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  1. I don't like depending on it, and it doesn't work for planes anyway.
  2. 2/10 You are fairly recent with only 81 posts, but that can always change.
  3. Dude what mod parts are those...? You can ask around and find out what kind of water craft I made with just C7, but with these hulls... dear lord...
  4. 0/10 but we could still be friends!
  5. Sure, but I'm going to have to re-download a whole lot of mods since I lost them all... And is NovaPunch back up yet?
  6. When ever a new update comes out, I try to complete the main new objective using only stock.
  7. The Terran Republic's leader - Pinkie Pie. -------- 3/10 you >_>
  8. You should add a camera to the scope so you can look through it and change the orientation at the same time, instead of seeing it in third person.
  9. Did anyone see him on SNL an hour ago? Hilarious! xD
  10. Are the developers still going to attempt to make the docking from scratch? I don't see why, since that would be a huge waste of development time...
  11. My bad, I meant -80 degrees. Not completely facing down but with some forward thrust, like this: __ ///
  12. 5/10 I've seen that ava-WHOOSH! holy dear lord! what just passed my face?
  13. It is probably too late... But just to clarify, I dun goofed in the command prompt, accidentally wiping and merging two of my other hard drives on the same disk together. I guess I might as well start to download everything and call it a night... but thanks for the info, I appreciate it. What I need to know before I do that though, is how to trade space from my other drives to my C drive. I can't do it physically for obvious reasons, but I only have 64GB on my C so is there any way to "digitally" regard some disk space from other drives as C?
  14. You all have just witnessed the near complete extinction of 42-I. The attachments in my second post under this thread are the last of it's kind. 0.13+ crafts are gone entirely. This is an extreme knockout to the company. We will attempt to recover, but an estimated 15-20 testing designs will never be available again until further notice. "The Final Five" 42i - Cougar.craft 42i - Wildcat.craft 42i - Panther.craft Mosquito Mk2.craft Mosquito Mk2AR.craft
  15. Is it possible to merge partitions from separate disks? And where are the restore points saved? I fear they might have been on the drive that was lost in the first place.\ At least my C is safe, which isn't that bad I guess.
  16. I needed more disk space on my C drive, so I tried to merge it with another partition. The problem was is that they were on separate disks. Kept on trying to fix it, but I accidentally wiped my secondary disk and it's partitions. Please, a moment of silence... for all of the downloads, games, pictures, and especially my KSP files, including all of my glorious aircraft. Not even a system restore could recover my second disk and the partitions within. May they rest in peace, for tomorrow will it will be thy biggest bitch to re-download everything onto my computer.
  17. I need the second mod part. EDIT: My experience with the mod so far isn't really that amazing. At first, it looked like one of those mods where there are multiple pieces for one design and that would be all you could make. Then I saw this, which changed my mind. But when I got the mod all of the hardpoints were off, nothing compatible, etc.
  18. Make your front wheels horizontal to the ground. When they are on an angle, it's like pushing a shopping cart while bent on one side - the front wheel will get caught under it and flip over.
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