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[1.12.x] Mk2 Expansion v1.9.1 [update 10/5/21]

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Version 1.9



This is a parts pack intended to flesh out the stock mk2 parts lineup by providing new engines, air intakes, and fuselage segments and cockpits in the mk2 formfactor, to give players more options when building spaceplanes and more. All textures are stock textures where possible, using MODEL nodes, so RAM footprint should be minimal.

Album a/Tc2kF will appear when post is submitted


  • 2 kerbal Inverted cockpit with IVA
  • 1 kerbal Multi-purpose high visibility cockpit with IVA
  • 2 kerbal Mk2-1.25 cockpit with IVA
  • 3 kerbal Mk2 spaceplane cockpit with IVA
  • 1 Kerbal Bubble canopy with IVA


  • Aerodynamic Configurable Monopropellant RCS block
  • Aerodynamic Configurable LF/O OMS block
  • 5-Way heavy duty Mk2 conformal RCS block
  • Roll control RCS chine block
  • Prograde/retrograde RCS chine cap
  • Stability Control RCS and SAS module
  • Monopropellant OMS pod

-Air Intakes

  • 1.25m to Mk2 inline air intake
  • Ramscoop intake
  • Mk2 shock cone intake
  • Mk2 precooler
  • Mk2 subsonic circular intake


  • 'Vector' Thrust Vector Turbojet
  • 'Afterburn' TurboRamJet
  • E.S.T.O.C. Dual-cycle Engine
  • M.A.T.T.O.C.K. Dual-cycle Engine
  • 'Pegasus' Inline VTOL engine
  • 'Siddeley' VTOL engine
  • 'JumpJet' radial VTOL engine
  • 'Wedge' Linear Aerospike
  • 'Pluto' Nuclear Engine
  • 'Rontgen' Atomic Thermal Jet
  • 'Mule' Thrust reverser turbofan
  • 'Spirit' Xenon/Electric Engine
  • 'J.Edgar' heavy VTOL engine
  • "Mongrel" rocket VTOL Engine
  • 'Wirligig' Turboprop Engine
  • 'Boost-O-Tron' Air-Augmented SRB
  • 'Mallet' Air-Augmented SRB
  • 'Sledgehammer' Air-Augmented Ramrocket
  • 'Banshee' VTOL Lift Fan
  • 'Hyperblast' Scramjet
  • 'Corgi' Rocket Engine
  • 'Trident' Rocket Engine


  • Chines in three flavors
  • Mk1 scale chine pieces - short, long, and end cap segments for 1.25m parts
  • Mk2 scale chine pieces - short, long, and end cap segments for Mk2 fuselages
  • Mk2 scale chine wing root pieces - chine adapter, short, and long segments

-Fuselage and structural

  • Shrouded 1.25m Engine/Docking Mount
  • 2-State 1.25m Aerospace mount
  • Mk2 Tailboom
  • Hypersonic Mk2 nosecone with integrated RCS
  • Nosecap with integrated RCS
  • Spadetail Mk2 to wing adapter
  • Mk2 inverter fuselage
  • Mk2-0.625 tricoupler
  • Mk2-1.25 tricoupler
  • Mk2 short bicoupler
  • Mk2 - Mk2 Bicoupler
  • Mk2-size2 short adapter
  • T, X, and L hubs
  • Mk2 Structural Tube
  • Mk2 Structural Adapter Short
  • Mk2 Structural Adapter Long
  • Mk2 decoupler
  • Mk2 Service Tank
  • Mk2 Science Lab
  • Mk2 airlock Endcap
  • Mk2 Radial Attach Mount
  • Mk2 Long Crew Cabin


  • Shielded Mk2 docking port
  • Low-Profile Aligned Docking Port
  • Mk2 Service Compartment
  • Mk2 Nuclear Reactor
  • Mk2 Battery bank
  • Mk2 radial shrouded solar panel
  • Mk2 nose cargo bay
  • Shrouded Thermal Control System
  • Shrouded Mk2 Landing Leg
  • Mk2 Cargo Container


-Primary: SpaceDock

-Secondary: Github

Mk2 Expansion uses as dependencies, and is bundled with, Module Manager, CommunityResourcePack, and B9 PartSwitch

This mod is also CKAN indexed

Kottabos review: (From Version 1.0)


Album a/BHXmt will appear when post is submitted




This mod comes with Module Manager compatibility/interoperability patches for a number of mods.

