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  1. around 363.4k, no wonder it takes all of 12 minutes to load.
  2. And does NFE work with system heat too cause there is no loop ID option and it doesnt show up in the system heat loop thing on the toolbar, am i using an old ver or what?
  3. Not sure if this has been asked but does heat control work with system heat since Netrea manages both (I'm pretty sure correct me if im wrong)
  4. Just realised my Jool capture stage's activation is in the same stage as the separator. How do I know this? Because I'm now flying pass jool at an alarming rate trying to slow myself down with the Vall capture and landing stage.
  5. These probes both look and function great! Ksp is alot more realistic with this mod cause there are finally a decent number of early/mid game probes. Really good mod 100% recommended and I can't wait to see what gets added
  6. idk whats causing this but after installing KJR i lost remove from symetry, same vessel interaction and aim camera. is this a setting or is there a dependacy im not aware of (i only have KJR and no other mod relating to KJR) (edit): when i uninstall KJR autostrut and all the features are still gone
  7. 5th failed attempt of vall orbit capture, damn tylo keeps yeeting me out of jool orbit
  8. finishing up on a large cargo logistics station in duna - ike eliptical orbit
  9. Just realised my resupply Frigate, space trawler and Duna station all have different docking ports from 3 different mods. Thank goodness for KAS
  10. @linuxgurugamer so how much of the logs should i post and how and i have both modual manager and interstellar fuel switch (edit): I tried searching but there isnt a Player.log file (im on 1.12.5) (edit 2): sorry i just realised what i did wrong, for some reason interstellar FS had all the folders but not actual files. problem solved
  11. @linuxgurugamer sry bout the old thread but could find anywhere else to ask but on 1.12.5 the 2x1, 1x1 or any other fuel tank doesnt seem to have fuel options and the extendable docking port doesnt connect nomatter how hard i push the 2 ships together
  12. Had achieved Eeloo capture but apon trying to retroburn to decrease orbit high, realised when adding RCS i had symetry off so instead of having RCS on 4 sides of the long range mothership i only had RCS thrusters on 1 side
  13. damn, my main mods are all banned (Interstellar, NFP, OPT and B9A)
  14. thanks for the advice, I think ill work on something else so thank for the offer to help but i think ill just try something else
  15. I've been making a NASA space shuttle style rocket but whenever i detatch the boosters (a different question, is there a way to pump more fuel into the SRBs or are they limited?) the shuttle and the fuel tank will start spinning even tho its covered in RCSs (they are working) and full of reaction wheels but they still keep spinning when i activate the engines on the shuttle. IDK if its because of balancing but its really annoying
  16. Thanks! That really helped me out and nice ADFX 01
  17. It wasnt the first part i placed and its not an external booster its a stage of the rocket that seperates after using up all of its fuel and thats where the problem is because when it seperates from the section/next stage that has the command modual and probe core it follows the expended rocket engine and fuel tank instead of the command pod and lander
  18. When i right clicked on the part i couldn't find anything about "aim camera" (idk if im just dumb and thats what RCS is) and thanks for the solution with the struts
  19. When I launched my rocket, the camera seems to follow a rocket booster stage instead of the command modual, so when i seperate them, it follows the detatched rocket stage instead of my command modual section. Am I doing something wrong and how can i fix/change it?
  20. IDK if my kerbal died but half of my spaceplane is sitting at the bottom of the ocean with my kerbals still in them
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