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  1. 99% ig, im not too new to kopernicus although this will be my first publicly released pack, i am going to change the name of the devthread after i finish a few more planets
  2. UPDATE: i have thought of a new idea that will incorporate this pack... will be announced soon!
  3. Oh boy, im taking a bit too long as it seems, ima post some sneak peaks of the new map for Kekminis im working on
  4. Im currently taking a break but ive been having a few troubles with texturemaking and other things, it will take awhile before everything comes together. I expect everything to be in a ready-to-release state before the end of the year
  5. DEV UPDATE: 29/11/24 Kikurbu has been going smoothly, i have recently found a old mod that had a similar concept to mine, its owner has allowed me to use assets from it! Along with that, @JoshTheKerbal (Kerbalhub) helped me revamp kekminis' textures. Pics coming soon..
  6. This is cool, thanks for early access btw!
  7. ill get some pictures up: These are some older photos, subject to change!!
  8. THIS MOD IS NOT COMPLETE YET!!! I have created this thread in advance, you can follow dev updates here. Photos soon!
  9. Oop! Well look at that, too bad it gets ruined by OPM . Also I think some asteroid moons are a good idea.
  10. It looks like the kerbals discovered the 6th planet (sorry dres and eeloo)
  11. i didnt know this existed... well, time to abuse this
  12. From what ive seen, it looks like the ordering is kinda messed up (The Rendering), atleast thats what it looks like. Is it overriding the volumetric clouds aswell?
  13. Nifty Nebulae support? It seems like a pretty easy fix
  14. Waterfall compatibility? And maybe a texture update could do aswell (ugly beta parts)
  15. Oh, btw the symptoms where the camera being underground and the game freezing, thanks for letting me know, ill tell my friend about this since he didnt take the files our of extras
  16. Its still not working, i installed Kopernicus expansion-er since it was the only one that seemed compatible Log: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wzxy0ckyzvdqmbn/KSP.log/file
  17. Nevermind, i have uploaded it to mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fl6zrqr1d0bo29m/KSP.log/file
  18. Oh right, ok ill post them here Lemme recreate the problem real quickly
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