  • Connected Living Space
  • Kerbal Atomics
  • RasterPropMonitor
  • ASET IVA props
  • Tweakscale
  • USI Life Support
  • Deadly ReEntry
  • ExtraPlanetary launchpads
  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Modular Fuel Tanks
  • Near Future Electrical
  • Community Tech Tree
  • Modular Fuel Tanks
  • Modular Kolony Systems
  • RealPlume-Stock
  • WindowShine
  • System Heat


  • Why won't the game load? KSP crashes when trying to load M2 Expansion parts?
    • Make sure you install the required dependencies, B9 PartSwitch and Community Resource Pack. Both are included with Mk2Expansion in the download. Because M2X uses resources from CRP, KSP will not load if it is missing from your Kerbal Space Program/GameData director
  • How can I configure the Mk2 lab to seat 4 kerbals?
    • install the Extras/Mk2Expansion/patches/4Seatlab MM patch.
  • How do I get the banshee Fans to use Electric Charge or LF/Air?
    • install one of the alternate fuel configs in Extras/Mk2Expansion/Patches/ - either M2X_AirBreathingBanshee (will no longer work on Eve/Duna/Jool) or M2X_ElectricBanshee.
  • How do I use the Hyperblast Scramjet?

    • You can find a tutorial on how to use the scramjet here:

For KSPI and users, or if you want RF engine configs, there is a compatibility pack courtesy of ABZB: Link



KSP.1.11.x update
-New Part: Mk2 Cargo Container
-Mk2 Adapter Endcap now has internal model
-Fixes Chine texture url issue
-Adds cargo/Inventory functionality
-Adds System Heat compatibility MM patch
-Adds optional MM patch to add dual-cycle functionality to Nuclear jet

-KSP 1.10.1 Update
-New Part: Slanted Mk2-1.25 Adapter
-Fixes decoupler crossfeed issue
-Fixes RCS Blister offset issue
-Banshee Fan doors have better clearance when open
-Part Rework: All Chines have been conglomerated into three configurable omni parts
-Old Chine parts moved to Legacy status
-New Part: Configurable Chine RCS - multivariant RCS similar to the RCS/OMS/ACS blisters
-RC/PG RCS Chine parts moved to Legacy status
-Part Rework: RCSAS

-Update for KSP 1.10
-VTOL engine thrusts increased
-Aerospike thrust increased slightly
-Fixes JEdgar attach node
-Fixes Nosecap RCS FX
-Part Rework: Boost-O-Tron
Update for KSP 1.9
-Banshee Fans now have in-game fueltype toggle
-Rework of variant part names and descriptions.
-Part Remodel: Mallet AASRB
-Mallet AASRB mass reduced slightly
-"New" Part: Shrouded Landing Leg
-Fixes CB-C cockpit issue
-Fixes Dual-Cycle engine node positions
-RealPlume patch should be less broken now (Thanks Rodg88)
-MATTOCK smoke now correctly oriented
-Adds drag cubes for RCSAS, Aligned Dockingport, and Radial Mounts. These should generate much less drag now
-Fixes Sledgehammer AARE compile error
-cockpit lights now uniform color
-Fixes R-71 cockpit IVA portraits, kerbals no longer occluded by instrument consoles
-Windowshine MM Patch now calls for TextureReplacer instead of the less up-to-date Texturereplacerreplaced
Update for KSP 1.8.1
-Fixes HSNC missing texture faces
-Fixes Tunapit load error
-Adds additional localization, courtesy of Sooll3

