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  1. https://github.com/RevanX-LSR/Linbol-System-Rebirth/releases/tag/lsr_1.3.1 Back into the updates again! - fixed the two rotation period issues - changed mountainous terrain on Revan.
  2. Canyon isn’t supposed to be tidally locked but 106030 is, and since I copied 106030’s template off canyon, it also lacks a rotation period. Will fix it the next update.
  3. The long awaited LSR 1.3.0 has just been released! https://github.com/RevanX-LSR/Linbol-System-Rebirth/releases/tag/lsr - added several new bodies: heat, 104020, 104030, 106030, 110010, 110030. - fixed the EVE eclipse issues - updated the scatterer configs - revamped revan, perbi, windswept, 105010, 105020, canyon and new rings for vera - nearly all configs' PQS updated - windswept atmosphere updated - KSC location changed - cleaned up the unused files ISSUES: Biome map temporarily made incoherent. Loading screens still not working (LOL)
  4. Became the first person to land on another planet in LSR, this one to Vera and back. (It's my mod, so it doesn't fully count) STATS Radius Gravity Mass OrbVel Pressure AtmoHeight Homeworld 2000km 1.38g 2.16 Kerbins 5100m/s 2.9ATM 68km Destination 1650km 0.93g 1.02 Kerbins 3900m/s 0.96ATM 93km DV Requirement: 16700 Rescale factor: 2.7 (JNSQ) I didn't take many pictures as I didn't expect this to succeed. Many close calls, and over 17km/s of delta-v and a lot of quicksaving. 6 ton lander and a 5000 ton launcher with a nuclear stage. While the homeworld body is quite challenging, the actual Vera landing and ascent is quite easy but complex. Cannot wait for the next person to land on an interplanetary body!
  5. I have some experience on SSTOs around fairly large bodies: Revan SSTO - 5100m/s orbital velocity (300 rotation) with oxygen up to 1400m/s, ended up with 600m/s, so there was 4km/s of acceleration with about 700 being closed cycle. Towards the end I experienced a huge amount of shock heating, but it shouldn't be too much worse as the speeds involved are lower. So mainly the mass ratio needs to be improved. (Also, the design was not mine but the piloting completely was, and there was extra ion fuel too)
  6. Made new rings for an LSR planet! more photos here:
  7. New ring revamp for Vera: There are 3 segments of rings in the 1650km planet: 1 - Inner segment (165-600km) A bright ring of the characteristic light blue color due to reflection of light of Vera itself. (one ring moonlet) 2 - Middle segment (600-1500km) A dim ring of a similar color as the inner segment (The bright-dim ring segments are akin to Tellumo) 3 - Outer segment (1500-1700km) A bright and deep blue ring consisting of copper salts encircles the outer reaches of the ring 4 - 105020 (2430km) a moon half the size of the Mun (1/3 Canyon sized) that is extremely close to the parent planet and orbiting just outside the ring Overall, the rings are now a less saturated color and are much more finely detailed, meant to be enjoyed from a latitude of 12-30 degrees.
  8. By the way, you might wanna put the TOTM sticker on your main post which can be found at the TOTM thread.
  9. More testing for LSR. This is wallpaper material, although if I were to use it as wallpaper I would position the camera above the water. Camera is only below the water to show undersea terrain. The ocean is water but the moon (tidally heated by a gas giant) is very far away from the sun and the picture has amplified light.
  10. Did a 24 car F1 race in KSP. Planet is not stock, it has 38% more gravity for extra chaos and 2.9x the pressure to prevent these rocket cars from going supersonic. All the cars were left to 'race' without any steering once the structural components holding the cars together was flung away, and KSP physics caused it to spiral into chaos very quickly (this was the most chaotic race) here was a less chaotic one about 5 seconds from start. Cars accelerated 0-100m/s in about 8 seconds which is not very fast by F1 standards but their top speed was extremely high. I will probably redo this without crash damage for a change. (the cars don't have nose cones as i need a node to release them from)
  11. the new update is really big Somewhat hot eyeball planet (1000K sunlit), also a challenge to get to - 16km/s DV to capture Inner asteroid moon of Wesboun Canyon revamp #3 NOTE: Canyon does not have oxygen. I used cheats in the last 2 images for testing.
  12. Had some rover fun: Yes. 24 kerbals on one rover.
  13. Continued the Vera mission from a few days back: Flight path through the eclipse. Revan during a 105010 transit. Canyon and Revan. Vera from close up with the rings Also got this picture with one of the moons.
  14. While launching the Eclipse probe to Vera (again)I warped to an eclipse and accidentally achieved double eclipse on Revan with 2 separate moons from KSC almost back to back: The left one is the inner moon and the right one is the outer moon (also larger). The moons are all inclined, making the eclipse even rarer. If you look closely at the sun in the image, it looks like there are two. They are actually the same sun, being eclipsed on BOTH sides by EACH MOON!
  15. Revamped/added some stuff in my mod. (2.7x scale) Homeworld body, flew about 4000 kilometers to get this: From about 3 kilometers up, looking at a volcanic island Vera (not changed since watermel00n's post) viewed from its second moon (innermost is a small moonlet). Moon is only one Vera radii away. On the mares of the third moon (Vera+second moon visible) Moon of the first gas planet.
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