSwitch module send the vessel flying away upon attaching it. I've raise an issue on KIS's github, not sure on which end the problem is : https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/issues/373
  7. @IgorZ I have found a bug between KIS and B9PartSwitch, attaching a part with a B9PartSwitch module will send your craft flying away. Don't know your status on other mod support but if you want to take a look I wrote a github issue : https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/issues/373 Thanks
  8. Kopernicus BE (Bleeding Edge) is compatible with KSP 1.9 and 1.10 https://github.com/R-T-B/kopernicus/releases KopernicusBE_1101_.... is for KSP 1.10.1 KopernicusBE_191_... is for KSP 1.9.1
  9. I've never used this mod, just browsing the forum But I've seen this comment from the author of the mod, might help :
  10. @Lokesh_Mars_Gen looking closely at the screenshot of your gamedata I think you have a lots of mods that are wrongly installed. No mod (that I'm aware of) is writing their version number on their folder. Ie : the correct folder for Parallax is "Parallax", not "Parallax1.1.1" etc... I guess you download your mod from github but not from the release, I guess you clone the repositories and copy it to your gamedata. You need to download your mod from the release section of github.
  11. It seems your install of Kopernicus is wrong. Delete the folder "kopernicusBE_1101_release47" from your gamedata and reinstall it. You can download the latest version here : https://github.com/R-T-B/Kopernicus/releases Copy the content of the gamedata folder to your gamedata folder, you NEED ModularFlightIntegrator, it's included in the kopernicus release you download from github. And yes you absolutely need the Parallax Stock Texture too. (unless you play on another solar system than stock).
  12. Hi welcome to the forum This warning shows Parallax isn't installed correctly, can you provide a pics of your GameData folder ? Did you install Kopernicus BE ?
  13. Because 0.219/m = 0.00365/s So 0.00365 + 0.115 + 0.04 = 0.15865 And 0.169 - 0.15865 = 0.01035 Math still works
  14. Hi guys For whomever be interested I've made a whitelist patch for SSTU : (copy it to a .restockwhitelist file in your gamedata)
  15. Hi SSTU's fan I'm using SSTU alongside ReStock and I've found some issue : ReStock blacklist some model/texture to save memory, unfortunately some of them are used by SSTU. To prevent this I've made a whitelist patch for SSTU, to use it copy the six lines below to a file with the extension .restockwhitelist and place it in your GameData. Squad/Parts/Utility/ServiceBay/ Squad/Parts/Resources/MiniDrill/ Squad/Parts/Utility/commsAntennaDTS-M1/ Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSTankRadial/ Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCStankRadialLong/ Squad/Parts/FuelTank/xenonTankRadial/ Happy flying
  16. @Gameslinx I've found another armless bug / NRE spam : As soon as a ship enter the sun's SOI the log get spammed. Like with the map view log spam it don't seem to break anything. Here is a log on a clean install : https://www.dropbox.com/s/67vlmozfpps8kap/KSP.log?dl=0 I can add those issue to your github if you want, it may be more convenient than to track down forum post
  17. Amazing work, truly bring KSP to a next level @Gameslinx I've found an issue tho, every time I open the map view the log get spammed with NRE. It didn't seem to break anything, the texture are still there and the log spam stop the moment I exit map view. Happen both on the ground and on orbit. The tracking station is not affected. Here is a log on a clean install, NRE starts at line 7592 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qu6m452dinlduwn/KSP.log?dl=0 Again not a big issue as it don't seem to break anything.
  18. Yes for KIS, I don't use the others so no idea.
  19. The weldable docking port works fine in 1.9.1. I didn't use the others parts but I didn't notice any error either.
  20. Hey guys I made a small patch to enhance the support for SSPX (Station Parts Extension Redux). It adds an Habitat module to the different pressurized crew tube, pressurized conical adapter and station core. All those parts don't hold crew but they now add their volume to the available living space, making building space station more interesting, IMO. (Also make it practical to do the FLOAT experiment earlier, as it require a 100m^3 craft ). For example this space station now have a habitat volume of 124m^3 instead of 42m^3 I also add a greenhouse module to the aquaculture part (copy-paste of the greenhouse module of the 3.75m greenhouse, just change the growing rate and crop size to show 4 culture surface instead of 2). And remove the ability for the 3.75m greenhouse and the aquaculture part to level up crew. This is my first playthrough with Kerbalism so I hope those changes aren't too OP. I'll like some opinion of long time user of Kerbalism before I propose a pull request for it. You can download it here on github.
  21. That's the stock fairings. With PF you can tweak the shape via a slider in the part right click menu (don't sure if it's a right click on the base or the fairings tho.)
  22. Not really my concern anymore but for clarification : I personally never used Kerbalism, the incompatibility was reported to me on the forum. Best thing to do is you give it a try and report here how it goes.
  23. Big thanks to you @linuxgurugamer The formatting of the OP is screwed tho, the read-me appear twice.
  24. Hi guys I decided to stop maintaining my mods, I don't have the will nor the time to do it properly. I've spent a great time with the KSP community and hopefully some of you enjoyed playing with my mods. I'll be very pleased if someone would take over their development, if you are interested send me a pm. Here they are : Antenna Helper will be taking over by @linuxgurugamer (this last one should not represent a lot of work if any) @linuxgurugamer I know you already have a lot on your modding plate but still tagging you in case you're interested. Thanks again Squad and KSP community
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