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  1. For some reason Taniwha's server tends to give out corrupted files. It's been an issue for a while. There are no mirrors that I can find on spacedock or otherwise. The only fix I found is redownloading it until it eventually works. CKAN also uses Taniwha's server so you are SOL
  2. Here are my edits I made, if you replace the corresponding files from the download it should work. Do note this reverts eeloo terrain to stock. You still keep the nice atmosphere though and in my VERY limited testing it looks fine. planet list: https://pastebin.com/6N4i6Cmx atmo: https://pastebin.com/7N7WWHrJ eeloo cfg: https://pastebin.com/izeEGVtK Navel cfg: https://pastebin.com/fX7m4EHh Netis cfg: https://pastebin.com/trqAsAVq What I did was remove all instances of the new terrain files being loaded, remove the neweeloo creation which leaves original eeloo (this also fixes the planet in tracking station expanded seemingly), move navel and netis to original eeloo and finally set the new atmosphere to load on original eeloo. I provide this as is and claim no credit whatsoever.
  3. I am trying this mod right now with the volumetrics cloud mod and eeloo is very blown out. The planet is blindingly white while near it. edit: anyone else facing the same issue, I eventually had to delete the new terrain for eeloo by surgically editing the kopernicus config. You get stock biomes and science back but keep the moons and atmosphere.
  4. If anyone else is trying to use this with the latest volumetrics and the latest fan-made volumetrics spectra you may find some effects missing. The only one I have noticed so far is the Laythe glowing clouds (which were not actually clouds but glowing dots that floated in the atmosphere). You can fix this yourself by installing this version of spectra (or in other words, the original spectra) then applying my patch on page 65. edit: anything past volumetrics release 2, which is not available anymore, will not work with 2d cloud layers which spectra uses. So if you use anything past release 2 it seems this mod does nothing.
  5. I went ahead and did a simple change from Alt+S to Alt+UpArrow for anyone who is as melodramatic as I am about the keybinding. Here is my repo release: https://github.com/StormCircuit/SingularityKeyEdits/releases/tag/Release Based on my understanding the MIT license does permit me to share this here. If this flies in the face of whatever rules, let me know and I can take it down. If/when I get around to making a config file I will certainly submit a PR with whatever additions I make
  6. May I make another request for the keybinding to be changed? I understand I can recompile but doing that every update is going to be a bit of a pain. This rose to my attention again when I realized your keybinding, Alt+S conflicts with the stock keybinding of trim pitch up. It's quite something to have the singularity UI flash over and over while tapping the keys for trim. Any way to change it would be enough, a cfg file even if that's the easiest way. I regret if getting this again is annoying, I will take your reply as the final word on the matter.
  7. Hi, I am looking to modify the alien jump gates such that I can access other gates before I have ever discovered them. I see you have a setting: "isKnown" which seems to do exactly that however I have set it to "true" and I seemingly cannot use other gates unless I have first rendezvoused with them. Could you let me know how I can edit a save to make a spawned gate usable without ever actually rendezvousing with it? Let me know if you know of some way to accomplish what I am trying to do or if I am being unclear. Thank you for the fun mod!
  8. Making it compatible with freeiva would mean using the science lab model for the thnkr or making an entirely new custom IVA. The former means throwing out the art made for the mod, which while I see the point is making the art someone did a waste (which just sucks). The latter means modeling entirely new IVAs which is very hard Unrelated to the reply, xScience appears to allow you to cheat, finalizing experiments instantly. Depending on the maintainer's perspective this may or may not be an issue.
  9. Why not just ask T2 directly? They won't just do it because a bunch of people signed a petition. Literally send an email to (publicly and legally available) anyone at T2 if you guys believe this is doable. All this talk about a turning point and doing the right thing seems rather pointless. This is a community of maybe 5000-10000 people spread across the globe. Maybe 50% of those people will actually get on board. It won't just explode and become a social movement so I imagine asking is really your only option. I think the real solution is not to bark up this tree and waste the energy because I agree with most: they just wont release the source code for a barely 10 year old game still making plenty of money. The best possible solution (IMO) is to start an OpenKSP project (like OpenTTD, google it, highly successful). I am not a lawyer but I believe if you recreate the game with your own code they would have to issue a cease and desist to stop you. They only typically do that if it eats into the bottom line (this is a corporation, lets not forget). This is also easily possible but I imagine in the time it takes to recreate KSP with original (not crappy) code, KSP1 would hopefully be at a point where OpenKSP isn't a bottom line issue. Also issuing C&D's is typically not good for publicity especially in the PC game sphere and would probably tarnish the game's reputation.
  10. Is there a way to disable the keybindings for the mod? alt+s is unfortunately getting registered at all the worst times for me.
  11. I disagree with wobbly rockets being in KSP dna. It always was and ways will be extremely annoying to deal with. I only really feel like wobbly is acceptable if I am doing something wrong entirely. If I am trying to just make an ascent stage, it sucks to just feel the need to strut everything. Especially because you need to revert the entire flight. It just sucks. Ontop of all this is still the problem of part count lag. Let's not forget that struts are two parts each which adds up quickly. Reduce the amount of nonsense parts I need so I can make cooler rockets is far more important to me than some spaghetti mechanic.
