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  1. When i tried to do that, it kinda burned out the engine even though i stuck the intake into a snorkel setup. Odd. Water Physics may be funny as hell to players when done wrong, but they are probably among some of the toughest things to get correct in video games.
  2. TBH, I would recommend airbrakes, or if not that, some kind of SRB retro thruster to slice off some excess velocity. You really should use airbrakes on airplanes, as most have them IRL. When I forget them, I simply do it the Kiting way
  3. Try making things as symmetrical as possible, including auxiliary thrusters and control surfaces.
  4. Just to clarify, in that picture the F-35 is a V/STOL aircraft, not a VTOL aircraft.
  5. I would like to point out that IRL, there have been missions that have been struck by lightning more than once and had only pretty minor issues. Example: Apollo 12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_12
  6. that might explain why jebediah hasnt respawned in my sandbox yet
  7. so I shouldn't do the way that concorde landed to protect the nose?
  8. As This question is VITAL to almost any mission to laythe, I have to ask it now before I attempt a mission to the moon. How can I get my planes fitted with Jets to land on water intact? Every single landing I attempt with jets either suffer slight damage that voids flyability or the engine breaks off instantly. Is there a way to prevent this? I would love some advice as this is one of the most frustrating things I have to deal with currently, right up there with organizing a new mission to Duna for the first time. (side note: My latest seaplane didnt have any screenshots of it, so I had to go to a different plane to put here) https://imgur.com/a/wzCZaFX
  9. Don't worry, I received multiple contracts that are so much in LKO that even using cheats won't work. (the altitude for the contracts I got were around 20000M, meanwhile orbit starts around 70k)
  10. The wheels are stuck in the floor. make sure they are all in the right direction. If not, get out and Push ;P
  11. Mankind for who knows how long looked up at the moon and said theres a man in the moon. We look up with telescopes at mars and say theres a face on mars. Now we look at eve and say theres a "NEL" on eve. we tend to try to make sense or patterns out of otherwise random or irregular things, examples include looking up at a roughly textured roof and seeing faces or other objects out of the specks. Its just how we work. As for if that was on purpose, Devs can and have been sneaky.
  12. Poor roll can be caused probably by the tiny wingtip surfaces you have, which are only most effective when they are at the very tips, and the ones you have are a little on the long side. Nose droop could be caused by the fact that the CoL is a little too far behind the CoM, always have it as close as you can get it to improve overall handling. And instability could maybe be solved by smaller vertical wingtip surfaces.
  13. Really the only thing I would think you would need would be MAYBE one small radiator, thats about it since most things don't really generate enough heat solely from solar radiation heat. This is comming from a guy who was playing around with the S.E.T.E.I.N.A.L telescope things to find all the dangerous asteroids in my sandbox world (none as it stands), but I was paranoid about it being an "Infrared" telescope and slapped two 10 M heat shields to face the sun on both side of the probe for redundancy, which was just useless.
  14. If you play stock, theres always gonna be something that is odd in your plane's flying characteristics. Just don't let go of the controls, as thats a very bad habit to pick up in flying games.
  15. Looks fun, ill give it a shot Going for the altitude record
  16. Ive grown fond of using unstaged fairings as aerodynamic nosecones, with added upsides including having adjustability.
  17. I use precoolers because the other inline intake does NOT play nicely with radial attachments. They are also very good at cooling off the engine a little. For a real world example of the precooler, it can be seen on a good number of supersonic cold war jets, from the famous SR-71 BlackBird to the slightly less famous Bristol 188 "Flaming Pencil" (nicknamed for the fact that it was intended to be fast enough to have frictional heating).
  18. So I have this burning desire to fly a twin propeller engine plane just for fun, similar to the BF-110, but I keep visualizing in my head (this is how a design stuff, entirely by mental picturing) that such an aircraft in KSP would simply have rolling instability along either the direction of the propeller's rotation (which I imagine from the materials occasianally grabbing onto each other for even a few moments and creating a rolling tug), or they will go the opposite rotational direction of the propellers (like in helicopter's main rotor). If Im wrong, please keep in mind that I am not perfect the way I mentally design craft, so they often don't turn out as originally concieved. Keep in mind, I ONLY USE STOCK PARTS, AND THE ONLY MOD I USE CURRENTLY IS THE NAVBALL TEXTURE CHANGER MOD.
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