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  1. Any words on the planned features for KSP1, will they be in KSP2 (volumetric clouds, wind, etc...)?
  2. Nice updates, you are awesome! Background processing is running so much smoother now!
  3. Quick questions, hope someone can help: Should there be background snack processing? The non active of my two bases don't seem to do that, those lazy kerbals consume them though. Oh also, faster timewarp stops the snack processor with error: "Missing Electric Charge" but still plenty of charge left in those batteries...
  4. Interesting, and "maximum" shielding would be full shield in all modules? So this will be hard, to build up some comfy base a few years of travel, far away from home... Guess i need to try out some stuff in cheat menu first to get a good feeling of whats going on exactly. Anyway, thanks!
  5. Awesome mod! Thanks for keeping it up to date! Still have some questions on my mind for my upcoming duna base: Shielding: So how much do i need, is there some kind of formula... like 1rah/h needs X amount of shielding for a permanent solution? Radiation: How do my poor kerbals get rid of radiation (seems to even slowly build up on LKO)? Stress: So if they have some soil to stand on (and proper living quarter) they are getting happy, right?
  6. Some suggestions for next update: Performance optimizations, Tweakscale integration, KER integration, Multiplayer, Some more star systems + futuristic engines, Life support (with difficulty settings), Clouds, Wind, Contract improvements,... Its not that i'm not happy to see what the game has become, love it more than ever, just pointing out that there is still room on top.
  7. If my calculations are correct, and i doubt it... there is a 0.0015783 percent chance that the game will be released in the next second!
  8. This also always happens, when i try to land stuff in "the wilds" Thats also the reason i switchted to seaplanes lately...
  9. The community may seem harsh and unfair at this point, but for me it's just because i care! For this game and everything that comes with it. So much people caring about this situation of devs leaving, seems to be a positive thing in my opinion. So, im glad that everything kinda got sorted out and development will continue on this gem. Cheers!
  10. Looking good! Were u able to land it?
  11. Please, don't let this be as sad as it seems. KSP is such a great thing, and with that i mean the game as a whole thing, with the nice and helpful community, the devs that listened, the hard work the modders put in it. I just hope its not the end.
  12. Hmmm, godspeed... i guess. I have the feeling that something is stinky. I mean, look at all those people leaving the last months, very stinky.
  13. This updatenews has some serious bitter off-taste for me. So much crew leaving the ship, is it sinking or just getting refurbished?
  14. So excited about this mod! Need to test that back home... Now i need a mod to build a kerbal colony on one of the planets to launch my rockets from... and maybe a wormhole mod
  15. Yup, now not only spacy stuff fills my mind, but also a lot of technical. Ideas like building a Hydrogen Generator and replace the propane in an gas barbeque grill, so no more dry stakes! Or like building a low cost mini gas turbine... But yeah, i also started to watch a lot of science and space videos, the geeky kind of stuff...
  16. We need a Hall of Fame on some planet called "Hall of Keveloper" ( the K name in honor to NovaSilisko ) with kerbal statues of the devs who worked on ksp like so:
  17. As i remember, i read an AMA about StarCitizen... where some guy asked about if there will be orbital mechanics like in Kerbal Space Program. Looked it up, (it was like KSP0.17 back then) after 10 mins in demo, i bought it. Still playing it, must be something like 2000h+ now
  18. Lifesupport & Interplanetary = inefficient Probes are the way to go... but even lately i just reached duna with probes before starting a new game (lack of useful contracts in old game).
  19. Sad times for KSP Always loved the cinematics and animations... thank you for the work you put in this project! I hope this is not the end of KSP as it is, with so much leaving the team (i will make a backup of this KSP version for sure). Cheers Edit: Oh, and always when i heared a new update is out, even before downloading, i watched the cinematics Thanks Dan
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