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  1. Well forums are still up so I don't know for certain if they're going down or not
  2. Oh yeah I forgot about that, I reuploaded it recently https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x7zTbvOafXOcEEurSa717x5zuZfU_ONc/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hey uh quick announcement to whoever still follows this forum thread: Recently members of the moderation team have raised concerns about the possibility of forums being shut down indefinitely due to Private Division and Intercept Games being laid off and closed indefinitely after the whole KSP2 debacle. What this means is that this thread (and countless others) is at the risk of getting wiped out completely, and I don't know if I should continue posting or not, knowing at any moment 7 months of hard work would be inaccessible. Unless the executives at Take-Two Interactive step in and actually find someone to buy the KSP IP, this will be the end of forums as we know it today. So TL:DR: This could be the end of this forum thread and the entire KSP ecosystem, and there's nothing I can do about it Thanks to everyone who viewed, liked and shared my posts here on this thread Here's one final pic I have for this thread: (I know it didn't have to end like this)
  4. Do they realize that if they kill the forums the entire online recognition of KSP will die in the process? Let's hope at least someone has some common sense and prevent a 13+ year old legacy from dying at the hands of corporate greed
  5. SATURN III+ | SPACE STATION AQUARIUS [SSA-1] After a year of preparations and pre-intergration checks for Space Station Aquarius, Saturn III+ will spread its wings for the first time with countless improvements on its belt, these include (but are not limited to): - First Stage Redesign and Extension - Improved Engine Performance - Increased Payload Capacity to LEO and Lunar Orbit - Introduction of a lighter variant (S-III+ 100) to serve as a Cargo Launch Vehicle for Future SSA Servicing Missions - Redesigned Second Stage Engines and Tankage This mission will mark the first time a Space Station was launched on top of a Super-Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle since Skylab-1 in 1972 while also being the heaviest controlled payload ever launched on a rocket from U.S. Soil at a staggering 96 Tons. Space Station Aquarius will also hold the record for the largest single-launch station ever launched from any country. This mission will indeed break multiple records while proving Saturn III+'s reliability and resilliency in the process Joint Rockwell - Lockheed Saturn III+ Poster Mission Profile: SSA-1 will follow a LEO trajectory unlike its predecessors for the first time since 1998, inserting Space Station Aquarius [Space Station Beta] into a 150km by 164km with an inclination of 46.5°, verifying and testing various systems most notably being Propulsion and Flight Hardware. This will be the last time a Saturn III/III+ will fly with 5 engines on a mission to Low Earth Orbit and will be phased out in favor of a lighter load of 4 engines on Future 100-Series It will launch on July 20th, 2006, coinciding with the 37th anniversary of Apollo 11's liftoff from Kennedy Space Center Saturn III+ Viewed from an HH-60 "Pave Hawk" on Station near CCAFS, FL "Coming up on a go for auto-sequence start in ten seconds" [...] "And we have a go for auto-sequence start, Onboard Computers have primary control of all the vehicle's critical functions T-minus twenty-two seconds" "Ten Seconds" [...] "We have a go for Main Engine Start.. six, five, four, three, two, one.." "Booster Ignition and Liftoff of Space Station Aquarius As we continue to Expand our presence in Space" "Two Thousand Miles per hour, Altitude one-mile, downrange three-and-a-half miles from the Kennedy Space Center" "All systems remaining go for Aquarius" [...] "Altitude seven miles [...] Speed sixteen-hundred miles per hour.. Downrange eight miles from the Kennedy Space Center" "Altitude nineteen miles" [...] "Speed three thousand five-hundred miles per hour.. already twenty-five miles northeast of the Kennedy Space Center" "Booster Officer confirms clean separation of the two solid rockets.. Saturn III+'s engines now powering the second stage" "Good Aerocover Caps Separation" [...] "Speed now fifty-one hundred miles an hour, altitude sixty miles.. downrange ninety miles from Kennedy Space Center" "Standing by for Main Engine Cutoff" "Booster Officer confirms Main Engine Cutoff" "Second Stage Separation Confirmed" [...] "Station Aquarius now on orbit on its own" [Switchover to Mission Control at Houston, TX] "Good Solars, Good power output" "Station now in Vertical Position" "All Systems report nominal readings, Station's now entering the dark side of the Earth" Post-Flight Analysis: SSA-1 has now proved the reliability of the new Saturn III+ 100 Series by reaching all mission milestones, breaking multiple records in the process: - First Superheavy payload launched out of the United States since Skylab-1 - First Wide-Diameter Station since Skylab - Heaviest Payload delivered to Low Earth Orbit [96 tons] breaking the Soviet Union's former record [80 tons] - Second Largest Operational Station Though moon landing plans are still there with the required hardware to do so, it somewhat took a backseat in favor of expanding U.S. presence in Low Earth Orbit to eventually serve as a staging area for future Lunar missions and potentially Mars/Other Interplanetary missions A new program for Station Resupply Missions is well underway, inviting multiple private companies to participate as well with their own proprietary hardware under the name Advanced Commercial Resupply Services [ACRS-1]. Initial contenders are: - Boeing Space Division - Rocketplane Limited, Inc [Kistler] - Lockheed Martin Subsidiary - Rockwell Aerospace Incorporated [Branch of Rockwell International] Other International Partners will provide their own resupply programs, mostly being JAXA, ESA, UKSA and their subsidiary companies
  6. ANOTHER MAJOR STEP FOR HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT After extensive reviewing of all 3 proposed options from an economic and practical standpoint for Space Station Aquarius by all sides involved in the project (being NASA, ESA, JAXA and their respective sub-agencies [e.g Thales Alenia...]) they all agreed to go with Option A being the most viable out of the rest. Following this, construction began on Space Station Aquarius in late 2004, with a scheduled completion date of early 2006 with a projected launch date of Q3 2006. To facilitate launches to Low Earth Orbit required for Station Operations and Crew/Cargo Rotations, alongside providing a launch system for National Security payloads, a new Saturn III+ variant was devised, removing excess hardware required for Lunar Missions in order to provide a platform capable of building out Space Stations and Interplanetary Transfer Vehicles. NASA will now have a dedicated launcher for both LEO operations and Cislunar/Interplanetary operations under a new series of rockets called the Saturn III+ 100 Series in order to distinguish between the previously flown Saturn III+ 200 Series Alongside having a dedicated LEO lifter, Odysseus CEV now has a LEO Ferry variant similar to the cancelled Boeing X-38 CRV [Crew Return Vehicle], and can be launched on multiple rockets including existing ones like Atlas V or Delta IV. Some modifications were made like eliminating the need for a long-duration cryogenic second stage while implementing new improvements such as: - Automated Docking System - Improved Communications Systems - Advanced Cryogenic Propulsion System (Developed by Rockwell Int.) Saturn III+ 100 Series Document Detailed Poster for Odysseus CEV After both documents were made public, behind-the-scenes development had already started on Odysseus Crew Exploration Vehicle to retrofit it for use in Low Earth Orbit. Same with the core module of Space Station Aquarius. If all goes well, both should be finished NLT Q1 2006 with a projected launch date of NET August 2006.
  7. Especially when you try to cross-reference it with real-life economics and engineering plans, and even launch narration scripts
  8. For anyone's who's currently following this forum thread: it's not dead (yet) I just need to come up with a script for the next post, which is the hardest part of creating new posts
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