-New Part: 'Corgi' Vacuum rocket Engine
-New Part: 'Trident' Rocket Engine
-New Part: Mk2 Bicoupler
-Part Rework: ESTOC
-part Rework: MATTOCK
-HS-X IVA tweaks
-Fixes Tweakscale error on Mk2 Endcap
-Fixes TweakScale warning on Root Chines
-removes extraneous :FOR MM syntax
-Aerospike mass, thrust reduced
-ESTOC Isp reduced to 310
-Adds B9PS tank type localization
-Mk1 Chines now properly configed for FAR
-All mk2 parts now have proper crash tolerance/maxtemp/BreakingForce values
-Adds optional 4 seat lab MM parch
-Fixes missing Aerospike fairing
-Fixes tweakscale patch. Should no longer duplicate settings
-Fixes MM syntax error with M2X_KA patch
-Fixes MM syntax error with M2X_NFE patch
-Fixes nuclear engine costs when using NFE
-Fixes Inline banshee negative collider
-Fixes B9 localization issue
-Fixes OMS Pod white texture
-Updates the USILS patch to current USILS build
-Updates Windowshine MM patch

-KSP 1.7 update
-New Part: Mk2 battery bank
-Fixes missing bulkhead profiles
-Banshee Fans now transition between horiz/vert flight options
-J Edgar now has standalone variant for radial placement
-Aerospike performance refactored, slightly more thrust for slightly less ISP
-Afterburn subsonic performance buffed slightly
-X and T structural hub now have stack symmetry
-Fixes Siddeley localization error
-Fixes Aerospike smokeFX
-Fixes scaled flag for agency contracts
-Adds Whitelist for ReStock compatibility
-Fixes M2X-USILS MM patch
-tweaks MFT patch, should play nicer with B9 PS now
-tweaks MM patches with multiple needs, should throw less errors now
-Adds Atmospheric RCS blister
KSP 1.5 update
-conversion to B9 PartSwitch from IFS
-Adds optional scramjet patch to reduce scramjet performance to stock scale appropriate levels.
-Part Rework: Mk2 Nosecone now has non-HRSI variants

-KSP 1.4.4 update
-Updated part Specular masks/texturemaps for improved TexturesUnlimited compatibility
-Boosted EngineFX particle density
-Tweaked Rontgen AtmCurve
-Example craft no longer contain stock legacy parts
-Fixes Banshee/Whirligig unpiloted craft engine activation bug

KSP 1.4 update
-Part Refactor: L/T/X Hubs lighter, now hold fuel
-Jets now have custom sounds
-Fixes LiftFan SurfaceFX
-Xenon tank mass rebalances
-Service tank now properly holds 200 Monopropellant
-update to Russian localization, credit to yalov

-improves throttle response of prop engines
-Fixes Turboprop IntakeAir use
-Fixes some localization typos
-Fixes Siddley VTOL model

-Adds Russian localization courtesy of yalov

KSP 1.3.1 update
-Extends atmCurves for all airbreathing engines; now correctly have higher thrust in denser atmospheres - Eve/Tellumo/etc.
-Model Rework: Afterburn
-Model Rework: Mule
-Model Rework: Vector
-Model Rework: Omni RCS/OMS blister
-Fixes Banshee Fan SFX

-Fixes Localization for Rontgen and Hyperblast

-Adds Localization framework
-Adds RealPlume-Stock compatibility
-Fixes NFE compatibility patch again
-Fixes mesh hole in HS-X Cockpit IVA
-Fixes Hypersonic cockpit hatch window emissive
-Fixes Shrouded Radiator hatch size
-Fixes Decoupler node alignment
-Fixes Spatular HSNC emissive
-Nerfed Mule Turbofan max thrust slightly
-Increased j.Edgar mass to 2.5t
-Fixed Banshee Velcurve
-Fixed G-120 Turbojet velcurve, now tapers off at high mach
-Fixed ESTOC velcurve, now tapers off at high mach
-Model Rework: CB-C cockpit
-Model Rework: Service Bay
-Model Rework: Ion Engine
-Model Rework: Adapter Intake
-Model Rework: Manta Intake
-Model Rework: Engine Shroud
-Model Rework: Aerospace Mount
-Model Rework: Banshee Fans
-Texture Rework: Airlock Endcap
-Texture Rework: Reactor
-Fixes texture edges on various parts, seams now align properly with stock Mk2 parts
-Adds Thermal Emissive to Precooler
-Adds Thermal emissive to Circular Intake
-Adds Thermal emmissive/Engine FX to J.Edgar
-Servicebay Xenon/Monoprop tank amounts increased slightly
-Service Tank Monoprop tankage increased
-Service bay now has togglable interior attach nodes
-All crew holding parts now have secondary airlocks at bulkhead doors
-All cockpits now have flags
-Fixes Specular maps on all parts

