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  1. Episode 11 - The Grand Reunion (Jun 14-16, Mission Day 286-312) The vessels and the crew are still spead out in the Jool system. Now it's time to reunite them, and fit together the pieces of the Tree of Life, or at least, the remaining parts of it. Overview of the situation At Jool At Vall At Tylo
  2. Episode 10 - Jool (Jun 05-09, Mission Day 278-286) Today we come probably to the highlight of the whole mission. There were already many missions to Jool's moons, but only a few went into Jool's lower atmosphere, and even less did it without a heatshield, so this one is something special. Because of the length of the maneuver, and a lot of trial during the development, it took quite a long time, but finally I got it to work. As I already mentioned, Laythe was more a technical challenge, while Jool is also (or probably more) a piloting challenge, because of the construction of the spaceplane. Overview of the situation The way to Jool Flying on Jool
  3. Episode 9 - Leaving Laythe (May 22-23, Mission Day 252-278) In this episode I will finish the mission on Laythe with Falcon's ascent to orbit, which is that part of the mission with the tightest margin of all. Like for the landing on Laythe, for this one I needed many practice runs to find out the right ascend profile and when to switch the engines, because I did it almost 4 months ago for the last time. There's no situation overview necessary, because everything is like at the beginning of the last episode, so let's jump into the whole procedure, there is a lot of stuff to do. The way to orbit Around Laythe
  4. Episode 8 - The Vall Tour (May 08-16, Mission day 246-252) After a long break, it's time to continue the mission. I needed some extra motivation, because after driving over 5000km IRL in my car, I wasn't in the mood to drive another 1500km virtually on Vall. But now, it's completed, and the tour on Tylo will be shorter and faster. I completed already the Laythe ascent too, which I planned to include in this episode, but I decided to split it into two parts, because of the length. Overview of the situation Day 1 Day 2
  5. For me, it doesn't make sense too. If you want to transfer the fuel only in one direction, one duct should be enough. But it is, like it is. I needed an extensive search on the forum, as I ran into the same problem at my Eve mission. I wanted to transfer fuel from a fuel tank, which I left in orbit, and which I detached later, through the command pod, and was frustrated, why I couldn't do it with a single duct.
  6. I think, they use tricks for drag reduction. My plane can't even break the sound barrier on Laythe at low altitude (with a Rapier and a Reliant engine), so I need a climbing angle of at least 30°, else I run out of fuel.
  7. Yes, my calculations are based on the values in the wiki. For example, a surface sample has a base value of 30 and a max value of 40. One copy would give 30 points, 4 copies would give 39,84 points. If it is on Laythe in a splashed situation, it has a multiplier of 12, which would give at the end 478,12 points. Right? Now I'm really curious of my score at the end.
  8. Congratulations for the result. I said, you will finish before I will. Did you check your science in the archive, if you've got the points for the multiple copies? According to my chart, which I made for my own estimation, you should get for the 706 science reports (4 times each) much more points (+19000). Or my calculations are wrong, but if I calculate it without multiple copies, the result is very close to that, what you have in the screenshot.
  9. Fuel flow I think, it's normal. I ran into this problem on my Jool mission. It happens after docking/undocking, if you have a complicated vessel with many stages and complicated fuel flow. The fuel priority has two components, a base value and a correction value. The base value depends on the staging diagram (changing at decoupling and docking), the correction value you can set manually in the VAB or later during the mission (is constant as long as you don't change it). If your staging order changes during the docking process, or if you use high correction values, it can mess up your fuel flow after docking/undocking. Decoupler I have two ideas, but it's only speculation, because it's probably something else. These are just two cases, which I experienced, when I built my Eve rocket. As I had very high part count in the VAB, and unintentionally detached a larger part of the rocket, which I couldn't attach again correctly, I pressed Ctrl+Z to restore, but it seems, the game couldn't handle this with the high part count, and built in an error. My rocket exploded, and as I built it back to find the error, after I removed a special fuel tank, I've got an error message at saving, so I had to rebuild the entire vessel. The second option is, that you maybe made a mistake in the VAB, when you used symmetry or sub-assemblies, but the chance for this is also low, because you say, that you rebuilt your vessel from scratch, so this could only be, if you did both times exactly the same.
  10. Episode 7 - Laythe and Vall (Part 1) (Mar 28 - Apr 09, Mission Day 238-246) This episode covers the landings on Laythe and Vall and the surface tour on Laythe. It took longer than expected, because IRL stuff held me back, and the game had again new (bad) surprises for me. Before this episode, I had to reload only 2 times, but on Laythe only, I reloaded 4 times, and Falcon is still sitting on the surface. I already know, that I can't complete the mission before my vacation, when I will take a break of two weeks. It's doubtful, that I can complete my tour on Vall before it, and Jool and Tylo must wait for sure, until I'm back again. Overview of the situation At Laythe Landing on Laythe Laythe tour part 1 At Vall Laythe tour part 2
  11. It's OK, I know. The reason for my comment wasn't that.
  12. Switch off SAS and put the probe core into hibernation mode, except the time, when you execute a maneuver.
  13. I was happy back then, that I could build an airplane and a rocket. And of course, if everyone would know the best solution, no one would do something radical different . For my Jool 5 I came one step further. It took a long time, but I could build something like a plane, which can land on Laythe and reach Jool's lower atmosphere. It's still not the hardcore one, because it still looks like a plane, when it reaches orbit again, but overall, it looks more like a plane. At the moment, I'm on Laythe, so you can see it in action very soon. I've tried it on Eve too, just for fun, but it didn't survive the entry. I'm sure, it would need more wing area for the higher gravity.
