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  1. Game breaking issues with FAR installed using CKAN. Log provided. potential toolbar issue? Hello there, I have the same issue as detailed in multiple previous posts, which have sadly gone unanswered. Is this a 1.12 issue? What happened? How to proceed? I tried multiple clean installs, FAR consistently breaks after just a few mods are installed. When trying to open FAR debug menu the text is overlapping in a single line, the box is purely gray and the name of the mod is out of place. It seems to me that this is a toolbar issue, but I'll gladly get corrected on this one. I can't enter different scenes from the main menu, like SPH/VAB or exit the game, forcing me to ALT-F4. More over, it worked the last time I tried to use it ~a year ago. Log file: https://mega.nz/file/j6Y2WRrT#yjLa93ToXqbOgmUfTiG6IJ-uhbqqg-H8YKGHbV-xOTI
  2. What is RSS Reborn? Ballisticfox is the author of the excellent KSRSS Reborn pack that I'm currently using because it is very photogenic. It would be nice to see him bring that level of beauty and detail to RSS! PRVE Is basically EVO+RVE Working in 1.12.5. It is quite a good looking pack!
  3. This is an issue of EVO and RVE64K. This mod is not supported anymore. I'm waiting for the official release of Blackrack's true volumetrics
  4. I'm experiencing the same issue, I noticed it while preparing to film my next cinematic. Help would be greatly appreciated. Also my Jupiter is really dark which interferes with the shots. I'm rocking a 6800xt and a 12700k, in low and medium altitudes around Europa my FPS drops to single digit while my RAM sits at 12% util.(64GB). My GPU and CPU both stay at single digit utilisation. As soon as I'm within around 10M of the Surface I get 90FPS while the utilisation stays the same. The Jupiter issue isn't that pressing, I can edit the shots afterwards. Both issues have been pulled up multiple times now, I haven't found a fix or root cause for them.
  5. Im on Windows 11, everything seems working just fine, the only problem appears to be the inability to hold a action group using my Hotas X52. Im pulling the trigger but the action group is only activated for a brief moment of time, making me unable to hold an action group with the trigger. It works with my keyboard though. Any Advice?
  6. How do I get KatnissCapeCanaveral to work with KSRSS Reborn 2.7x? Thanks in ahead!
  7. I want to use my Hotas X52 in combination with BDArmory via action groups. The problem: AFBW doesn't seem to recognize a button being pressed for an extended amount of time, I can't "hold" the action group. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Seems like I missed it completely, I was absent from the KSRSS thread for over half a year, now I'm back and everything has changed
  9. I downloaded everything as said, no pads and no buildings appear. The Cape also clips in the terrain and its edges are about 20m off the Ground.
  10. I for some reason can't get KK configs to load in. KatnissCapeCanaveral is missing every building/pad, and Cape Kanaveral is not loading in properly.
  11. Is it normal that regular trees and regular flowers appear near the desert airfield? Thanks in ahead, noticed this when recording a cinematic.
  12. Thank you a lot! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Just installed it and it blew my mind!
  13. 6800xt/12700k under the hood, thanks for the fast reply!
  14. I previously used the 2.7x version from Gitlab, but there is no notable visual modification there for it, since Sol got removed. Is there a way to achieve something visually similar to KSRSS 64k and have working Parallax 2.0?
  15. I noticed yesterday that KSRSS Reborn has finally appeared on github, I installed the 64k version and oh man, its just like RVE64k, my dream has finally come true. I earlier used the 2.7x reborn version from gitlab, this one seems to be back at 2.5x. I have a few issues though, I get strange black artifacts on the horizon, and if parallax is installed kopernicus just refuses to load the KSRSS solar system: „Failed to load custom planetary system modifyer“. Parallax configs seem to be present in the „Terrain“ folder of KSRSS reborn. I already removed the „configs“ folder from „parallax_stocktextures“, it worked in my previous installment of KSRSS reborn from gitlab. My system specs are: I7-12700kf, RX6800xt, 64gb of ddr4. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I have the same Issue, my LH2/Ox Tanks get all messed up, can't use the engines using those fuels
  17. Thanks for that! This mod is not supported at the moment, eve redux will soon come out with volumetric clouds and Im waiting for the release
  18. I don't really have time to support this mod at the moment, working 8 hour shifts and working out kills my free time, I take a look at it once I have some spare time
  19. Express install already includes rssve, its understandable that they are conflicting. Im not actively supporting this mod anymore.
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