-Updates/fixes NFE patch
-Added ConfigurableContainers exception to IFS patch in case of edge case incompatibility
-New Part: Long crew tank
-New Part: Hollow structural adapter short
-New Part: Hollow Structural Adapter Long
-Part Rework: banshee fans now easier to tell which side is up
-added surface attach to the mk2 structural tube
-reduced Hypersonic Nose fuel capacity
-fixes mk2 decoupler drag issue

-Update for KSP 1.3
-Model Rework: Mk2 Science Lab
-Model Rework: SC-TD Multipurpose Cockpit
-Model Rework: HSNC now has spatular variant
-Model Rework: Nosecap
-Model Rework: Rontgen nuclear jet
-Model Rework: Linear Aerospike
-Banshee Lift Fan SFX volume reduced
-HSNC and SSNC now use updated RSCFX
-Fixes Omin RCS parts clipping into surfaces
-Adds optional MM patch to add reactor heat/decay mechanics to Rontgen
-Removes Scramjet thrust Offset
-Added Engine Lights
-R-71 cockpit now has ASET IVA
-Tweakscale Patch has been updated courtesy of eberkain

-Fixes Vector turbojet attach node
-fixes shrouded solar panel MaxTemp
-Fixes Chine Lift vector issue. Craft using chines will need to fix chine part orientation in the SPH/VAB
-Fixes NUK-3 reactor cooling issue
-Max level engineers no longer required for full reactor output, but engineers will provide slight boost to reactor efficiency
-Added USI compatibility MM patches courtesy of Merkov
-Fixes MM patch conflict with GTindustries
-Fixes NFE issue with the Pluto NTR
-New Part: Mk2 Structural tube
-New custom DragCubes for a few parts, should fix drag issues
-Model Rework: R-71 cockpit, adds second seat, new IVA

-New Part: Shrouded Thermal Control System
-Part Rework: Hypersonic Nosecone
-part Rework: Spadetail
-Hypersonic Cockpit and Hypersonic nosecone max temp increased
-Fixed engine FX, removes Aero FX/Engine FX interaction
-Tweaked Afterburn thrust curve
-'Vector' turbojet mass reduced
-'Wedge' Linear Aerospike mass reduced
-'Sledgehammer' Air-Augmented rocket thrust reduced
-Various part costs adjusted to be more in line with stock prices

-Fixes Service Bay occulsion issue
-Tweaked Ramjet ThrustCurve
-Tweaked Scramjet ThrustCurve
-Mule Turbofan moved to SupersonicFlight
-Scramjet moved to AerospaceTech, costs adjusted
-Increased Service Tank resource storage capacity
-FF5Way RCS now has Hullmetal White variant
-Mk2 reactor NFE mm patch tweaked, should now produce full rated power when using NFE
-Ramjet now has gimbal
-VTOL engine gimbals restored
-Added cockpit IVA ViewTransforms
-Model Rework: HS-X cockpit
-Model Rework; JE-1 'Mule' turbofan; added size1/mk2 attachment
-Banshee reverted to LF/O fuelmode; alternate fuel modes added via MM patches
-Banshee thrust buffed slightly
-Fixed CLS X-hub compatibility

-Update for KSP 1.2
-Part categories updated to use 1.2 categories
-New Part: Mk2 Nosecone cargobay
-Part rework: Service Tank
-Part Rework: 2-state Aerospace intake now 2-state aerospace mount
-Part Rework; Mk2 Service Bay now has Xenon/MP option
-Part Rework: Afterburn Ramjet
-Part Rework: RCSAS module, torque values tweaked
-Reworked Viper IVA
-Fixed Dropship cockpit IVA overlaymask clipping
-Cockpits now have internal antenna modules
-SC-TD cockpit now has Kerbnet access
-Mk2 Scilab now has kerbnet access
-Fixed reactor timewarp bug
-Fixed Docking Port Editor CtD issue
-Stationkeeper OMS pod size tweaked
-Stationkeeper OMS pod new FX
-RCS units now use new FX

