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  1. yea and it's a regression bug from one of the early patches (playtesting????). It's also easily noticeable since it just happens consistently, there's not even a case where the camera functions correctly. The devs have to (LITERALLY) be blind not to see this. Idk what they have been doing for the past year and I'm concerned bc they seem to be leaning more into content updates while this game still can be a buggy mess at times.
  2. glad other people are finally reporting this, its been a pretty obvious bug since one of the earlier patches but its never gotten fixed for some reason, and its super annoying!
  3. I've definitely had this since before patch 4, since it released after I left for college in August and I didn't play KSP2 for 4 months lol. I think it first appeared in patch 2 for me
  4. Yea I noticed this a while ago but I didn't report it because I figured it would be an obvious bug to patch but its been months
  5. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x | GPU: RTX 3050 | RAM: 16GB I've noticed this bug since ~.1.3. (either .1.2 or .1.3, I can't remember exactly) This always happens, so it should be easy to replicate(?). The horizon and celestial cameras show the same camera angle. The horizon camera shows the planet you are orbiting/on below you, as it should, but the celestial camera does NOT show the planet off to the side while you are in orbit. Instead, it shows the planet below you just like with the horizon camera. Prior to one of the earlier patches the celestial camera behaved like how the orbital camera behaves in ksp1, so it would be great to get that functionality back. Thanks! -btw, great work with the For Science! update Included Attachments:
  6. I had to brace myself in my chair when I saw the sun flares fixed its sooo good!!!! Was one of my pet peeves and even if it's not game-changing its still very welcome!
  7. does this include the bugged unexpected destruction of vehicles when undocking, or is that a separate issue
  8. I'd say almost definitely not, they'd definitely tell us this if they were including that in the patch. They didn't even hint at at for next patch either, so *maybe* the third patch or more likely later.
  9. awesome, hoping to see one of my biggest game breaking problems in there (undocking causing a mission failure)- and maybe the invisible trajectory line bug when entering the next SOI in the spacecraft's trajectory? but understandable if not. Thanks to you and the team for all of the hard work you've been doing since before/especially after release! I've had my fair share of frustrations with the first EA version of KSP 2. However, I trust that this game will be more than a worthy successor to KSP 1 when it gets to V1.0
  10. will we get to see the full patch notes before it releases on Thursday (assuming the date doesn't slip?)
  11. I've had a problem when trying to open cargo bays in the VAB/SPH, they go invisible.
  12. Idk if I this has been asked before but I didn't see it on the roadmap, I feel that Gojira needs a option for a cargo bay that would open horizontally to allow us to land payloads on planets and lower them down with a crane of some sort. (I realize this is a pretty big request, but imo it defeats the purpose of landing Gojira's on planets for cargo missions if you can't unload the cargo)
  13. Idk if this counts as an exotic colony but ASTEROID colonies, either in interplanetary space or in the rings of a planet, sound super cool!
  14. for rocket stages, why not use the subassembly tab on the left of the VAB GUI?
  15. I wanted to play this game when it came out, but if it keeps getting delayed like this I'll be busy in college... and the game was announced before my first day of 9th grade!
  16. I think you're forgetting the fact that we can set up actual colonies on these planets now. In KSP 1 its "oh boy, I landed here, guess I'll leave now' and in KSP 2 it will be like "ok, I landed here, time to setup a huge independent colony on this planet with problems I have to solve in my own creative way". Besides, the whole game is getting a crazy graphics overhaul, so it won't feel like the same exact destination again. And if you want to start in a different system, mods will have you covered.
  17. no one said anything about wormholes, black holes and wormholes are 2 different things. Honestly I wouldn't mind if a black hole was a reskinned sun with super heavy gravity, and maybe an accretion disk like what they are doing with Ovin. I'm usually on team "dont expect too much from the devs, they shouldn't have to cater to every individual" but this seems like a cool idea.
  18. yea that's true. I joke about wanting clouds but in reality I rarely play with EVE, I mostly play with scatterer. It makes the oceans look so much better, and atmospheres dont look like dead textures around planets.
  19. probably not, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
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