  12. Any chance this will make it to CKAN? Love the looks, I have been looking for planet packs with Parallax 2 support.
  13. To anyone who wants it, I am unsure if this is allowed (DM me if not), here is a config that works with the volumetric clouds. I make no claims about this other than I think it will add all the special effects to planets (laythe glow, aurora, lightning, etc) without making that ugly extra cloud texture show up. Reply to me and let me know if this is broken and I can attempt to do something (if I see your reply at all lol). To use this, copy the block of text and paste it into a new text file. Save that text file as "EVE_Main.cfg". Drop this in GameData/Spectra/Spectra_EVE and overwrite EVE_Main.cfg. https://pastebin.com/VZ009YDj FYI literally all I did was remove any instance I could find of cloud textures being loaded that wasn't obviously another feature of some kind.
  14. Thanks! That clears up the tweakscale incompatibility. This was the solution. Do not install Commnet manager. It is bundled with the mod but is not required and randomly breaks probe connections. After removing Commnet Manager the mod is working on all my saves and in my stock install. I was installing it manually within CKAN under the assumption it needed it but was not properly labeled. Do not do that lol. Outside of both of these things I have also found installing the mod onto an existing save to be unpredictable. I can take my old save, does not open the UI when I click the button in the tracking station and otherwise does not work properly with vehicles. If I start a new save in the same instance, however, it works just fine. Very odd.
  15. Could you upload your mod list, if it's not an issue? I'd like to keep looking into this as I've not found a definitive reason for the bugs yet.
  16. Final edit, there is, in fact a mod incompatibility. I found when I had just TweakScale (the actual mod, the redistributable does not cause this) then I could no longer launch vehicles. here is my KSP log: https://gist.github.com/StormCircuit/4f8b9d521807e42df4b0d50b546618b1 Ok frankly I have no idea anymore, but I opened a github issue. It seems to be happening with a minimum install too, just Constellation + MM + comm manager.
  17. Must be a mod interaction then. That's what I get for doing a quick dirty test. I will see if I can pinpoint the interaction. Update 1: works fine on a vanilla install. Definitely an interaction. Update 2: figured it out: the CKAN version is out of date. It is using version 1.10, current is 1.11. Update manually (uninstall in CKAN, install from this download) and it works.
  18. Just a follow up: I followed the centrifuge bug to KSP community fixes wherein they informed me that it was actually a bug with SSPX's centrifuges (also that KSP CF is mildly incompatible with EPL via a bug that makes construction free evidently) not setting their own drag cubes properly. When a part animated its self into a new hitbox, it needs to set specific properties regarding drag cubes that Nertea forgot about. If those are set properly, the bug disappears. To anyone curious, you can find the issue report under the closed section on KSP Community Fixes github and linked within is the link to Nertea's github where a fix is listed.
  19. You caught me I actually ran the test twice. First time I made the mistake of including miniavc (I then uploaded the logs). I realized my mistake, re ran the test without, still had the issue. But forgot to upload the logs. No rush! If you get around to it I would be grateful but nothing a little kerbal workarounds wont fix (for those curious: make another of the same ship and teleport it to the ship you want the flag replaced for. If its a kerbal with a bad flag then teleport the kerbal(s) home then teleport them back with the f12 menu).
  20. I did a very simple test with a clean game with a clean save to validate my report. I used CKAN to install the mod on 1.12.5, bypassed the warning, no miniavc etc etc. It doesn't launch even. Spams NRE's on the load screen before the main menu. Here is the log: https://gist.github.com/StormCircuit/7876ed57028889495d91fdf983805dad The mod list, as said, was just in flight flag switcher and Module Manager. No save to test as it failed to load. I've no idea how my game managed to load but it is clear that the mod will break things. Use at your own risk.
  21. Whoa there chief. No, you are right, I did not use this on a wholly stock save. To do so would probably be extremely tedious as the bug, in detail, literally (somehow) caused all my parts to disappear and delete all my vehicles. How would you test that on a stock save without having an already populated save with exclusively stock vehicles? Open to suggestions or template saves. I installed from CKAN, bypassing the warning so installation shouldn't be an issue however I will try removing mini avc next, I was unaware there were issues and thank you for the advice. Also, I do keep backups. I just test on my live save and restore the backup. In this instance it was a simple, and very typical, A/B test. I installed the mod. Everything broke. I restored a backup, removed the mod, and loaded the save. Everything was fine.
  22. To any wondering: this mod will break your save. Do not use it. in 1.12.5 in current state.
  23. I can confirm this mod is broken in 1.12.5. Spams NREs and clicking the button hits the console with an NRE and makes nothing appear. if you are desperate you can change the frequency by going to every single antenna. Would not recommend.
  24. Found the log, I was having an issue with one of my MM patches preventing a patch from being created. Fixed that but sadly still having issues with SCON. I added it to the github issue report.
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