Version 1.7.13
-Fixes Mk2 Endcap hatch obstructed issue
-Model Rework: Hyperblast Scramjet
-Fixes RPM CB-C, HS-X, and SC-TD Cockpit overlay masks
-Banshee lift fans now have MM patch for alternate airbreathing mode
-Model Retexture; L-Hub
-FX Rework: Ramjet FX
-Removed Shrouded Landing Leg

Version 1.7.12
-Model Rework: Engine Shroud now has third variant for long engines/combo engine shroud empennage
-Fixes RPM installs attempting to load ASET IVA configs instead of RPM configs
-Fixes SC-TD cockpit overlaymask IVA clipping issue
-Adds SC-TD cockpit RPM IVA config
-Adjusted HS-X cockpit crew seat positions
-Minor fixes to CB-C RPM IVA config

Version 1.7.11
-Adds LH2 tankswitch options when Kerbal Atomics is installed
-Removed Pluto LH2 conversion when NFE is installed, LH2 conversion moved to Kerbal Atomics patch
-Minor tweaks to IFS tank switch tank values for LF on some parts
-Added IFS support for L hub part
-Buffed NUK-3 integrated radiator strength

Version 1.7.10
-Tweaks Mk2 Aligning docking port collider, should now work wth standard size 1 clamp-o-trons
-Added Kerbal Atomics compatibility MM patch.
-Added Tweakscale compatibility MM patch

Version 1.7.08
-Fixes editor thrust scaling with Air-Augmented SRBS
-AASRB thrust values tweaked to fix mode switch discrepancy
-Buffed Sledgehammer thrust
-Updates buldled Modulemanager plugin to latest version

Version 1.7.07
-All cockpits and scilab now have IVA masks
-Fixed CTT mm patch
-Moded Air-Augmented engines to advanced and heavy rocketry tech nodes
-Buffed Airaugmented SRB intakes slightly
-Fixed Podded solar panel missing texture
-Added KSPedia pages

Version 1.7.05
-re-added mod compatibility MM patches
-Tweaked Afterburn VelCurve: should be a bit better at sub-mach
-tweaked hyperblast velcurve: reduced speed needed for effective thrust production
-tweaked Pluto engine FX
-added radiator functionality to Pluto NTR
-added radiator functionality to Nuk-3 fission reactor
-Model rework: shrouded landing leg
=NOTE: Leg functional, but still somewhat wonky in some orientations due to 1.1 wheel/leg physics
-New Part:Right angle L hub

version 1.7
1.1 update
-New example crafts
-All parts now have uniform M2X prefix - this will probaly break saved/inflight crafts
-Model Rework: ESTOC now has bottom attach node, fairing, rocket mode heat FX
-Model Rework: Linear Aerospike now has bottom attach node, fairing
-Model Rework: Ion Engine now has fairing, bottom node
-Model Rework: R-71 cockpit has been lengthened, given minor cosmetic tweaks; may break saved craft
-Model Rework; P-G0 radial VTOL engine has been completely remade
-Model Rework: J. Edgars have been combined into one part; this might break saved/in-flight craft
-Model Rework: shockcone, now has thermal animation
-Model Rework: RCS blister model reworked, now has multiple variants
-Model Rework: Shrouded solar panel completely reworked
-New Part: OMS Blister - more powerful LF/O version of the Configurable RCS blister
-New Part: Mk2 subsonic intake
-New Part: Banshee Lift Fan radial variant
-New Part: low-profile Aligned docking port
-Model retexture: mk2 Precooler
-New FX; AARE and AASRBs now have custom FX
-Fixed Air-Augmented engines mode switch dual activation issue
-Mk2Science Lab IVA tweaked
-Afterburn Ramjet thrust curve tweaked to provide more power at low mach
-CB-C cockpit LiquidFuel tank removed
-Science Lab science/data yields rebalanced
-Alternate 4 seat science lab IVA config added
-all parts now have search tags
-part Depreciation: Mk2 inline Drill, Mk2 ISRU refienry, Mk2 Generator, Mk2 Ore Tank; parts have been spun off into Stockalike Mining Extension; this might break saved/in-flight craft

