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  1. 4472 A temporary display of the LNER Gresley A3 no. 4472 Flying Scotsman
  2. It's one of those new DynaTAC things How do I smuggle a panda plushie out of China
  3. While not strictly about kerbals themselves and maybe not quite lore, here's a thing AK - After Kod calendar Year 1 ingame is 1971 AK Each week is 6 days (because bestagon, also in ancient times Kerbals considered the ‘cold lights’/planets to be Mün, Minmus, Duna, Eve, Jool, Moho. The number and names also refer to these planets, but a. are more ancient names for deities assigned to the same bodies by the Mayolonian civilization, and b. the Acijem Republic/Empire replaced the moons with The Sun and The Kraken as part of their Squidman Cult. Months Each year has 6 months, average length of 71 (JNSQ: 61) days List Erbol (72 days) Kraken (70 days) / gets leap day every 12th year except every 24th year Egar (71 days) Taeus (72) Ander(70) Langh(71) For JNSQ every month has 61 days except Kraken, which has 60 because February On Mystery Goo: Is it green though? The stock Goo container shows only black under the grating, the warning stripes are yellow/orange, and BDB and NF/Restock seem to have settled on purple being the color of bare Goo. I'm inclined to think that it's some mix of bacteria in a growth medium
  4. I think this might be the next static cars not included, no eta to completion
  5. 4462 Vogon Administration Department of Space Vehicles, Complaints Division Sector ZZ9-Pl-Z-A
  6. We are proud to unveil the space cannon Columbiad, our latest exhibit at the KSC Visitors' Center.
  7. Oh, that's our special Emotional Support Soup. Talk to it for a while before drinking. Waiter! My soup has flakes of... metal? they seem to be magnetic. Actually, they look like shards of hard drive platter! AAHIATESOMEALREADYGETITOUTOFME <platter shards slice through tongue> <vomit>
  8. Something i drew at school yesterday (I was doing cleanup duty, so i was last to leave) the left leg is a really basic digibash (just a copy of the right one) because I never finished it, I'll probably revisit this and add more detail Later™ That looks wonderful. The shadows, the crescent Earth, the faraway Earth, the astronaut gazing into the distance in front of flag and lander, nice!
  9. Fried meat chop over... something? Amylase
  10. My icon is a render of the Tantares Vostok model with a custom texture back when i was into that stuff, never put it ingame for real iirc
  11. Tantares? I don't recall posting anything there
  12. @iamn00b hi, i wasn't on the forums for about 2 months so i apologize for not responding to the ping
  13. I think I drew this in class about a month ago, give or take a few weeks. Proportions are a bit childlike but otherwise i think it's ok (the leftmost one is my work)
  14. i am not dead just lazy as f but now i have a new idea: Ripping off CountryDoggo
  15. Floor 4163: Building snaps back to 'reality' with this floor. Normal cosmoscraper with office workers, a canteen, etc. Everyone seems to be working normally despite the 17km altitude. Strangely none of them seem to be aware of your existence or your disheveled appearance. You stealgrab some food and take a shower in one of the bathrooms. You try the lift. No luck. It doesn't acknowledge your existence. Downward staircase doesn't open. You continue upwards for lack of anything to do.
  16. Floor 3556 Empty room. Bare concrete walls, ceiling, floor. Light provided by fluorescent tubes lining the floor edge. In the center a PADD with a locked folder on the purpose of every subsequent floor. You can't open it because apparently the code is 0-0-0-Destruct-0 which will also trigger the Floor Termination System. There are no soundproofed areas in this room, but you try it anyway. BOOM! You catch a glimpse of the files on several upstairs floors, but you soon black out and end up on the next floor with no memory of this one.
  17. The Titan Metroplex keeps swatting the landers away. Why do I keep floating in my dreams?
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