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  1. So I noticed this the other day when playing with TAC Life Support. For the cargo dragon 2 capsule, I have to choose between monopropellant and supplies. Is there a plan to change this so that the monopropellant is always included, and is separated from the optional cargo selection? @Damon Additionally, I'm having trouble with docking. I'm not sure how the actuation toggles work on dragon, but any translation I give seems to fire off more than one set of thrusters. IE, if I'm translating left, it also fires the RCS for forward and backward. I'd change the toggles myself but I can't tell how they're labeled on the capsule part.
  2. Unfortunately this is the problem with all shuttles. It is infamously imbalanced, even in the real world. This is why the RS-25 engines gimbal so much, to correct for the ever-changing center of mass in the rocket. For launching shuttles, I'd recommend MechJeb as your autopilot. I always use it for shuttle missions. For atmospheric flight, use the mod Atmosphere Autopilot. I also have problems flying the shuttle back to land, but so did the real pilots. It really is a brick with wings.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm having a bit of trouble getting Kerbalism and TAC Life Support to play together. I downloaded Kerbalism with the science only config, as I was under the impression that the science only config wouldn't interfere with any other life support mods. However, every time I open up the game I get this message. This "Unloaded Vessel Processing" setting is pretty important, since it keeps all crafts up to date on life support. Is there a fix to this issue that doesn't involve disabling that TAC setting? Thanks!
  4. hey @benjee10 is there still a plan for another update anytime soon, specifically an update to the craft files with the new OMS engines? Maybe also adding the external tank from ORANGES?
  5. Hmm but wouldn't every Kerbin to Eve transfer window be the same in terms of their relative positions to each other? How would I go about finding that window?
  6. Hey friends! I have a few questions regarding the Venus Flyby mission. So I'm trying to replicate it for my first planetary flyby contract in my new career mode, using Eve as my Venus substitute. So here are the questions: How exactly do I go about it? Obviously I complete the interplanetary burn with the S-IVB stage, but what about after that? I assume I would then convert the S-IVB to the lab configuration, but what about after the flyby? The CSM doesn't seem to have enough Delta V to perform a return burn, at least not while attached to the lab. Was the real mission meant to undock with the lab right after the venus flyby? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me considering the CSM doesn't have enough room for supplies. Or is there another kind of maneuver that I'm not thinking of performing? Should I wait to convert the S-IVB to the lab after using it to perform a Eve to Kerbin burn? I suppose I'm just trying to figure out the steps that were intended with this craft. Thanks to anyone willing to help me figure this one out!
  7. There might be a better way to do it, but I always use the draco thrusters. In real life I'm pretty sure they use the RCS thrusters near the docking port for their deorbit burn.
  8. Ok so the fix is super simple, but there are quite a few steps. Firstly, go into your game data folder and open the restock folder. From there, you'll see a file called "patches" Open that folder, and find the part you want to change back to the stock design. For the screenshots below, I've chosen the service bay, but this will work for all parts. Open the config file, and look for this section: Add "_disable" to the part. I'm pretty sure you could add anything here, it's just to break the link in the config. Anyway, after that, go back to your restock folder in gamedata. Find the file with the file type "RESTOCKBLACKLIST" Create a duplicate of this file, and change the file type to "RESTOCKWHITELIST" Open it in wordpad, and add whatever part you want to change back to stock. For now, I only have the service bays listed in my white list Hope this helps!
  9. Very true, most of his videos are op-ed style, and very opinionated. I mostly stick with Marcus House for weekly updates, and CSI Starbase whenever they decide to bless us with a video.
  10. That worked, thank you so much!! Atlas is my go-to launch vehicle for the beginning of any career, so this makes my crafts look 100 times better!
  11. Hello! Sorry if this question has been asked before (I did some looking but I couldn't find anything) Is there any way to get shiny textures for Atlas, similar to the new Apollo CSM textures?
  12. Additionally, wouldn't a single F-1 engine not have the TWR necessary to lift the 1C? If I recall correctly, the 1C has some kind of uprated F-1. Gotta say though, I absolutely love the aesthetic of the 1C. Probably my favorite fictional Apollo era rockets. It's got all the right combined looks of the Space Shuttle, Saturn V and Saturn 1B.
  13. Hello! I'm having a hard time getting rid of one of restocks parts. I like the look of the stock 1.25 service bay, and have already created a white list within the restock game data folder. But that didn't seem to work. I've also looked through the github resources and still cannot find a solution to this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! EDIT - I figured it out! Didn't realize I had to change the config files in addition to white listing the parts. If anyone else is having an issue I'll be happy to help!
  14. Thanks for the craft file! Quick question, I tried to load it into the game, but it still says it's missing parts. Is there another notable mod you can remember using for this rocket? The C-8B craft works just fine, but the regular C-8 is missing "strut connector heavy"
  15. Hello! Love the mod! I'm also having trouble with the quick apply feature not working in my game. Is there any way to fix that currently?
  16. So @CobaltWolf, is there a reason the MESA on the Taxi and normal LM is on the right quadrant instead of the left? Am I right in thinking that it was on the left quadrant for the Apollo missions? Additionally, is the LM taxi meant to be an SSTO version of the LM, or just an uprated LM with higher crew capacity?
  17. It's gotta be the Ares 1 for me! I weirdly love that rocket. If I had any say in what mods, I'd love to see it built with BDB and Artemis Construction Kit
  18. Awesome stuff! Down the line, I would love to see the LM variants from BDB, as well as the Ares 1 using parts from Artemis Construction Kit. Absolutely thrilled about these crafts, thank you so much!
  19. Hello! I hope you're having a good day. I want to ask if there is any way to find every post I've ever liked? I use my likes as a way to archive cool posts, reference, and build inspiration. However, I can only find my most recent likes in my profile. Just as a side note, it would be awesome to see a "save post" option so we can create archives of cool reference material to look back on. Thank you!
  20. Hello again! I promise this is the last problem I've been having recently. I was playing around with the J-class LM, and realized that I cannot lower the hinge connected to the LM. No matter what I change (torque, traverse rate etc) the hinge will not move positions. The extension arm works, and the staging to disconnect the rover from the lander also works. Any suggestions?
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