Version 1.7.01 prerelease
new part: mk2 inline drill, for real this time
New part: mk2 ISRu refinery, ditto
AASRBs now have increased intakeAtm storage and intakes now have mach curves buffing their intake ability at low speed
tweaked AASRB intakeAtm consumption, should be a bit easier to use
tweaked AASRB thrust down slightly to improve burn time
tweaked Sledgehammer AARE, should function properly now switching engine modes
Air Augmented engines now have max thrust/ISP listed in their part descriptions
Tweaked Banshee, now uses FanIntakeAir to prevent Banshee from acting as a 2m intake for any other jets on the craft
Vector turbojet alternator now functions during afterburner operation

Version 1.7 prerelease
-New part: Mk2 Inline ISRU drill
-New Part: Mk2 ISRU refinery
-New part: Mk2 ore tank
-New Part: Mk2 FuelCell
-New part: 'Hyperblast" Mk2 Scramjet
-New part: 'Boost-O-Tron' Air-Augmented radial SRB
-New Part: 'Mallet' Air-Augmented radial SRB
-New part: 'Sledgehammer' Air-Augmented Rocket Engine
-New part: 'Banshee' Mk2 Lift fan
-New Part: Linear tricoupler
-New Part: Mk2 Radial Attack mount A
-New Part: Mk2 Radial Attach Mount B
-Air Intake intake volumes and masses rebalanced to be more inline with squad values
-Model rework; 'Rontgen' no longer has integrated air intakes, now uses standard intakes
-Fixed 'Wirligig' reverse thrust
-Model rework: Service Bay collider issue fixed, added IFS configurable tanks
-Model rework: Spadetail now has IFS alternate models
-Model Rework: CBC Cockpit Viper Variant mesh slightly tweaked, retextured
-Model Rework: Chine symmetry fixed, will now properly place when attaching chines to other chines in Mirror symmetry mode
-Fixed CB-C intake NoAttach colliders
-Engine colliders reworked; parts can now be placed on engine housings
-reworked applicable parts' ModuleTestSubject
-Model rework: Cockpits now have togglable window emissives
-Model Rework; Mk2 hubs now have configurable fuel tanks
-Model retextures: changed model textures on some models to remove depeciated SQUAD texture references
-J. Edgar fuselage VTOL engine now uses the BDAnimation module rather than AnimateGeneric

Version 1.6.11


hotfix for various things
-Mk2 endcap textures now working
-RCS chine segments now have nodes
-engines now have heatconductivity
-Mk2 reactor now has core temperature
-turboprop now now has identifying name

Version 1.6.10
-KSP 1.05 update
-Fixed missing textures from Squad part depreciation
-New Part: F4-C Turboprop Engine
-New Part: Mk2 Airlock Endplate
-New Part: R-4 'Mongrel' Rocket VTOL engine
-New part: Mk2 Precooler
-Jet engines now have thrustdamagemultipliers
-G-120 "Vector" Turbojet Engine now has an afterburner
-SC-TD Multipurpose cockpit IVA tweaks
-Mk2 Sci-lab IVA tweaks
-Fixed Shrouded solar panel symmetry
-Chines now have stack attach nodes
-Firespitter added as a dependancy
-Reduced NUK-3 Aircraft Fission reactor weight
-Reduced 'Spirit' Ion Engine Ec requirement
-Reduced 'Spirit' Ion Engine ISP by 20%

Version 1.6
-New Mesh: CB-C cockpit now has three different flavors via IFS mesh switch
-New IVA: Cb-C cockpit now with custom IVA
-New IVA: Mk2 Scilab now has custom IVA
-Model Rework: R-71 cockpit mesh error fixed
-Model Rework: 'Vector" Turbojet new model
-Model Rework; 'Afterburn' Ramjet new model
-New FX for the Afterburn and Vector
-FX fix; Pluto now with 100% more smoke trail
-Part respec: 'J. Edgar engines returned from legacy, are now heavy lift VTOL engines
-Part respec: 'Pegaus', 'Siddeley', 'Jumpjet' engines thrust buffed ~20%, should make fighter VTOls a bit easier to build
-New part: Short mk2 bicoupler
-New Part; mk2 Shockcone Intake
-New part: short mk2-size2 adapter
-New part: Radial landing leg w/ aeroshell
-New part: mk2 conformal solar panel
-Added CLS compatibility MM patch
-Added ASET IVA MM patch
-NFE compatibility and NTJ_decay patched tweaked, should no longer conflict with the Mk2 KSPI integration mod

