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  1. On 4/12/2020 at 1:23 PM, eggrobin said:

    This one looks hard.  I have just updated the issue above with what we found so far, and I'll keep doing that periodically in case anyone is interested.

  2. 23 hours ago, AloE said:

    @pleroy when you have a moment, a "what to look for" suggestion from you would be helpful to me to gather better info on a Principia fatal KSP crash condition I am encountering:


    This is very likely to be the same bug as in issue 2507, which will be fixed in Fubini.  The funny thing is that this bug (which is quite subtle) has been with us for years, and we suddenly got three reports in the last month.  Either people are playing with Principia more, or some change in KSP or in some other mod causes the bug to trigger much more frequently.

  3. 14 minutes ago, FlyingGeeze said:

    How to download from that chinese sharing site?

    Do you have to create a account there?

    Are you in China?  If you are, you'll need a QQ or WeChat account.  Chances are that you have one already.

    If you are not in China, why the hell do you want to download from that site?

  4. On 3/23/2020 at 7:45 PM, R-T-B said:

    If anyone is curious release Frenet runs fine as best I can tell when built from source for 1.9.  Passes all tests in compile and works flawlessly.  I've been using it (along with my personal unifiedcamera build of scatterer) for some time now.

    @R-T-BNote that the Kerbol system has changed in 1.9, so your Principia won't recognize it and won't stabilize the Jool system.  Expect to see planetary collisions after a few days.

  5. 16 hours ago, scimas said:

    Really excited about this! Is it supposed to conserve across time warp? And does it account for movement of resources around ship, like fuel or ore?

    It is conserved across time warp: the motion is completely continuous when warping and unwarping.  This makes it possible to do spin stabilization but also more exotic rotational motions (we've played a lot with the Джанибеков effect in our tests).

    When resources move around the ship (or when the ship changes form), the masses and positions of parts change and Principia recomputes the moment of inertia; it then adjusts the angular velocity to preserve angular momentum (basically what figure skaters do).

    In essence, Principia is the source of truth for the angular momentum and it will correct what is done by KSP/Unity to make the motion physically correct.

  6. On 2/23/2020 at 3:05 AM, AloE said:

    The results surprised me enough, so below is a link to an album of some screenshots for easy viewing (I even created for myself a second simulation in KSP 1.8.1 to compare with the simulation in KSP 1.7.3 to check)

    So @AloE I understand what you are trying to do, but I am not sure what I am seeing on these pairs of screenshots: what is on the left and what is on the right (I noticed different planet names and obviously different illumination)?

  7. 22 hours ago, juanml82 said:

    Is the download link live? I go to https://share.weiyun.com/5uxy0OG and all I get is a white page, as in, no website is being loaded

    Hmm, it does the same for me.  But then when I go to Weiyun it tells me that the sharing link is indeed https://share.weiyun.com/5uxy0OG.  Maybe they are having problems.  Can you try with the non-Weiyun links (they go to Google Drive so may be hard to access in China)?

  8. 53 minutes ago, Zeiss Ikon said:

    A couple weeks of digging around when I had time to do so, and I found this ppa host that has a backport of llvm-toolchain-8 for Ubuntu 16.04; I installed the needed libraries (libc++-8-dev and libc++abi-8-dev) from that ppa, and (so far) my Ubuntu still works (it should continue, since these are rebuilt under 16.04), and Principia for November at least doesn't crash on starting the RO install (nothing in orbit in the existing save that I opened).

    Good to hear that you managed to make things work on 16.04, and thank you for reporting it.

    I just updated the links for Fréchet on github.  Announcement coming in a few minutes.

  9. 14 hours ago, Zeiss Ikon said:

    I'd suggest that at the least, it might be more user friendly to keep support for LTS versions, at least until the next LTS comes out.  At present, it appears that one must keep up to the latest non-LTS releases of Ubuntu in order to keep the most current Principia as recommended by the devs.

    The reason why it's not going to happen is that we need a recent version of Clang and libc++ to build Principia.  Essentially, we need complete support for C++17.  The version of libc++ that shipped with Xenial was 3.7, where they had hardly started looking into C++17.  We don't, at the moment, have complete C++17 support on MacOS (that only came with Catalina) and having to emulate the missing bits is a royal pain in the neck (and hampers development of useful features).

