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  1. great mod! Im still learning but will be great I am using RSS+ principia and tred to change input into plug in, but in the bodies.ini the file is laking of several bodies, like uranus, neptune, pluto. Is anything that I did wrong?
  2. Is this mod usable or was abandoned? For sure has a great potential to use with RO+RSS
  3. why the sky is glowing red at midnight? how can I reduce city lights? is there any way to have a better contrast in kerbin ocean and continents?
  4. I am using the November dll and is working well. Circ is very weird, its going to random direction, but may be due to my custom MJ, will see what happen soon after I upgrade MJ. I tried to compile the current version but it didnt loaded into game, no errors.
  5. I have playing in a 20.2 one, is it worth making a upgrade? I am worried about mods I remember thatI waste a lot of time making all working smooth
  6. I am going to do this. First, I am seeing a lack of scoring, may be rank based on tons at launch or as I like more, the least time to put in safety the 3 kerbals, because them are with cold/hunger/fear Thinking about the public opinion, they will let another kerbal to going to rescue? I think that if a unmanned craft goes to rescue, the chances of failure will rise and a last manned mission will be allowed, so the craft must be manned. So I ask for these changes: 1) make a scoring based on tons at launch / time to put in safety all kerbals 2) at least one kerbal aboard to give medical assistence.
  7. after 6 design finally got it about 15min real to get to 30s / 700ish parts run #1 - 30163 http://imgur.com/a/c1BKJ#6 run #2 - 30471 To pass 32000 I will need 2000+ parts will try 5.0 overclock tomorrow with another stage with more 1000parts edit-typos
  8. I am starting to designing a theoric max dV craft using 1.6 TWR and probe, gives me a theoric of 7200dV with 57stages / 1500parts ... will try that!
  9. I fired each stage when about 20-30m/s less than terminal velocity so after the burn I got to about +10-20m/s Optimal is always V = Vterminal, but its difficult with SEPRATRONs Also, it is great to be as fast as could in the first stage, a TWR 10 helps a lot. Mine is ~4 due to stress
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