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  1. I found the backups folder, trying it now. I actually would only lose like 10 minutes of work this way. Thanks. Life saver
  2. I accidentally loaded my quicksave from 30 hrs of gameplay ago. I haven't made a quicksave since then or any other save, is there anyway I can revert. I lost all my work....
  3. That's exactly the problem I'm having. After the initial supply is gone, they flame out. Adding more intakes extends time before flameout because "stored" air.
  4. Well like I said I built a new plane AFTER I installed KSPIE and I have the same issue of engine flameout.
  5. I have a couple of jets I made before I installed KSPI and one I just made. They use Juno engines and they no longer work. A few seconds after starting the engines they have an intake air flameout and it's definitely not a lack of intake air problem. Don't know why they are doing this.
  6. OH NO. ITS 2018! ITS THE CURRENT YEAR! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING. Please. Stop. Cease. I can't take this nonsense. At my school, we have a robotics team. Some teams are 50% female and always make that a major proponent. We are effectively 100% male and we do have 1 but her car had been broken down the majority of the season so she wasn't able to come. Females are welcome, just no female in our school is interested in joining.... Its the way it is.
  7. This is who I'm talking about, surprised you never heard of him since you are a moderator https://www.youtube.com/user/Nassault630/videos?disable_polymer=1
  8. All his videos post "On a train" are gone. Including Voyager. All of his DCS world cinematics are gone, everything. Anyone know what happened? I can't find any info.
  9. Wow. Its been up for that long. I pretty much quit back in September after stuff wasn't working properly, and saves weren't being passed around right. And then school started and wellllll.... I might come back. But I feel like I want a fresh station/new save. Maybe I'll start my own modded station?
  10. KSP was cheap like that for the longest time, then it "released" and they upped the price. With the hours of enjoyment and ability to be modded until broken, I've well made my monies worth from the 13 bucks I paid long ago.
  11. Would it be possible for you guys to add a RADAR Guidance mode that has a cruise altitude for a surface to surface ship battles?
  12. The radial engine's animation is broken, doesn't play, displays a static model of the prop being still as well as of a static spinning animation at the same time.
  13. Ah, i thought you meant flying the rocket with the hand controllers. and not using the mouse and keyboard
  14. I'm all for a VR Designer and interiors, I think launching would have to be left to 2d though. Unless you use something like mechjeb to automate your launches
  15. What happened to the BD armory catagory? What broke when going from 1.3 to 1.3.1 that caused that to happen?
  16. small short-range radars would be nice. like 15-20km RADAR for small ocean vessels and drones. Although you can already get some in mods
  17. @V8jester @SpannerMonkey(smce) I would still love to have this mod because then I could add so much to my videos, like a ship sending a VBSS team to land on an enemy island and blowing up vehicles and stuff with rocket launchers.
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