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  1. Floor 5024: a sign declaring that this is a sand free zone: “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and gets everywhere.”
  2. Granted. You shoot a laser at Earth to take parts of it, and you then form the debris into your own planet, named Iaeptus. This kills every living thing on earth. I wish for an M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
  3. Here is a Boeing 777 cake, but it was made by 2024 Boeing, so some parts are missing… can I get a duck cake from Bluey?
  4. I found a CVC tanker helmet in my room while i was cleaning… I’ll post pics soon (and by soon I mean in a few hours)
  5. Good point, and I should probably do that. Thankfully, my Team Yankee starter force is coming on the 18th, so I can focus on that instead.
  6. I am absolutely tired of stuff these days. So many people are arguing about stupid crap these days. EVERYTHING IS WAY TOO POLARIZED! We just HAVE to get into arguments and heated debates about the most random things. It’s gotten so bad that families are literally fighting with each each other over stuff like politics and whatever. The culture wars made things worse, and everyone HAS to pick a side! Mate, I don’t WANT to pick a side! Social media didn’t help either. It’s just literal brain rot at some times, arguments at another, and it is just ENDLESS. Sure there are great places online, like here, but everywhere else feels like a war zone sometimes, online and offline. We have done great things before, and we did that by working together. Look at Apollo! But even people deny that humanity has been to the Moon. I guess nothing is safe from pointless arguing. I guess what I’m saying is… 2024 sucks. And if I’m honest, I just wanna paint miniatures and watch Bluey. I think I might go do that now.
  7. That is also in my cart so when I finish this I’ll get a few M113s. Don’t worry! It does have the Chadley uhh I mean Bradley fighting vehicle in it so it is cool Im gonna paint it up in a 3-tone NATO camo
  8. I FINALLY ORDERED MY TEAM YANKEE STARTER SET LETS GOOOO apologies for excitement I’ll put the pics in the model making thread
  9. RIP… we shall never forget (uhh what’s his name can you tell me please)
  10. Awesome photos! Is the position of the Earth and Mars one of the causes of the inconvenience? I would like to know more about that. lol I can make out surface features in those pictures I study mars too much
  11. Thanks! It’s kinda that, more of a branch off of the original series. SPOILERS FOR THE LATEST EPISODE AHEAD! One of said opportunities is whether they get to Mars or not, and they obviously do. I chose to put the character Socks Heeler, who is basically a little kid in the show, in the crew because I want to show what certain characters are doing during the flash-forward. Also, it would be funny, and I get to practice creating Martian landscapes. my main inspirations for this first materialized when I was sick a month ago. The series is mainly inspired by The Martian (both the book and the movie), a docuseries/tv show from National Geographic called Mars, books on human spaceflight and Mars, and of course, Bluey. im open for any suggestions on this, by the way, so feel free to give me any ideas! (un?)surprisingly, I haven’t gained as much traction on the bluey subreddit than here. Maybe I should draw this next…
  12. I have a request if possible, as I have no idea how astrophotography works: can one of you guys get a pic of Mars whenever it is possible? Thanks!
  13. Socks Heeler, Mission Specialist. Socks is an Australian mechanical engineer and botanist who hails from Brisbane. She is the first Australian astronaut to set foot on the Red Planet.
  14. Crew Members: Socks Heeler, Mission Specialist. Socks is an Australian mechanical engineer and botanist who hails from Brisbane. She is the first Australian astronaut to set foot on the Red Planet.
  15. I should. It is a concept drawing tho, and I will create a larger panorama style pic for the base
  16. I improved the Hab for the phoenix missions
  17. For real life?
  18. I managed to launch a station and complete orbital rendezvous. I am on ps5 (gonna upgrade to PC soon) so it was a fun challenge. I am growing more ambitious every launch and I’m gonna launch a BIG single launch station soon.
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