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  1. I see some issues with the suspension (you need some struts in between the two parts that connected to the axles) but other than that it looks pretty cool!
  2. I would, I have the best specs for my macbook (and computer overall) around I believe, but I'm not 18.
  3. Oh god, totally going to be my next siggy.
  4. Not to super-bump, but I never knew it was this big. Just skype chats and stuff... long movie o_o
  5. Yup, because any unbalanced end will be equally spread on all sides of the craft during flight.
  6. Just slingshot around the Mun in the opposite direction of Kerbin's general velocity. Done.
  7. Who cares, I say keep it. Hell, we don't know what words mean in the Kerbal language now do we?
  8. Our ancient ancestors where actually technologically advanced beyond anyone's belief. Doing so, they had discovered all planets and other systems of interest until their boredom had destroyed their own home planet when attempting to make a 5-mile long rocket to no where. During launch, someone forgot to move the rocket over to the side in the VAB causing it to crash into the launch tower, thus creating such a fireball that sent out a fifth of Kerbin's mass into orbit around it, both flipping the poles of Kerbin (and making it perfectly inclined at 0 degrees) and additionally creating the Mun. Evidence shows that crater is within the Wakirian Sea, where the island of Kortuga lies inside of the geographical anomaly, the center of the crater. A distress signal made it to a nearby colony on Gilly orbiting Eve, a planet they were currently trying to terraform into a habitable and sustainable ecosphere from a purple poisonous rock (This explains Eve as an incomplete life-giving planet). They dropped everything, and sent out their remaining crew to look for survivors on Kerbin. A second ship was sent out of the system to have a better chance at contacting colonies from the closest neighboring star, and then they had proceeded to take all of their inhabitants back to Kerbin. This would have taken hundreds of years. Due to the abnormally dense material that the Mun and everything else in this universe is made out of, it formed rather quickly from the debris in space around Kerbin. Without expectation, they were on an inevitable collision course with the Mun. Rumor says it that the largest emergency craft left the mothership and slingshot itself past the planet and into deep space, never to be found. The mothership suffered an explosive fate. This explosion by itself slowed down the Mun so fast that it circularized it's orbit, but also taking a chunk from it's form, creating the belt far from Kerbin that would create Minmus. Some how, Kerbin was repopulated from an unknown source, possibly ejection pods from the Mothership that had orbited for long enough to get living beings down to the surface when it would be habitable again. Thousands of more years go by, and we are here now, just to repeat history, again... ...and that's how Equestria was made!
  9. It looks like it; he just said it's not an osprey because it doesn't use propellers but engines instead.
  10. Nice ship, and I see what you did there with the title. "TAARRRRDDDYYYYY!!!!"
  11. Roblox had an awesome community in early 2009, but past that just really really sucked. The game is still good, but the community right now? can't bear it.
  12. Ah, I've been going too conventional with turning the decouplers, but it looks like you accidentally ran into a workaround.
  13. That's exactly what I have been doing, but they don't fly straight since there aren't small enough fins to keep it stable. I got the weight down, but it's not really that appealing. Are you set on stock only? No missile/bomb mods?
  14. Just to clarify, how do you actually make proper missiles and bombs with just stock?
  15. In about 4-5ish hours, you will be able to witness the creation of the MECHAPOOP MURK TRES. Viking technology. Nipples.
  16. Made this a few days ago. Pretty good engines, although this is a poor example since it's so big and not as effective.
  17. Very nice, I'd like to see more people on this soon! Good easy communication.
  18. I'm thinking about the same thing actually - it's much better than a lets-play from my perspective. There are tons of more stuff to do in a live chat, such as answering and explaining questions and designs, how they work, etc. Maybe someone could send me a craft file and then I remix it live, who knows? Would that be interesting? Knowing your audience is the hardest part. And yes, a mic would probably be needed.
  19. To be honest, what is really left except for docking? If it's not next then I'm curious to see what could possibly come before it.
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