Version !.5.1
Version 1.5 hotfix
-reactor colliders fixed, Ladder now works
-Typo corrected in 'Spirit' ion engine cfg
-Several parts tweaked, FAR voxelization should now work correctly
-AJE MM patch updated to work with latest AJE version

Version 1.5
-New Part: 'Pegasus' Fuselage VTOL Engine
-New Part; 'Siddeley' Fuselage VTOL engine
-New part:'Jumpjet' Radial VTOL engine
-New Part: fighter cockpit
-New Part: Mk2 tail boom
-New Part: Mk2 reactor
-New Part: 'Spirit' Mk2 Ion Engine
-Mk2 Science Lab rebalanced - increased weight to 2.5, max science to 500
-Mk2 service bay fixed: Should now shield parts correctly
-Model rework: HS-X cockpit retextured
-Model rework: R-71 cockpit retextured
-Model rework: Inverter tank retextured
-Model rework: SC-TD dropship cockpit canopy enlarged, front hatch removed
-model rework: 'Rontgen' atomic jet remodeled
-IVAs reworked, windows adjusted
-Interplanetery Launchpads MM patch added - science lab workshop compatibility
-New Engine FX
-J. Edgar VTOL engines move to legacy folder pending final depreciation in ver 1.6

Version 1.4.6
-fixed issue with the Mk2 sciencelab and the right click context menu, lab now works properly

Version 1.4.5
KSP 1.03 update
-thrust of all jet engines nerfed ~30% to bring them inline with stock jets
-Isp of all jets nerfed ~30-50% to bring them inline with stock jets
-Velcurves of jets tweaked slightly
-'Afterburn' TRJ now uses the new shockdiamond jet FX
-Pluto thrust buffed slightly and heat production reduced slightly
-'Wedge' Aerospike weight reduced slightly
-cockpits now have appropriate breakingforce/torque values
-all engines now have a skinInternalConductionMult value
-all parts max temp increased slightly to be inline with stock mk2 parts

Version 1.4
-new part: Dropship cockpit w/IVA
-new part: Advanced Hypersonic cockpit W/IVA
-new part: Mk2-1 single seat cockpit w/IVA
-new part: tricoupler
-new part: R4-D Nuclear Thermal Jet
-new part: MATTOCK engine
-new part: Mk2 crewed Science lab jr.
-model rework: Hypersonic Nosecone; new texture, RCS thrusters
-model rework: nosecap; new texture, rCS thrusters
-fixed CTT MM patch - Wing root chines no longer in improved Nuclear Propulsion
-added RPM IVA MM patch

Version 1.3.1
-model rework: PLUTO
-model rework: Fishhead cockpit
-fixed RCS transform of the 2x5way RCS blister
-fixed service tank not holding resources
-corrected syntax of some of the MM patches
-added AJE compatibility MM patch

Version 1.3.0
-added new parts: mk1 scale chine pieces, short, long, end cap
-added new parts: Wing root chine pieces, short, long, adapter
-added new part: Service bay
-added new part: Service tank
-added new part: Mk2 Shielded Docking Port
-added new example craft (M2X) F-30 Solaire
-added thumbs to example craft
-added FAR compatibility
-added DRE compatibility
-added Community Tech Tree compatibility
-added Modular Fuel Tanks compatibility

Version 1.2.1
-depreciated KineTechAnimation; Two-State Intake now using ModuleAnimategeneric, Two-State Intake now must be closed manually and intake state is no longer tied to animation state. In exchange;
-now 100% more CKAN compatibility
-fixed various typos

