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  1. Hello, Felsmak! It's been a shame seeing no new videos on your YouTube channel for so long. Are you out of the animation game for good?

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    2. b0ss


      That's so wonderful to hear, I can't wait until then. If I may ask, what program do you use for modeling and animation? You're a real expert at re-creating the "not-so-fresh indie Unity videogame" aesthetic style, haw haw.

    3. Felsmak


      Haha, thanks! I use 3ds Max. If you're curious, by the way, the next video will (probably) be about Pete travelling back in time.

    4. b0ss


      very exciting. you're pretty creative.

  2. Good idea! And really the point of not using TAC-SD was because the explosives don't actually work on, you know, exploding, and just have a snippet or two of code that tells the attached part/craft to blow up
  3. Whoops! I never got notifications for this thread. Dangit! Remote detonation would be pretty important in the event of a failure during early launch in order to protect the civilians around the area Maybe there's a way to mess with the configs to make it replace TAC-SD's explosives? I'm not very smart with files so I wouldn't know ;A; It's a cool feature for sure but it is way too expensive and impractical for standard GPS satellite launches, haha
  4. So there's nothing at all that I can do to get them to work together in my own save?
  5. I considered such a technicality, however the Kerbol system was designed using RGB monitors so it is impossible that there are colors outside the visible spectrum in KSP
  6. It already has a xenon engine and tanks, and the stock mini science hard drives should do the trick i think. heatshield would be really nice, although i'm not sure how useful it'd be since crafts this tiny are usually just mini communication relays, likewise with the parachute. Since our pal Linux is only maintaining this however, it's never gonna get any new parts unless someone decides to make an expansion for it
  7. Kerbals seem to have more or less the same color receptors that we do, judging by the ingame flag designs. Purple is the combination of red and blue light, so it'd cause some problems if you could see into the ultraviolet spectrum but only perceive it as a combination of two shorter wavelengths. It'd be like seeing all blue things as somewhere between red and green (yellowish). We don't even know if Kerbals process color the same way humans do, for all we know they could see everything in monochrome and "feel" color in the image they perceive, just like looking at something we can tell if it's rough or soft. Or something like that... I should probably stop talking before I say something very stupid! Or maybe the whole idea is irrelevant since we never actually see first-person in stock KSP anyway
  8. Ah heavens no, that was not my intent at all, was just looking for how to do it myself, like you so cleanly put it. Nertea's mod suite is way too dignified to be made into "extras" for KSPIE.
  9. Hi, I've been wanting to make a big modded Realism Overhaul save including a ton of parts packs (SpaceY, OPT, SSR Airlaunch, Near Future, you name it) but since I'm not a very technical person when it comes to videogames, I have no idea how they'd fit into RO! Does RO manually edit everything in stock and included mods, or does it use an algorithm depending on resource that should theoretically work with any mod? Or is it something else? However it works, what kind of system should I utilize to modify parts so that they work with RO? I'm super dedicated to running a realistic as possible save but these mods are too juicy to resist
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting the radioactive stuff from Near Future Electrical to fit in with the reactor system of Interstellar Extended?
  11. Is the changes in color meant to simulate extreme blueshifting? If so, turning purple at the highest thrust would be incorrect, since purple isn't a single color on the visible spectrum
  12. You're such a good moderator that I'd think you're a computer program if I didn't know any better. Thanks for keeping the community fresh!!!!

    1. Vanamonde


      I am a computer program. And thanks. 

    2. b0ss


      I always wondered if you could engineer a banana AI

    3. Vanamonde


      No, you can't. 

  13. Neat-o! This will be fantastic for things like BDA, never could figure out why you'd need an AI flight computer when the Mk2 drone core is canonically run by artificial intelligence
  14. Airships are pretty cool but I doubt there is enough interest in the community to produce a RealFuels-level of depth for such behavior. It'd be mighty fantastic to see it happen though
  15. Oh gee didn't even realize that was a thing, how well can one hope to properly integrate it with BDA's damage system by playing with modules?
  16. If TweakScale was a perfect solution then this mod wouldn't exist
  17. Y'know, I always loved the ridiculously huge parts given to us by B9, SpaceY, OPT, etc. but tiny parts are so much fun as well. I am glad to see they are being given some love, hopefully one day we will get tiny rover parts too!
  18. I like for my missions to be as grounded in realism as possible and so an emergency self-destruct system is a definite must-have! Maybe something that just adds in a series of small to medium-ish explosive charges. TAC Self Destruct isn't really what I have in mind though, because they aren't really explosives more than just cheats that cause the parent part to explode. I'm looking for actual bomb-like systems that need careful calculation for how much force is needed to blow up the desired part. Do I need to stick with improvisation with BDA or is there something like this out there? Or have I completely misunderstood how TAC-SD works lol
  19. Thank you @FreeThinker I will never not be awe-inspired by how KSP amassed such a kindhearted, helpful, and intelligent following.
  20. Ah okay. Thanks Just asking since I haven't seen any info or pictures of the 0.625m nuclear rocket or the nuclear aerospikes anywhere except for in that album
  21. doesn't Interstellar use Community Resource Pack?
  22. They don't have conflicting mass/thrust/power consumption/etc. though, do they? i.e. Two very similar engines from either mod require very different amounts of fuel, or two tanks have very different capacity-weight ratios By the way, what happened to these engines???: https://imgur.com/a/HWZQy
  23. Is this compatible with Interstellar's nuclear engines and fuel system?
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