    14 hours ago, Zeiss Ikon said:

    FURTHER EDIT: If I had the faintest idea how to build a complex program like this, I'd try building it myself to see if that fixes the version dependency -- but I don't know in detail how to do that.

    That wouldn't help you.  You'd need a Xenial version of libc++ version 8, or it would not even compile.

  10. 20 minutes ago, Zeiss Ikon said:

    Two, I can try to install an older version of Principia -- but I don't see that older binaries are available.  I'm looking for the oldest version that supports 1.6.1, in the hope that it won't require libraries newer than my 16.04 Ubuntu.

    Three, if I can install the necessary libraries for only Principia, I'll be good to go for another several months, at least.  The libraries in question are libc++ and libc++abi.  I can download just the binaries for those libraries -- would Principia find them successfully if I place them inside the Principia folder?

    The oldest binary that supports 1.6.1 is at bit.ly/2CWdvdo.  You're on your own, though: we upgraded past Xenial (16.04) in June 2017 so if a binary produced after that date works on Xenial, it's pure luck.

    Recent versions of Principia want libc++-8-dev and libc++abi-8-dev, and I am not aware that these would be available before Bionic (18.04).

  11. 22 hours ago, Bruhmomento said:

    I have an issue with Principia, KSP loads but whenever I create a new world or load an existing one, KSP crashes, I have the crash log too:

    As mentioned on the reddit thread, there is one thing that is noticeable in your log:

    Kerbal Space Program -

    From the forum thread, the supported versions are:

    for 1.5.1, 1.6.1, and 1.7.3.

    Either you are using an ancient version of Principia that is no longer supported, or your crash is expected, since 1.4.5 is anterior to the earliest supported version.

    I suggest that you upgrade to a more recent version of KSP (1.4.5 is more than a year old), and download the latest greatest Principia (Fourier).  If the problem persists, please report a bug as described in the wiki.  We are interested in hearing about problems but we cannot debug them if we don't have the required information.

  12. The geopotential data also comes from astronomical sources (and is consistent with astronomical conventions).  This file has all the references for the sources that we used.  The RSS textures may or may not match that, but if they don't it just mean that they are inconsistent with astronomical reality.

  13. @AloE  I wouldn't be surprised if the RSS textures were improperly aligned or even mirrored.  Other than the Earth and the Moon, where it's easy to check for consistency, most users wouldn't notice this kind of glitches.

    In the Principia data files, the axis directions, mean radii, reference angles and angular frequencies are from "Report of the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements: 2009", Archinal et al., http://astropedia.astrogeology.usgs.gov/download/Docs/WGCCRE/WGCCRE2009reprint.pdf.  So we didn't invent our own conventions, we just followed established astronomical conventions.

    ETA:  The values given in our files are for JD 2451545.0, i.e., 2000-Jan-01 12:00:00.0000 TDB.

  14. @AloE You are in unexplored territory here, but chances are that what you are doing is going to work.  The reason is that Principia stops managing vessels (or vehicles or Kerbals, etc.) when they are in contact with the ground.  So by putting your vessel on the ground on Mimas you are not doing anything that interacts with the Principia state.  And once you launch it, sure enough, Principia is going to manage it as it should.

    The problems mentioned in older posts had to do with people who wanted to move their vessels in flight.   That is surely not going to work. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Delay said:

    @pleroy @eggrobin

    My antivirus is falsely detecting all dlls of the ferrari release as potential malware, claiming the files are less than 1 week old. I just freshly downloaded it.

    Of course I trust you that there is no malware hidden in any of the dlls, but the given release date and the file's age don't line up at all. I'm asking for reassurance that these files are indeed the way you uploaded them.

    The Ferrari archive has the following hashes on my machine:

    &"C:\Program Files (x86)\File Checksum Integrity Verifier\fciv.exe" -md5 -sha1 "principia ferrari for 1.7.3.zip"
    // File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
                    MD5                             SHA-1
    5395878d78edb96effb71112a93f6026 28b629b6c0cf439c29e6eacbc15750bf31b86f8f principia ferrari for 1.7.3.zip

    The date of most of the files in the archive is 2019-07-31 (with times like 13:38, 14:14 and 14:23).  A few are older.

    I uploaded the archive to VirusTotal and the results seem clean.

    I suspect a false positive, although the part about "less than 1 week old" is weird.

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