Version 1.2.0
-Added new part: PG RCS Chine
-Added new part: RC RCS Chine
-added new part: SC-01 mk2 RCSAS segment
-added new part: Aerodynamic 5-way RCS Blister
-added new part: Heavy duty aerodynamic 5-way RCS Blister
-added new part: heavy duty form fitting 5-way RCS block
-added new part: mk2 OMS pod
-added new part; mk2 decoupler
-added new part: T-junction
-added new part: X junction
-added new part: Linear Aerospike
-tweaked Turbojet thrust curve - now more competative with the J-X4
-tweaked Ramjet thrust curve - now superior to J-X4
-tweaked Vtol jet thrust curve - fixed underpoweredness
-tweaked ESTOC thrust curve - should perform a little better now
-tweaked PLUTO. now has bottom attach node, fairing
-tweaked Fishhead IVA - improved lighting and window transparency
-new example craft: (M2X) Stork
-Hotrockets config, courtesy of ekliptical
-parts now have specular shaders
-new file structure; parts now organized by category: DELETE OLD VERSION BEFORE INSTALLING, WILL BREAK IN-FLIGHT CRAFT

Version 1.1.0
-Added new part: PLUTO engine
-Added new part: Nosecap
-Added new part: Fishhead cockpit w/IVA
-tweaked Turbojet thrust curve - slightly higher max speed
-tweaked ramjet thrust curve - now produces less thrust subsonic
-tweaked VTOL thrust to 170
-cosmetic tweak to all parts, Z-lighting bugs squashed, some new UV maps
-Implemented InterstellarFuelSwitch - fuel tanks can now be LF, LF/O or structural, optional patch
-Interstellarfuelswitch and ModuleManager bundled
-Added new corporation Insanity Aerospace as manufacturer of all parts for ease of editor sorting

Version 1.0.2
hotfix for incorrect file structure
Removed WIP fishhead cockpit

Version 1.0.1
-Added new part: J Edgar VTOL engine in stack and inline flavors
-Tweaked ESTOC max thrust down by 25%

Version 1.0
mod release



The contents of this mod are distributed a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


This mod uses the Community Resource Pack, IB9 PartSwitch, and Module manager as dependencies


Suggestions and feedback welcome.

Not seeing a part you want? Have suggestions or ideas for new parts to add? Make sure to post them in the Dev thread.

Edited by SuicidalInsanity
Updating OP
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I'm dying to build mk2 vtols with hinges that have open engine mounts. There is a part pack that has nice mk2 vtol stuff, but I want to throw rapiers on it and take it to space!

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Thanks, everyone!

I want these parts, but I use Ven's Stock Revamp.

They should work? has ven's revamp started replacing mk2 textures yet?

If it hasnt, then it should work with out any changes needed.

Klockheed Martain Gimbal plugin and the KineTechAnimation plugin are not maintained anymore and rather old, do they work ok in 1.0.2?

As I understand it, the KM plugin was taken over by Sariban, and Kinetech is updated by the B9 guys. To answer your question, they work in 1.02, or at least, they work for me. Thread: does anyone have any problems with the plugins not working?

@Errol: VTOL engines, you say...?

Edited by SuicidalInsanity
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2378 kn? That..that seems high. Odd, since the config for that engine is basically a slightly buffed RAPIER

Yup, it's not just a graphical error either - I finished that plane, pointed up and went. I think the top thrust I got was about 1500kn before my plane exploded from overheating and crashed KSP :P

I had a look at the tangents in the cfg and they at least exist - did you check them with floatCurve Editor? More info here

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The new cockpit, amazing though it may be, is also.... Offset.

The attachment node is a smidge too high.

That is a WIP cockpit that shouldn't have been included. Oops. Sneak peek at future cockpit?

I installed it as usual, but none of your parts are showing up? Where did I go wrong? Does the Parts folder in your GameData folder go into the main folder, instead?

Forgot a folder in my rush to get new the version out. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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Thanks for the quick response! Parts are showing up now, I thought perhaps it was just me messing up the install previously. But now they're coming in times two, doubled, cloned parts. I can't find any differences between the two, but it seems like every part is doubled? I did a clean reinstall as well, to be sure. Am I doing something else wrong, now?

This doesn't effect usability so far, which seems fine. I just really wanted to try out your wonderful parts!


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