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  1. @Nhawks17 Could it be done to simulate wing contrails from high AoA and/or G-forces? I imagine a tiny placeable object that could be clipped into wings and is triggered when certain values are reached. This would make for an excellent immersion factor for us fighter jockeys.
  2. From what mod does this come from? I have RealChutes installed and it is not from there I am pretty certain.
  3. You might wanna check out the Mark IV from the same author as this mod
  4. Update des 19th. Under developement Having tried over and over to recreate a nice F16 cockpit from available parts, stock and mods, I have never successfully managed to get it just right. So I was hoping someone with modelling skills was up to the task for a little fee. Note: A completely accurate IVA is not necessary, a standard mk1/mk2 will do just fine. I have included some pictures for inspiration. Please notice the elliptical nose that has a small droop, and also the chines below the cockpit. I think a mk2 variant will be best suited to fit the rest of the hull.
  5. This jumping was previously an effect of the Smokescreen mod before it was updated. Suggest you start there.
  6. False alarm. I had just some brainfart issues with copy/paste from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 All is good with contracts triggering. On my way to Ceti
  7. I cannot quite trigger contract progression beyond Iota. I have fulfilled Iota landing, Iota rendezvous, Iota docking, Iota flag planting, Iota science reports and Iota rescue. Several of these were 3 star missions. My rep is now 54ish. Am I missing something? (worth mentioning that I have contract configurator with tourism plus installed)
  8. Yup, the same here. Drove me nuts while trying to dock. KER HUD with rendezvous read-outs was the workaround.
  9. I get this too. Did you isolate it to BetterBurnTime? I had no clue where to begin from all my other mods. Running 1.2.2 with GPP (Galileo)
  10. Heading out to conquer Iota under two banners in semi-fresh career.
  11. Brilliant mod Somehow I did not know about this mod until now. I am usually trawling the forums for snacks. (posting this as a bump to the top of thread list as a small thx)
  12. Thing is, major tweaks in 1.2.2 beyond recall. Source from an old 1.1.3 install made by a friend. Sorry I cannot help.
  13. @blackheart612 I edited the part.cfg and all issues went away: mass = 0.01 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0 minimum_drag = 0 angularDrag = 0 crashTolerance = 12 maxTemp = 2000 heatConductivity = 20 skinMassPerArea = 20 explosionPotential = 0 PhysicsSignificance = 0 bulkheadProfiles = srf tags = sticker decal
  14. @blackheart612 My planes loose their stability when applying flags. Suspecting the drag-configs are culprit. Steps to reproduce: Start off with a rock stable plane Apply flag. I used symmetri mode Plane slides sideways on runway. After some speed is gained the control surfaces go wild, and control is lost. Removed decals. Plane is rock stable again
  15. Awesome. Just got my mods up to date with 1.2.1 Here we go again.
  16. According to the Asteroids.cfg in GPP folder, there is a limit of 80
  17. @nightingale Can this pack be used with the glorious Galileo's Planet Pack? In other words, are the contracts using KSP's generic algorithm or are they hand tailored for Kerbol only? I do not dare to load contract packs on already existing careers when uncertain just to check.
  18. Gravity Turn uses just your desired "hold x seconds to apoapsis" and "final altitude". Works just fine. There is however some aggressive overcompensation from inclination correction.
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