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  1. Thanks. Website is working and my quote has been updated. I changed the URL so it ended in dl=1 instead of dl=0. This makes the download start right away instead of having to click through all the Dropbox stuff.
  2. Granted but they all run away. I wish that Kerbal Krash system actually did use soft-body physics.
  3. Granted! You recieve a peice of toast that has the ability to change wishes. It kills you. I wish KSP collisions were like this:
  4. Receives a Phone Box Inserts Australia
  5. A space plane can land in one piece. This is good for when you are playing a career game as it means that you can recover (almost) all of your funds or if you have KCT you can put it into storage so you don't have to build it again. They're also cool. If your having troubles building space planes I suggest looking at the stock ones first and copying them. Then slowly change it a little bit each time you fly to suit your needs. Edit: And don't use ions! They may look tempting with their high DV but the low TWR makes it almost impossible to circularize before you re-enter.
  6. Downloaded and finished it on normal difficulty. Strange, interesting and fun. If I had any money (just spent it all on a second hdd) I would have given you some. It would be good if there were small towers that you could (rarely) come across that would give you a slightly better view. Maybe the height of 3 jumps?
  7. It's from the M.O.L.E mod. I highly suggest getting it.
  8. Cool. Is this kind of like the Stanley parable, which has multiple endings depending what path you choose? Or does it have one ending and you have to complete puzzles to get there? I will probably download it later this afternoon. Edit: Also, why did you choose that name?
  9. Unfortunately KSP's water is very thick. Getting a high speed in it is very difficult and not breaking anything at those high speeds is even more so. Before trying to get faster in the water to takeoff, I suggest writing down you takeoff speed in land, then landing as gently as you can in the water, while staying at that speed. This will determine whether or not you would be able to takeoff from the water without things breaking. If you can do that, then maybe try SRB's for water takeoffs? The mk2 expansion pack has radially attachable SRBs intended for speed bursts on takeoff, which then detach. You could either keep them in all the time or attach them with KIS when it's time to go. TL;DR version is a) Test to see if you can takeoff in water with breaking b) Try SRBs. c) Moving the fulcrum towards the centre of mass is also good. I normally try to get the centre of life just behind the centre of mass. I hope I have helped, Benji13.
  10. I feel sorry for all the people that were cold and/or wet on Christmas. Christmas Day here (Australia) was a nice 40 degrees Celsius .
  11. Theoretically it would be possible. Some plugins (like life support) can switch themselves off on certain saves. I'm surprised that CKAN hasn't implemented something like that yet (not that I use it).
  12. Is there an official (or unofficial) record for the longest post that didn't consist of error logs?
  13. Your from Australia? So am I! Wait, no. Austria. Oh. Anyway, exactly how many mods do you have? The normal way of finding a byg is to remove half your mods and test. Still happens? Split in half again. If it doesn't happen, swap over to the other half of your mods. Keep doing this until you've found the culprit. Once you know what mod it is, start the game, launch a command pod, and go EVA. Then close the game. Then go to where KSP is installed, and find KSP.log. Then upload it to a place like dropbox.com and share a link to it in the culprit mod's thread with a detailed explanation of what is happening. If the mod maker wishes, you may also need to upload your 'output_log.txt' as well. This is found in C:Users/[yourname]/AppData/Squad. This is only for windows though. I don't know where the output_log is on other operating systems. AppData is often a hidden folder so you will need to enable 'view hidden files' in Windows explorer (once again, I only know stuff about windows). All of this will help the mod maker fix the problem and will allow you to get rid of the problem without getting rid of all your mods. I hope this has helped. Now I need to go cool my fingers as it is midnight here but is still 30 degrees Celsius. I hope I have helped, Benji13. P.S - Don't worry about your English. It's a lot better than many native English speakers.
  14. Even better, a super tour. Galactic Neighbourhood with every compatible planet pack. You'll need drills for this one...
  15. 4/10 I've seen your posts a couple times.
  16. Sounds good. I will give this a try later.
  17. What currently still needs to be fixed/done before there is an official release for 1.2?
  18. Kind of looks like a golden orb but this has a longer, skinnier abdomen. Golden orbs also use webs (can't remember if they make the webs though).
  19. Sorry I am too lazy to check right now but does anyone know the maximum distance between any of these stars? E.g what's the biggest point A to point B distance? I want to know how powerful an antenna would have to be to be guaranteed strong enough to reach anywhere. And while I'm at it, the stock (and modded) antennas' power is measured in G. Is this Gigameters? Or something else? If it is something else, what is the conversion rate? Thanks, Benji13.
  20. The ram usage is about the same as how big the SVE folder is when you put it in your gamedata. Also, the photos that I took a couple posts (maybe pages now?) up is high res SVE and low res SVT.
  21. Stock: no. Modded: let's just say that I've made a VSSTO with only nukes before...
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