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  1. The old general bases are still in v2.6, just hidden, so existing craft files will still load; they still have the same internal part names.
  2. Yep, just don't use the craft files that are broken. I think I'm going to remove all the mod parts from the MLP craft files, and just leave the launch base and towers in a bare version, ready to attach the rocket it is named for. I have no desire to go through all those craft files to see what mods have breaking changes. Probably will leave the Cormorant and SOCK (reDIRECT) files as is though, and maybe add a SOCK one with ORANGES-Photon-RMM.
  3. Those craft files are old now, and changes in the mods they use may break them, which I am guessing happened with Tundra.
  4. Just google KSP and the mod name and it will give you the link to the forum thread. Or look on Spacedock
  5. If you mean the craft files included with MLP, most use BDB. Tantares and TantaresLV for the Soviet craft files. Tundra Exploration for the SpaceX ones. KNES, Dodo Labs, Cormorant, Chrayol, Taerobee, SOCK for all the rest. There are also some examples using stock parts. The mod names are in the craft file titles.
  6. Make sure the root part is not the launch base. Other than that, leave it off to see the delta-V figures, or use Kerbal Engineer Redux or Mechjeb instead.
  7. The old thread that Kerbalsaurus posted is dead. Use the links in this thread to find the old free versions of KSP:
  8. It's the split rudder (like the IRL one) in SOCK that FAR hates. Most RO users of SOCK replace the SOCK vertical stabilizer with two of the ones from Space Shuttle System (the old DECQ shuttle), placed in mirror symmetry side-to-side, or something like that. There might be some clipping involved. There may be other issues for FAR as well, but the rudder is the main problem.
  9. Yes, BDB will not work with RO. The important parts of it, namely the crewed spacecraft and engines, are already included in the mods ROCapsules and ROEngines. Some people have made RO .cfgs for some of the other parts, they're floating around on GitHub, but not part of RO. Also, those craft files from Modular Launch Pads will not work in RO either. Heck, that Saturn V file is from v2.2 of MLP, and it won't work with the newer post-Saturn update of BDB. You simply can't use stuff designed for stock KSP in RO.
  10. Yes. Notice how you can do a Mun landing and return with just the 1,.25m parts, as that's what KSP started with. The 2.5m parts were actually a little overpowered when they first arrived, but people just made way bigger payloads to compensate. Then came the 3.75m parts, and they were completely overpowered, wasn't any real use for them except for wackly lolskerbal creations. As mentioned, BDB, Tantares and similar kerbalized real parts are balanced against the stock parts. They, like the stock parts, just happen to work best, i.e. roughly corresponding to their IRL counterparts or equivalents, at a 2.5x scaled Kerbin/Earth. E.g. a Mk1 pod on a 1.25m tank stack (think Mercury-Redstone) should be suborbital only and not capable of reaching orbit.
  11. Yes, a patch was added to MLP that removes the MAS Flight Computer module from the MLP crew arms and elevators. I think Jonnyothan made a change to Raster Prop Monitor to remove it from MLP parts as well. The trouble came from using MAS with Reviva; the MLP crew arms and elevators have the stock Generic 3 IVA to support the hatches, but they are not set up for any kind of IVA functions.
  12. If you're using the retraction deploy limit slider, only adjust it with the arm in the retracted position, or else the animation gets screwed up.
  13. Ok, posted v2.6.1 on Spacedock and GitHub. I removed a lot of colliders from the hold-downs, leaving just a reduced-size one on the base/mount of the smaller ones. Anything that had an arm in it had the arm collider removed or shrunk in size.
  14. Yeah, that engine may have a simple cylinder mesh collider the same width as its size. A great tool to use is Collide-O-Scope, which lets you see the actual colliders of a part in the Unity colors: Blue for mesh colliders, yellow for box, green for cylinder and red for sphere. https://github.com/DefiantZombie/Collide-o-Scope/releases/tag/v1.3.1 This is what it looks like in action: I also should remove most of the colliders from the hold-downs, leaving just the one on the base pad. I had already reduced the size on the bolt types, but didn't go far enough.
  15. They're best used with smaller engines that leave plenty of room under the first stage tank. Keep the bolt very near the outer edge of the tank or tank butt of the engine (if it has one). Like this: Some engines, like the stock Reliant, have a simple cylinder collider the same width as a 1.25m tank, so it can be a problem if the bolt is too close. The end of the bolt hold-down with the bolt itself and any kind of mount doesn't have a collider to help out.
  16. Way back in the early days of KSP (like the first public release, v0.7.3) in 2011, there were few parts. You had things like a single fuel tank and a single engine...and the tri-coupler. The only way to build a rocket to reach orbit was to make a tri-coupler monstrosity, which would often literally fall apart when you hit the space bar, or shortly afterwards. The game was still very primitive, and this kind of thing was seen as part of its charm...and what Nate seems to be eternally in love with, RO has apparently never happened in his KSP universe.
  17. VERSION 2.6.0! Now on Spacedock and GitHub Changelog: New General Launch Bases in six sizes--Micro, Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large--with different styling and fewer exhaust hole options per base. New Ariane V Flat Mast and Scissor Umbilical. New General SRB Hold-Down part with adjustable bolts. New N1 basic modular stackable tower part and separate platform part. New Aerobee Launch Stand-Tower with optional integrated cover New Modular Multi Tower part in three different sizes, each main size has multiple sub-sizes. New separate Multi Top part for all the sizes. New Micro General Strongback Tower featuring partial Electron styling, fits on the mew Micro Launch Base. Minimized the size of the launch clamp meshes in the launch bases, stands and plates that don't rely on them for the visual structure; added switch to turn them off, which does not affect the actual clamp function. Retitled a number of the General Parts to follow a more coherent and consistent naming scheme. Added craft files for the KNES Ariane V, TantaresLV N1, Chrayol PSLV, DodoLabs Electron and Taerobee Aerobee rockets. The three old General Launch Bases have been deprecated in preparation for version 3, they will not make the move to v3.0.
  18. My main reference image was this one from nixonshead's A Sound of Thunder alt history: Based on that, most of the walkways are the same size, so I for simplicity's sake I kept mine the same too.
  19. Edited the .cfgs of the old general launch bases to indicate "DEPRECATED, will not be in version 3", and removed the tech tree node, CCK tag and custom category listing, so they are now hidden, but will load.
  20. Ok, I'm doing the final phase of v2.6 development (at last! ), which is going through all the launch stands, plates and bases that don't rely on the launch clamp meshes for their visual look and reducing those to micro size like this: I'm adding a B9PS switch option to those parts (that didn't already have one) to turn those meshes (called Clamp Parts) off. The meshes for the launch clamp module have to be present when KSP loads, but once the launch stand or base is placed, the meshes can be turned off with no affect. This will reinforce that those meshes are just there for the launch clamp module to initialize properly and are not part of the visual structure. I also reduced the number from the usual 4 to just 2, and didn't always line them up with the actual support columns. Once this is done, I'll ready v2.6 for offical release. Then I'll start the preliminary work for v3.0 of MLP, starting with the long-overdue Saturn revamp. I can say right now that the 3 old General Launch Bases won't be making the transition to v3. I also can't guarantee that I'll keep all the same part names, as some of them are a mess or a holdover from the original v2.0. v3.0 dev work will take a long time, so the AlphaDev branch of the GitHub will be reactivated and the new stuff will be put in there as they are finished, mixing in with the old stuff.
  21. Energia just reused the N1 towers (or maybe they were new build ones in the same style), much like how the US shuttle reused parts of two of the Saturn V towers. That's why my N1 tower part is a multi-height stackable section, so it can be used for Energia and other things.
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