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  1. So, I want to play 'The Walker' by Fitz and the Tantrums when I lift off. How would I config the playlist to play? alternatively can I manually activate my launch playlist?
  2. when will this happen and how broken will it make crafts and saves?
  3. Is there any reason why all my ground stations aren't showing up? As in they do not broadcast
  4. So I'd have local range networks like a global comms for Kerbin, Frequency 1; then have mid range network for Kerbin SOI comms high altitude sats for Frequency 2, then extremely high altitude sats with long range on frequency three for deep space?
  5. The guys over on Github fixed it. I am using the new version of the DMG
  6. So @Shadowmage I have some questions. Back in 1.0.5 Adjustable landing gear could switch from a white texture to a black texture. AFAIK this option no longer exists. Do you know if it’s possible to restore it?
  7. So I have a question. Are there any plans for an HL crew tank? There isn’t one except for the mk3 stock one which doesn’t fit in with the styling.
  8. So I looked through the configs of K+ and I don't see any special code that would allow the engines to fire at full timewarp (which is what I think you're saying here)
  9. So question. I still haven't been able to get an SSL from github. I am on OSX High Seirra and want to use ckan to download from github again. I have reinstalled mono but it still doesn't work
  10. So I have another mod that has similar engines Could you perhaps help him integrate that in his mod?
  11. I’m assuming that’s just physics warp, not on rails warp? Also do you have an autopilot that can fly brachistochrone trajectories?
  12. So is there any way that an engine could be run at say exactly 1 G at time warp?
  13. Ven stock revamp is the model i am using. Ven's Stock Revamp And this patch, when in the data directory will move the parts to more advanced nodes when Community Tech Tree mod is installed. (Fusion Power, Fusion Rockets, Advanced Off World Mining) @PART[fusionfuel0]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = exoticFuelStorage } @PART[fusionfuel1]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = exoticFuelStorage } @PART[fusionfuel2]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = exoticFuelStorage } @PART[fusionfuel3]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = exoticFuelStorage } @PART[reactor0]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionPower } @PART[reactor1]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionPower } @PART[reactor2]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionPower } @PART[reactor3]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionPower } @PART[kermanDrive0]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionRockets } @PART[kermanDrive1]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionRockets } @PART[kermanDrive2]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionRockets } @PART[kermanDrive3]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionRockets } @PART[hyperRCS]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = fusionRockets } @PART[FusionMaker0]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = advOffworldMining } @PART[FusionMaker1]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = advOffworldMining } @PART[FusionMaker2]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = advOffworldMining } @PART[FusionMaker3]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = advOffworldMining }
  14. Well thats the funny thing, mechjeb works. Also do you have a brachistochrone trajectory autopilot? I've also customized my copy to work with CTT and use the VSR tank model instead of the (somewhat garbage) stock model
  15. Hey, FYI I noticed that Kerbal engineer fails to calculate the DV of a Kerman drive engine
  16. Hey, @RoverDude is there any Karbonite release thread? Also is there a patch that would change Karborundum to be slightly more available?

  17. I know, I should have probably added a sarcasm tag
  18. So get on it @HaullyGames (/s) All jokes aside it will take a while before I have the wheels unlocked...
  19. @HaullyGames the git does not seem to have the SSPX Redux config... EDIT: I am blind and did not look up... however the wheels still aren't in this config
  20. Okay, that booster is bigger than it looks on the live streams...
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