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  1. Does this work in 1.12? I tried it out, nothing seemed to happen. Do i need to change any setting, add other mods, ect?
  2. @Turf they might be achievable by glitches? i think that is sort of the point. maybe a under the terrain glitch and you could go super low.
  3. @Poodmund how do you get a sample strip for Gaseous Gigantis? Do you make it in gimp/photoshop, or is there another program than will generate it from sample colors? Thanks for making this thread, it is super useful for making planet textures!
  4. It would be cool to have fish, and some surface features to scan, like in breaking ground.
  5. This looks great! Could you add a dropdown you can click showing all of the Kerbal Konstructs pads, and then when you click on one it sets that pad to your target coordinates?
  6. starship might have static test - "SpaceX will conduct Space Flight Activities on April 26th, 2021 from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. [Central Time]" - letter sent to Boca Chica residents.
  7. I had changed compatibilty to get a mod, i think i might have downloaded the wrong version.
  8. I was having the same issue. I installed OPT with CKAN, and OPT will not load.
  9. Is it possible to design a 3d model of, say, a big tree and then add it to terrain scatter, so that if terrain scatter is on, the 3d model would be scattered as well? could i make my own custom scatter objects?
  10. A small mod that adds more flags to KSP. Great for historical mission recreations, and cooler looking rockets. https://spacedock.info/mod/2663/Moar Flags! https://github.com/NPT156/Moar-Flags- It even works with the Demo! Also my first (sort of) mod! License: All Rights Reserved
  11. Annoyed by having to do a bunch of unit conversions? Use the TWR calculator, which automatically converts the units for you. Write your weight and thrust in the units KSP uses and have it be calculated! Program coded in Python. https://onlinegdb.com/b8Vou_r5X Just press the green RUN button at the top!
  12. thanks! i cant PM yet since i haven't posted enough messages though. can i post it here? my spacedock username is NPT156
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