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  1. Okay, so today I decided to do some testing in 1.2.2. My operating system is windows 10 and I was using the KCT_base with the latest dll. I was using the default KCT settings and decided to take the Aeris 3A out for a spin. I added some airbrakes and pressed the KCT build button. I warped through the 110 day build time (is that a lot?) and then pressed the launch button. I flew around a bit and all had gone well. I landed back on the runway and opened the KCT menu after almost pressing the stock recovery button. Unfortunately though, as soon as I pressed the recover button (no pause, no lag) the game crashed. And I mean immediately. Here is the folder that KSP gave me after the crash. Here is my KSP.log and here is my output_log.txt. I hope that helps. I also have a suggestion. When you first open the VAB in a new save the KCT window is on top of the 'Wherner Von Kerman' window and it would be good if it was moved. It's nothing major, just a small inconvenience. I will do some more testing later if you want.
  2. I'm going to say that, yes, the info should be available from the start. There is already a good mod that incorporates this and we need to keep in mind that KSP is a game, not a sim. It's like the good old 'should life support be stock' argument. Ksp is great for flexibility and, well, modability, This means that the game is more enjoyable for more people. If you like realism, get realism mods. If you just like messing around with crazily designed rockets, then keep it stock. Rant over , Benji13.
  3. What should I set atmoTopLayer to if I want the atmosphere to end at 80,000m? I know what to set it to if I was scaling the entire atmosphere (1.066666666666667 if your interested) but I only want top (thin) part of the atmo to get bigger/longer. Thanks, Benji13.
  4. How exactly would you get free stuff from watching a stream?
  5. Could you please upload those configs somewhere?
  6. MRS also has a 'slim' decoupled in 2.5m along with many other parts that should be stock like a 3.75m SAS, 3.75m separator ect.
  7. There is a cfg (part) file for female and male Kerbals somewhere inside the squad folder. From memory there is a line in that cfg that states to location and/or name of the model. Find the config and you've found the model. That might be able to be messed around with.
  8. What configuration files would that be? I'd love to get more trees. Is there a way to decrease the load distance too? I want to be able to see trees from the KSC.
  9. @Sigma88 really? Because I just ran 1.2.2 with SVT which requires kipernicus and I was told that it looked like it was working by its creator. Does version locked mean that it can't work in a new version or that it probably won't work in a new version?
  10. You'd be better off asking in the SCE thread. Anyway, is that mod list a list of the folders in GameData or an actual list of your mods?
  11. @The Raging Sandwich can you please post a picture/craft file of your STS craft? I would love to see it.
  12. Awesome. You wouldn't know of a way of getting SVT and SVE working with Galactic Neighbourhood would you?
  13. Okay, I managed to get KSP to load. Does this look like SVT low res? I have a feeling it doesn't... So thats why my game was so weird. It would be gret if someone who understands MM and kopernicus could make something that would work. This isn't related to my issue above however. That is with a stock install.
  14. Cool. This was really annoying.
  15. @Not Sure No. when you unzip the SVE download there is that folder. You have to go into that folder, the into whatever resolution folder you want (high res, low res ect.) and use the folders in there. As I said, have a look at my gamedata (which I only just realised is not in this thread, pic at bottom of post). You need your gamedata to have: -EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements -StockVisualEnhancements -scatterer Many mods use a file structure like this: Zip file->Modname_version->GameData->Actual mod folder. This means that you have the zip file for uploading, the initial folder that is zipped, a folder with two things: a gamedata folder and install instructions. What you have to do (and what the instructions normally say) is to copy everything that is inside the gamedata folder to your gamedata folder. This rule goes for most mods. Here is a pic of what my GameData looks like: The jool_rings, Kopernicus and SVEKopernicus folders are for SVT, another one of Galileo's mods. You will have to delete your existing Eve folders, hell, just delete all your mods and start again following these steps. Most of them are not installed correctly. You must also remember to not rename any mod folders as many mods depend on proper/specific naming. I hope this has helped, Benji13.
  16. Building on what Galileo said, have a look at the pic of my ganedata folder a couple posts up. Yours should look like that, minus the SVEkopernicus, kopernicus and modularflightintegrator. Plus your mods.
  17. Okay now it just won't load. First run with ModularFlightIntegrator (I just re-downloaded Kopernicus) and the game just stops at the end of the loading bar. Log says that the game manages to reach the main menu though. KSP.log:
  18. Oh ok. Thanks. I knew it was probably something simple.
  19. Okay, heres my GameData folder: I hope that helps.
  20. Sure. It'll have to wait until a bit later though. Is that ok?
  21. As partially discussed in the SVE thread, I'm having troubles with SVT. Does this look like SVT low res? That's with no other mods apart from SVE, scatterer and Kopernicus.
  22. Really? Because I installed it and got a performance hit and solid scatter so I just assumed it was working. *sigh* time to go conflict hunting. As I said in my other post, I will probably be taking more pics later this week, this time without hyperedit windows and with SVT high res (with it working).
  23. Okay, here's the link to the imgur album. There's pics of every body from orbit and most bodies from the surface. Planets/moons with atmospheres also have nighttime pics from orbit (all in 1080p of course). I have SVE high res, SVT low res and Gallileo's sun flares. Click here for pics!!! Unfortunately there's no surface pics for Bop, Pol or Dres (what's Dres?). There are also no pic's at all of Eeloo because it's been retextured by OPM. There are also hyperedit windows in almost every picture. Apparently they don't hide when you press F2. I will probably update the album sometime with better (and more) pics but there's plenty in there for now. - Benji13.
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