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  1. I just want to let you know I really appreciate all the work you're doing in keeping this project going
  2. Not that it's your fault or anything; CKAN is still listing Kittopia Tech v 1.3.0, looking for it in your "KittopiaTech-Legacy" folder on Github. Somebody over there may need a little nudge to get the current version listed. Kopernicus updated on CKAN just fine.
  3. I finally got my new computer. It's going to take a while to install all the mods I like. I'll be in touch elsewhere on the board.
  4. Hi! I used to play KSP frequently and would like to again. I also really liked the community and was on the forums often. Unfortunately, updates to the game have outpaced the ability of my hardware to play it, so I have set them aside for quite a while. I'm looking to get a high-powered yet economical laptop to do double-duty for graphic design work and gaming. The MSI GL62 7QF-1660 seems to be a good performance/value balance, but I'm open to other suggestions. Would any of you good folks have any recommendations? I'm sure there have been many changes to the game since the version that it left me behind (whenever the switch to Unity 5 was). Any skills I really need to catch up on? New top mods?
  5. I downloaded and installed a fresh copy of KSP 1.1.2, and it fails to launch in the same way as before. I could not locate the file "~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log"
  6. I ran "sudo chmod -R 777 KSP.app" in the terminal, as suggested in Known Issues & Self Help The following appeared in the Console. 4/20/16 4:57:51 PM sudo[309] jpagura : TTY=ttys000 ; PWD=/Applications/KSP_osx_1-1-0 ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/chmod -R 777 KSP.app 4/20/16 4:59:04 PM [0x0-0x2e02e].unity.Squad.Kerbal Space Program[315] Mono path[0] = '/Applications/KSP_osx_1-1-0/KSP.app/Contents/Resources/Data/Managed' 4/20/16 4:59:04 PM [0x0-0x2e02e].unity.Squad.Kerbal Space Program[315] Mono config path = '/Applications/KSP_osx_1-1-0/KSP.app/Contents/Data/Managed/etc' 4/20/16 4:59:04 PM KSP[315] unknown error code: invalid pixel format attribute 4/20/16 4:59:04 PM KSP[315] kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged. 4/20/16 4:59:04 PM KSP[315] unknown error code: invalid pixel format attribute 4/20/16 4:59:04 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[106] ([0x0-0x2e02e].unity.Squad.Kerbal Space Program[315]) Exited with exit code: 1 4/20/16 4:59:10 PM [0x0-0x2f02f].unity.SQUAD.KSPLauncher[318] Mono path[0] = '/Applications/KSP_osx_1-1-0/Launcher.app/Contents/Resources/Data/Managed' 4/20/16 4:59:10 PM [0x0-0x2f02f].unity.SQUAD.KSPLauncher[318] Mono config path = '/Applications/KSP_osx_1-1-0/Launcher.app/Contents/Data/Managed/etc' 4/20/16 4:59:10 PM Launcher[318] unknown error code: invalid pixel format attribute 4/20/16 4:59:10 PM Launcher[318] kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged. 4/20/16 4:59:10 PM Launcher[318] unknown error code: invalid pixel format attribute The KSP.app still failed to launch. 4/20/16 4:59:10 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[106] ([0x0-0x2f02f].unity.SQUAD.KSPLauncher[318]) Exited with exit code: 1
  7. I did try to launch the KSP app directly. It didn't even register a line on the Console. Thank you. I meant to put this there but I had trouble finding that subforum.
  8. I have an older Mac that is restricted by Apple from installing Mac OSX more recent than 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. When I attempt to launch KSP 1.1 using either the launcher or KSP app, the Kerbal icon bounces once or twice in the dock and then disappears, and nothing further happens. This is probably an issue with Unity 5, and thus there is nothing that can be done. The minimum system requirements listed on the website call for Mac OSX 10.6 or greater. If this issue is unsolvable, that line will have to be revised. When I attempt to run the launcher, this turns up in the Console app: 4/20/16 11:34:49 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[106] ([0x0-0x28028].unity.Squad.Kerbal Space Program[268]) Exited with exit code: 1
  9. We need a new download link, now that KerbalStuff has shut down. Thank you for all the time and effort you keep putting into these fine parts, Freddy.
  10. BTW the text of the confirmation email still refers to the site as KerbalStuff. Not a system breaking bug but should be addressed sometime.
  11. My registration email arrived promptly but was caught in my spam filter, so anybody missing theirs should check that folder to see if it was diverted. I added spacedock.info to my contacts so that wouldn't happen again.
  12. When transitioning from flats to a sharp incline, that might be exactly what I want to do. It also affords a longer wheelbase with a compact rover body. This usually will work with the stock wheels… well to a limited extent. Rotating them more than 25-30° it starts getting weird.
  13. Really? I rather expect that wheel colliders would radiate all the way around the wheel, but you know best.
  14. I don't know if this was mentioned before since I haven't read the entire thread: There is something goofy going on with the Karibou extendable wheels when they are mounted at angles, that is to say, rotated forward or backward at the mounting point. They barely roll under power or not and bounce oddly when steering is attempted. I've even seen the wheels flip around intermittently. I can send you a craft file that demonstrates this if that would help.
  15. I had been getting timeout errors from last night to earlier this morning, but Kerbalstuff.com is loading for me now.
  16. I've run into a bottom attachment problem with the 1.25m version of the low-profile rocket motor. I can't make a decoupler stick under it. Also there was a zip file of alternate textures for the aircraft parts included in previous versions, but I couldn't find it in your release. I may have looked in the wrong place but I don't know.
  17. Looking at your blurb on Kerbalstuff, I'd recommend against labeling anything with a name that could add up to a triple-K abbreviation. This looks like a good project, though. These early rockets will be a good complement to other historic-based packages.
  18. I wish you hadn't removed the aerospike adapter. I found a use for it as a structural segment on my satellite for holding a stack of tiny parts between 1.25m sections.
  19. I also have had this happen. Still, only one part being bonked by a version transition in such a big set isn't doing too bad.
  20. I hope the revision is going well. My program is lost without Kerbal Alarm Clock. Good luck; safe travels.
  21. I'm hoping this will work with the new 1.0.5 release. I appreciate all the work you've done and would like it if you could get back to it, but real life is more important. Do what you gotta do.
  22. I'm sure you're already on it, but just to bump the thread, are there any issues using the current build with KSP 1.0.5? A lot of other mods have updated with minimal if any changes, so I'm hopeful for this one too.
  23. Grid fins are really more like french fry cutters, but I understand the confusion.
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