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  1. 1.1/10 since I have seen you again, but I have a question. What exactly is your avatar?
  2. Might be over thinking it, but that should work. I was just like "f**k it" and landed on the first try, but I kind of wish I failed for the first few times. Kinda seems that it would be more rewarding that way, wouldn't it?
  3. Showed my friends. Came for the explosions. Stayed for the explosions. Never got to orbit. Yep.
  4. 1/10 I remember the avatar but that's pretty much it.
  5. Don't really need a joystick for this game. Not even for planes.
  6. I have, but they are too old. I need to make new battleships, but I'm kind of saving those for when we can construct things in orbit. It would make more sense that way.
  7. Right now I'm developing the Galaxy. It's basically a medium variant of the Mosquito. Might do the trick, but I have some stuff to change before I release it.
  8. I'd say kerbin didn't have a tilt from the beginning. The explosion was so giant it flipped the planet entirely, and somehow managed to become perfectly upside-down. That is the proper theory. The Mun.
  9. What was intense? The flight? Or did you miss the runway? >confused
  10. Yea, I think I want to sit this one out and see what others make this time. But damnit I was already cracking my knuckles and opening KSP! xD
  11. "Greetings fellow Kerbals, for the past few weeks i have been working on a little addon for Kerbal Space Program. In this video series i will be demonstrating some of it's features: - Simple autopilot for active and inactive ships - Some kind of 'docking' - Unmanned pods & remote control system that make debris pilotable - Decouplers controlled by keys rather than staging - Ship to ship fuel transfer & fuel dump Once i get all bugs fixed and features implemented i will release it in the KSP forums." - The uploader of the videos Oh lawd in 3... 2... 1...
  12. My most recent one was the the 'Mosquito' from my 42-I page. Huge step forward in VTOL's for me at least... revolutionary design. Never before has a plane been able to angle itself downward and hover with minimal movement at the same time! Not very fast though.. only goes about 170m/s (at sea level), but hey.
  13. From the looks of the video that is on the forums, I'd go download that mod. This could be dangerous... I have already built monstrosities on the ground... but now is the time to make a mothership and send it to a planet with individual landers for each moon.
  14. Well I just dropped everything I was doing. Where can I get this? Or is it a sneak peek? Or a leak...? But docking isn't even for .17...
  15. The trick is to have one set of engines that are stationary and pointing at at just about 80 degrees, and then have a pair of stronger engines that can rotate in the front. This will allow you to compansate with the center of gravity and be able to over at crazy angles! My Mosquito can aim 60 degrees downwards and move less that 0.5m/s, the first of it's kind with the design I believe. Incredible effective.
  16. Looks like spore with a proper civilization/space stage. Awesome! Not really me kind of kerbal though (designing ships etc) but it's still neat. I hope the orbiting is manual.
  17. Sign me up - I'd be interested.
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