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  1. As per title, is there a mod to rename any of the 4 original Kerbonauts?
  2. A few questions I didn't find a complete answer looking through the topic: What "Process manipulable-only parts" does exactly? What "Allow stackable parts" does? What is a stackable part in the first place? Does "Include stock parts" re-calculate the volume of stock parts, or only calculates the volume for stock parts with missing ModuleCargoPart?
  3. Ok, now I am experiencing a more serious bug: Recovered vehicles are not reset. I've tried with a small rocket: I recovered it, and even edited in the editor to add some fuel, it looked fine. But when launching, the SRB are immediately staged, and the parachute is in red "removed" state. here is the log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sueicptwebt00h2/KSP.log?dl=0
  4. Bug report: There's a misbehavior of the Build plan feature, when used in conjunction with ScrapYard. Using KCT and ScrapYard 1.1.1 on 1.61 How to reproduce: 1. Build a small craft, then scrap it. 2. Enter the VAB and build/load the same craft 3. Take note of the build time. Should be short because we have already all the parts in the inventory. 4a. First add the craft to the building plans, and then add it to the build list. The build time in the VAB list is now much longer, as if we didn't have the inventory parts. 4b. If instead you first add the craft to the build list, and then add it to the building plans, the build time is correct. Something I noticed which might be related: when adding a craft to the building plans, it also displays "Added X to the build list", which is the same message when you actually add a craft to the build list. However, adding to the building plans ONLY adds the craft to the build list. Is it possible that ScrapYard detects the "add to build plans" as "add to build list", and so it "consumes" the inventory without any actual craft in construction? TL;DR: To avoid this bug, first add to the build list, only then add to the build plans I can post the log, if necessary
  5. Small window glitch (still on when left-clicking on the launchpad or the runway, the launch window opens of a fraction of second and immediately closes afterward. I guess it is KCT that forces it to close, otherwise would be possible to launch without building a craft. Maybe the window should not open at all?
  6. Because BLS would keep using the original models, while the stock parts (from which they are copied) get the new models from ReStock -- ta-dah, no more same looking parts Looks fine! I will download tonight and test ingame. Now the SNACK probe is in line with other probes - it was missing the internal antenna, the hibernation mode and the reverse control point thing.
  7. Actually, I prefer that it uses stock instead of ReStock, so it avoids duplicate, identical models. Btw, the SNACK retrieval probe needs an update. I made this patch for myself, but @linuxgurugamer might want to incorporate directly. @PART[BSLsnackprobe]:NEEDS[BetterScienceLabsContinued]:FINAL { %MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] { %antennaType = INTERNAL %packetInterval = 1.0 %packetSize = 2 %packetResourceCost = 12.0 %requiredResource = ElectricCharge %antennaPower = 5000 %optimumRange = 2500 %packetFloor = .1 %packetCeiling = 5 } @MODULE[ModuleCommand] { %hasHibernation = True %hibernationMultiplier = 0.001 %defaultControlPointDisplayName = #autoLOC_6011003 //#autoLOC_6011003 = Default %CONTROLPOINT[reverse] { %displayName = #autoLOC_6011004 //#autoLOC_6011004 = Reversed %orientation = 0,0,180 } } }
  8. when loading, Airplane plus give a lot of texture loading errors like this: [ERR 23:34:09.196] Texture 'AirplanePlus/Parts/Payload/Mk1Door/AerojetKerbodyne' not found! are those false positives? I can post the full log in case
  9. OK, here is a MM patch to realign USII to stock behaviour: I basically remove oxygen, water and hydrogen, and bring the PEM and Alkaline cell close to the stock Fuel cell and Fuel cell array, respectively. Using input LFO, as stock. // Remove non-stockalike Universal Storage II modules !PART[USWaterWedge]:FINAL { } !PART[USOxygenWedge]:FINAL { } !PART[USHydrogenWedge]:FINAL { } !PART[USElektron]:FINAL { } // Edit radial tank to remove unused resources @PART[USRadialTanks]:FINAL { @MODULE[USFuelSwitch] { @resourceNames = MonoPropellant;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer @resourceAmounts = 3.75;1.215,1.485 @initialResourceAmounts = 3.75;1.215,1.485 @tankCost = -20;-32.5 @tankMass = -.01;-0.01481 } @MODULE[USSwitchControl] { @ObjectNames = Monoprop;Liquid Fuel @VariantColors = #eb7c10,#999999;#eb7c10,#999999 //#2ed518,#999999;#2ed518,#999999;#eb7c10,#999999;#eb7c10,#999999 } @MODULE[USMeshSwitch] { @MeshTransforms = RadialSmallMonoprop;RadialSmallLiquidFuel } } // Edit PEM cell to match stock Fuel Cell @PART[USFuelCellSmal]:FINAL { @fuelCrossFeed = true @cost = 1500 @mass = 0.075 @TechRequired = largeElectrics @MODULE[ModuleResourceConverter] { %FillAmount = 0.95 @INPUT_RESOURCE,0 { @ResourceName = LiquidFuel @Ratio = 0.003375 @FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } @INPUT_RESOURCE,1 { @ResourceName = Oxidizer @Ratio = 0.004125 @FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } @OUTPUT_RESOURCE,0 { @ResourceName = ElectricCharge @Ratio = 3.0 @DumpExcess = false } !OUTPUT_RESOURCE,1 { } } RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 125 maxAmount = 125 } } // Edit Alkaline cell to match stock Fuel Cell Array @PART[USFuelCellMedium]:FINAL { @fuelCrossFeed = true @cost = 3000 @mass = 0.12 @TechRequired = specializedElectrics @AutoShutdown = false @MODULE[ModuleResourceConverter] { %FillAmount = 0.95 @INPUT_RESOURCE,0 { @ResourceName = LiquidFuel @Ratio = 0.0135 @FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } @INPUT_RESOURCE,1 { @ResourceName = Oxidizer @Ratio = 0.0165 @FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } @OUTPUT_RESOURCE,0 { @ResourceName = ElectricCharge @Ratio = 12.0 @DumpExcess = false } !OUTPUT_RESOURCE,1 { } } RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 250 maxAmount = 250 } }
  10. Have you been able to isolate the setting that induces the stuttering? Since I also experience the stutter, I can test on my machine tonight.
  11. Cool!! Thanks!! Other quality of life improvements that the mod can benefit: - Main KCT panel staying active after scene change (as of now, it disappears when returning to the KSC view, so each time we need to click on the icon again) - Launch site chooser in KCT panel, or just before rolling out, or when commissioning a plan (as of now, we need to go inside the editor to change the launch site, and we can't change it afterwards)
  12. Thanks! Well, with this I will remove one entry (the ScrapYard information) but add one as well (the PAWS customization button)
  13. Uhm I see. Well, this is a bit disappointing for people like me who want to keep a clean stock-alike game. Also, modifying the files is fine for me, but since the mod is still in dev this would mean redoing the changes each time. Unless there's a git repository to fork and sync, which I don't seem to find (is there?).
  14. Ok, I see. Well, now the stock fuel cell exists and runs with liquid fuel and oxydizer (https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Fuel_Cell) Is a bit strange to have the stock one working with LF and the USII one using a different set of resources? Any chance of removing the duplicate?
  15. Is there away to disable displaying useless resources when not having installed any life support mod? For example, the radial tank part for example displays two resources, oxygen or hydrogen, which are just clutter if I don't have any mod that uses them
  16. Well ok, I have to live with it. I'm not using ohscrap, so for me it's just some unnecessary information that clutters each and every part. Maybe consider adding an option to disable it in the future?
  17. Yes i confirm that I somehow switched to the Blizzy toolbar without noticing, or that somehow got enabled only after a few screen changes. Also the autoasparagus thing seems a bug of that mod itself Sorry for the previous report I confirm this in my install, since now I'm using Blizzy but the lag is still present
  18. Is it possible to disable "ScrapYard: is new" etc in the part display window?
  19. There's bug in 1.6.1: The icon stays on in all scenes, including the main screen, even when using blizzy toolbar: https://imgur.com/knbZSHy Here's the log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sueicptwebt00h2/KSP.log?dl=0
  20. Hello, I'm testing a KSP 1.6.1 install with mods, including the latest version of KCT ( ) I was just setting some options and testing the install, when suddenly I realized that the KCT button and main panel had disappeared. This happened sometime after I recovered the first and only vessel I launched. Don't know if it could be related: after exiting to the main screen, the bar icon of the AutoAsparagus mod appeared on the top right (of course the main screen should have no icons) In addition, I'm experiencing the same lag in the VAB reported by @SpaceInvader Here is the log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sueicptwebt00h2/KSP.log?dl=0
  21. There's a small bug in Agent.cfg that causes an error in the log: misses the "title" field name it should be:
  22. launching kerbal from command seats will become a stock feature in 1.5!! https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/177958-ksp-weekly-closer-to-bennu/ +1 to see this mod updated since you are adding mission for dlc only, will it be compatible also with the base game without DLC?
  23. you mean that launching kerbals in external command seats will be a feature of 1.5? any source/link to confirm this? can't find anywhere
  24. well, maybe the best solution would be to have the code fixed would you like to open an issue on github about it? maybe some kind modder will listen to our prayers
  25. I'm afraid this mod needs *another* take over from *another* modder.. the OP couldn't fix the lag issue nor update to 1.4.1. On GitHub someone already found and fixed the lag issue and submitted a pull request, but the OP is not replying
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