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  1. Terrain scatters does add trees and rocks, so I don't think it would too difficult add grass to that.
  2. I know right! It had sooo many features and was probably a bit overpowered.
  3. My favorites were the Bobcat rovers and romferer's laser system.
  4. Also, some mods were made/maintained by different people at different points, so some googlefu might be needed to find the version needed.
  5. I think the lack of car mods is because this game is called kerbal space program. Also more generally, mods that only do one thing (pre-designed rovers, spaceships, etc) tend to not be as popular or useful as modular part packs.
  6. Eh, I know some people have built their own crawlers with rover wheels and structural panels and a large number of struts. Also, I'm pretty sure launch clamps can't be physically moved.
  7. I would guess that it is caused by contract mods, because I think they cause a lot of lag.
  8. Just as a heads up, a large portion of the community ISS mod (I think all the soviet parts) was done by Bobcat, and he was disappeared a long time ago, and everything he made is all rights reserved. So you could either find a replacement for those parts or make them yourself.
  9. As far as I know, the ISS community mod died a long time ago. Even if you find it, it probably doesn't work with current versions of KSP.
  10. I had this issue, then I relogged and fixed it.
  11. harder in terms of delta-v, easier in terms piloting.
  12. I mean... technically if you have enough fuel you can just go straight up from launch and end up in a sun orbit.
  13. Apparently, I went to Cambridge Massachusetts without telling me.
  14. There's naval artillery : and nuclear bombs:
  15. That's popping up for me too, want to meet up at 47,8 sometime?
  16. Just a heads up, you might want to take Squad out of the download, and make sure that you have permission from all the modders.
  17. While I don't know if its the case, its probably doable by using Kerbal Konstructs.
  18. Warning that some of the old mods might no longer be supported and thus causing your old saves to not load correctly.
  19. If you are looking for larger plane parts, B9 has a good collection.
  20. Just out of curiosity.... why can't you just use a smaller booster? If you reduce the thrust by that much it will probably have a TWR of less than 1. If you really want to change it, there is a value in part.cfg called maxThrust.
  21. I mean technically there's procedural parts, but yeah you can't just make your own frankenstein part in game.
  22. 1) The ascent guidance shuts off once it's done its job. Also like kerbstar said, background ships are on rails. 2) Yes, basically it tries to make an orbit with 0 eccentricity. 3) Those are stock features, additional ground stations, kind of like how NASA has the Deep space network.
  23. Then you would end up with two different versions of player #1's craft.
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