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  1. https://postimages.org/ That site is all you need to post images. Easy as pie. No registration needed.
  2. We can’t even get simple stuff fixed like falling through the ground, missing orbital lines, docking ports, overheating in fairings, etc… You guys think these devs can come up with a City builder like design embedded within KSP2 with trade routes and economies? lol. Sure
  3. This whole thing just pees me off the more I think about it. F the whole studio…
  4. No way a space agency would pay millions of dollars to acquire the IP rights to KSP2. Then they would have to dump in several extra millions to finish development. They are not a software dev company. If we are throwing silly ideas around maybe I should email my local garbage pickup company see if there are interested in acquiring ksp2. What about my corner gas station too? Local supermarket?
  5. 1 post? Nice burner account you have there whoever you are. @Nate Simpson hasn't even logged in since April 26. He is gone.
  6. I somehow missed that entire eclipse thread. People are antsy because there still doesn't seem to be much happening on the dev side. We get an April fools post and then a post about the silly eclipse?! Basically two fluff posts. Where the heck is the actual GAME content?
  7. It’s a waste of time no matter who is doing the. The artist could be designing new parts. Programmers could be fixing programming logic, etc… Instead we have some half assed attempt at a joke instead of real work being done. Someone spent the better part of a day typing all that up and doing the graphic work in the OPs post. Is this really how you want devs to spend their time?
  8. This is a lose-lose for the devs. If it's a joke then someone spent a collosal waste of time typing all that non-sense out and creating graphics for the post. If it's not a joke, is this is really what they have been working on?!? What about the damn bugs?? No one cares about metric vs imperial! Who comes up with this crap?
  9. Bases and stations for me was bugged. It keep giving me the same exact contracts over and over again. Reported it in the official thread but got no response.
  10. So I set a prob to Eve with multiple parts of Scansat and it mapped an anomaly with a question mark after some time. However, I'm on Eve now at the question mark and nothing is there save for some volcanic rocks. What am I missing to actually find and see the anomaly?
  11. Just fix the bugs. I don’t really need or care for weekly/ monthly reports on what the team is doing. Just fix the darn bugs already before colonies.
  12. Yeah, I ignored and blocked him based off his attitude comments in another thread. I had just forgotten about him already. I'm sure i'll forget about him just as easily again...
  13. The way this thread was edited by the mod, it looks like you are talking to yourself for half of it! lol Ah, never mind. I forgot I had ignored that mod dev.
  14. Two weeks of planning?! Are they planning to circumnavigate the globe by sailboat or planning to summit Mt. Everest? Goodness. This seems like paralysis be analysis.
  15. Right now the challenge is playing around all the bugs. No way a person who has never played KSP 1 could play KSP2. You have to have so much knowledge of stuff right now just to be successful.
  16. The discord link is broken. Says "unable to accept invite". I posted in that thread back in January it wasn't working and all I got was crickets from the devs.
  17. I honestly can't hardly even be bothered to do low gravity bodies like Bop or Pol because the low time warp is just horrendous to deal with. This really needs to be fixed in my opinion.
  18. #20 "Works as intended"?? If that means it works poorly then you guys nailed it. Seriously. It's a big problem not to be able to create nodes outside of another bodies SOI. This should be at the top of the list not the bottom. At any rate, I am glad to see other items getting some love. I've had to shelve KSP2 currently and go back to KSP1 because the bugs were just getting on my nerves. A lot of what I have issues with are on that list so I think that is good news.
  19. This bug was rare for me until I started getting to the outer planets. Then it was happening all the time. Editing that JSON file to fix it sucks after about the 4th or 5th time.
  20. Is this mod functioning as it should? I seem to be getting the same contracts over and over like "Launch a Mun station" or "Launch a Minmus Station" even though I've already done both of them. I literally just completed the "Launch a Kerbin station" and when I went back to mission control the same contract was there again for me to do! Then I was looking through the contracts that I'm not being offered and it says I have "unmet" requrements. However, the unmet requirements are wrong as far as I can tell. For example, the "Add a mobile processing lab to a station" says I have two unmet requirements: Must have a station without a mobile processing lab (I don't have any stations with MPLs) and May only have three offered/active Bases and Stations contract at one time (I don't have any active and have three offered). So I guess I'm confused why it's telling me I don' thave certain requirements which as far as I can tell I do and why I'm getting the same exact "Launch a station" contracts over and over again.
  21. Been a member here since 2017 and I finally had to add a member to my ignore list for the first time. Congrats @KSRe-dev on that accomplishment! Yup, you called it @Scarecrow71. Ridiculous how poor the communication has gotten. How big is the team that is actually working on KSP2 exactly? Seems like it's only a couple of people.
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