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  1. I love this new format for Dev-notes! Very simple and organised, very professional. I like the new part revamps. I would like to see a grey option for the slim adapters and a heavier tilt for the lower windows on the landercans though. Other than that, they're looking pretty good!
  2. I use stock scale. Scouts quite a bit powerful for the payloads its intended for, but for larger 0.625m LEO payloads it's perfect. Having 0.9375 fairing diameters allows me to launch bigger satellites without the rocket becoming too unweildy.
  3. YESSS! I use scout for alot of missions. It'll be great to finally to use normal 0.9375m fairings rather than using the 0.625 to 0.9375m vangaurd fairing adapter. This is shaping up to be an amazing update
  4. I like the compromise on the new suit! It looks pretty good and has nice resemblance to the old one. The new SRB's are kinda bland though. The panel lines and indents could be fleshed out a little and nozzle looks a bit small. All in all though, the new parts are looking good!
  5. Si. Mcdonnell Douglas even seriously studied the possibility of rescuing and reusing Skylab in the late 70s using components developed for the spacelab program. Here's a link to part I of the study And a link to part II
  6. Flying a Shuttle-Skylab reactivation/reboost mission in my 1.3.1 game. It's sorta something I've been building up to for awhile
  7. All this time... Never even noticed Honestly it would be nice but it isn't too necessary. All you would have to do is center it and select the "Fore by Throttle" setting. Although an engine variant would be cool though. Thanks
  8. Hey could we get a singular version of the Apollo R4D RCS quad? Some satellites and vehicles such as H-II, ATV, and Orion still use it as primary/secondary propulsion systems. It would be a nice addition since there are not many nice monoprop engines for small satellites.
  9. 3 words: Every Gram Counts. New Horizons was designed to be as light as possible, allowing for the greatest amount of payload to be flung towards Pluto in a bearable amount of time. JPL wanted to have as many instruments as they could integrate into the spacecraft (they managed to fit 5), so an impactor is out the question. NH would have to have equipment used to track and monitor the probe until impact, specialized instruments that can analyze the impact, and a support frame for the probe that's useless after deployment. All of that subtracts any remaining mass dedicated for more important instruments like RALPH or ALICE, and would be just dead mass that would significantly hamper the secondary KBO flyby mission.
  10. Yeah I know that. It's just that haven't seen this type of abort scenario play out live before. Actually, come to think of it, I've never seen an abort before, only scrubs.
  11. I find it sort of hilarious and aggravating that Space X's main arch enemies are now boats. Also, that was one of closest aborts I've ever saw.
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