  14. Why do you need 4 copies of the EVA report? It gives full science score already for one. Are they really all space science reports? According to my calculation, there should be only 210 available. This reminds me on my tests on Jool. I had the same issue (without flipping), and it looked like this. Exploding nose cones and exploding science jr. Unfortunately, the explosion destroyed the batteries and the reaction wheels too, and as a result, I had a spaceplane, which was uncontrollable in the upper atmosphere and in space.
  15. Episode 6 - The Grand Separation and the journey to the inner moons (Mar 24-25, Mission Day 182-238) In this episode the Tree of Life will perform a major transformation and split up into different parts.
  16. Episode 5 - Pol and more space science (Mar 21-23, Mission Day 118-182) In this episode I will land on Pol to collect all the surface science, and I will also finish the mission of Sloth. Overview of the situation Around Tylo - Part 1 Pol - Part 1 Around Tylo - Part 2 Pol - Part 2
  17. Episode 4 - More space science (Mar 10-19, Mission day 58-118) I planned for this episode to land on Pol and collect all the science there, but because of the bad constellation of the moons, it has to wait. But the mission of Sloth, collecting space science, made good progress, it will fill this episode. Overview of the situation Around Pol Around Laythe Around Vall In the next episode, I will really drive around on the surface of Pol, if we can call that driving .
  18. Is it a known issue, that the Steam-Guard-Code doesn't arrive from time to time? When I want to play KSP, I have to type in my username and my password. Every 1-2 weeks I need an additional verification with the Steam-Guard-Code sent by E-mail. Everything was fine in the firs 11 months. Last month, there was the first time, that I didn't receive the code, and couldn't log in, because I was asked for it every time. As I tried it on the next evening, I got a code and could log in. But this time it's more than two days, since I don't receive the code whenever I try to log in. What can I do? I don't have any spam filters in my mailbox, and in the last two days I bought something on Amazon and got a mail from there, and I send in my tax declaration and got a mail from the tax office too. But I didn't get any mails from Steam, and I tried to log in at least six times, and every time I got the message, that I have to type in the code, which was sent by mail, but never arrived.
  19. On my actual mission I designed my communication network in a way, that allows for some of my vessels to establish contact to it, but prevents the surface deployed experiments to do the same. Normally, this doesn't make any sense, but the challenge rules made it necessary.
  20. My Eve plane was optimized for low speed, safe landing, high altitude flight and science collection. It could reach 50m/s at low altitude, 55m/s at cruising altitude (4-7km) and 83m/s at maximum altitude (22km). It had a Mk2 cockpit for two kerbals, a cargo bay for all science experiments and foldable wings for easier transport on a rocket. It could land on the sea, but couldn't take off. It was patience necessary, but I explored Eve with it, and visited all biomes.
  21. Yes, I know that setting. I read your posts and I know, you use it. Back then, I didn't understand, why it was important for you to turn the night into day. I found your screenshots with the original light settings good too. I simply didn't know, how much worse dark pictures look on other screens different from mine.
  22. That's interesting, because on my laptop, most of the pictures look fine, and I have the brightness setting of my screen on minimum. I looked at the pictures on the computer in the office, and on that monitor, with a much brighter screen setting, the dark parts of the pictures looked much darker, than on my laptop. I think, the contrast there is simply too high. I use the same settings always. Were my screenshots from the VAB, Kerbin, Gilly and Eve dark too? I think, Bop is really dark, even at daylight.
  23. Episode 3 - Bop, and more vessel introductions (Feb 28-Mar 03, Mission day 1-58) This episode will cover the entire science collection on and around Bop, the drive on the surface, some refueling, more vessel introductions, and probably the first highlight of the mission. I don't know, if the intro or the launch from Kerbin already was a highlight for you, but this one will be something different. I hope, it won't be too confusing, but I will present the timeline as it happened. That means, I will jump between the vessels and missions, like I did it in the game, so you can get an impression, how everything happens for me while playing. This episode is really long (probably the longest), because I give more detailed descriptions of the vessels, which I didn't do in the first episode, to keep the tension, and I won't go into the details as much in the future episodes at the repeating processes. Part 1 Introduction of Sloth - Crew: Reibrecht (pilot), Meidunja (scientist) Part 2 Introduction of Wasp - Crew: Valentina (pilot), Ernstpold (engineer) Part 3 Introduction of Tetrapus - Crew: Hemmens (pilot), Adeldorstina (engineer), Kaydre (scientist) Part 4 Introduction of Veterinarian - Crew: Jaseida (pilot), Bill (engineer) Part 5
  24. Why don't the surface experiments count??? As you didn't mention the deployed science experiments in your Pol post, I was really surprised, and I had the hope, to get more points than you, even without the ability to "land" on water.
  25. That's amazing, how different vessels and mission plans can exist to reach the same goal. Especially to reach Jool's lower atmosphere, I think, the only common in our missions is the crew (pilot-scientist), and that is only because you accidentally deviated from your original plan , everything else is probably as different as possible.
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