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[1.7.2] ATK Propulsion Pack - "SRB's for all your SRBy needs" - Updated 14/06/19

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This mod adds various solid rocket motors of Orbital ATK (Thiokol) to the game with a low memory footprint.

Real Solar System / Realism Overhaul is supported, thanks to @raidernick for making the configs. To use with RO, simply download RO, install this mod, and let RO patch all these parts to its real numbers! :)



  • Star 3
  • Star 4G
  • Star 5C
  • Star 6B
  • Star 9
  • Star 13B
  • Star 15G
  • Star 17A
  • Star 20
  • Star 27
  • Star 27H
  • Star 30BP
  • Star 31
  • Star 37FM
  • Star 48B
  • Star 63
  • Castor 4A
  • Castor 30A
  • GEM-40 (GL & AL)
  • GEM-46 (GL & AL)
  • GEM-60
  • GEM-63 & GEM-63XL

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/BhlKt

Download: SpaceDock


Version 4 - 14th June 2019

  • Support for KSP 1.7.2
  • New GEM-40 model & textures (Air- & Ground-lit)
  • Added GEM-60, GEM-63, GEM-63 XL
  • New model for the Star 48B and Star 48BV
  • General rebalancing of the parts

Version 3.9 - 14th June 2019

  • Support for KSP 1.6.1

Version 3 - 13th March 2016

  • Redone colliders
  • Uploaded to SpaceDock

Version 2

Version 1.1b - 28th August 2015

Version 1.1 - 9th July 2015

Version 1 - 7th August 2015


All rights reserved. Rights for the booster name &  concepts of course belong to Orbital ATK.

Upon request (by PM), I allow other users to include some of these motors in their own mods, but they need to name me as the original author of these parts.




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Thanks guys for the amazing feedback! :)

yasss, perfect for my probes. any plans for GEM series or Castor series motors?

Yes, Castor and GEM series are planned too. The parts belonging to ATK from Launchers Pack will be moved in this mod too, and since I already have all GEM motors (GEM-40, GEM-46, GEM-60) for the Delta II and Delta IV, the GEM series is already done! They are currently not included, since I am still working on the balancing, so that they work good with the Launchers Pack rockets.

Generally, I am going to make the different series of ATK (maybe not each variant of every series :P), but I am planning to do the most important things. And more if I want to . :) This is a long time project, and I hope I can update regulary.

If you have any wishes regarding a motor you would like to have in this pack, feel free to post and I will make the motor(s) you want (If I can)! :)

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I have a motor i think would be cool to have in this pack. A Star 48V. Also this mod is awesome.:)

A Star 48V is almost the same as a Star 48B. But has thrust vectoring.

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Why not include little packs like this into SELV or something? All of these little packs like this and the other new engine mod you have confuses me.

Well, this is actually something which is 100% based on their real world counterparts, with exact sizes etc. SELV is "based" on real world stuff, but with the "KSP-flare" included, meaning that the sizes are adapted for KSP, and that they look not 100% like the real parts. So SELV and ATK won't be combinated there.

As far as the LV-T continued mod is concerned, well, I agree, it was probably not very well-thought of me. I will let that thread be closed, it is just unnecessary, it fits perfectly into SELV. I just came up with the idea of having something like that, but I did not thought it to the end there...

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  • 3 weeks later...
raidernick has made configs for all those motors. If you download the latest RO package from github, the configs are already included. :)

I installed the latest version of RO from github, but I unfortunately didn't get RO compatibility. I looked in the RO folder and didn't find a .cfg file for this mod. ;.;

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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